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  1. SimonL

    In-game name: SimonL Steam ID: 76561198111146769 Date of ban: 08/28/18 Reason for ban: Asked a fellow Norwegian if he wanted to buy ingame cash.(Half joke half not) Staff member that banned you: PaulS Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Dont know the excact date of my ban. I believe the ban was justified, as my actions wasn't good at all. However I believe that everyone should be given a second chance, I have to say that I didn't mean it fully and that it wont happend again. What I mean about didn't mean it fully is that I asked if he would buy, however I would never sell cash as its against server rules, I was simply trying to have fun texting another Norwegian, however he took it seriously witch I fully understand and reported me, then BAM, banned. I am sorry for my actions. Why should we unban you? ^ Because I didn't think about what I was saying, I should not have said it to him but didn't think of the possible outcomes. I would really appreciate if I could get another chance. :)
  2. SimonL

    Hahahahahaha. Love my videos from back in the days so cringe though!
  3. SimonL

    Sent @Scott McTavish
  4. SimonL

    In-game Name: SimonL Steam ID: 76561198111146769 Date of the incident: 04/03/2018 Time of the incident: 19:20-19:50 Link to player report: Lost Items and Estimated Value: 1x Camorra Strider or £2,000,000-£3,000,000(Went for it on auction) Please provide as much detail as possible: I had been revived after a huge firefight between Police, Faceless, ThewhiteWolfes and some other gang. It was a bad sit but after we got revived I found an unlocked Camorra Strider and took it to go to the chop chop and make it mine.(Cut & Shut it) On the way over to chop it the server crashed and I lost it. I explained the situation to Neo or PaulS(Dont remember witch one) and was told to make a compensation request and that it would likely get accepted. I would prefer to get the strider that money if I get comp.(In that case you can take the money for the cut and shut from my account) Any Evidence Available: Will be sent to the person dealing with the comp request(It reveals the gang house location) 1 min 28 sec(Find and take the strider) and then to 4 mins 20 sec(When I get kicked of the server cause it crashed)
  5. SimonL

    In-game name: SimonL Age: 17 Hours on Arma (screenshot): 1863 Bank balance: £6,063,000 Why do you want to join Faceless?: Because I want to be a part of a bigger and more active gang then my current one. I also want to be a part of bigger combat situations against big gangs. I am also looking for new friends and figure that I will get some in Faceless. I have seen much of Faceless while playing on the server. I have no financial problems so I will buy weapons fitted for every situation. Can anyone vouch for you?: Nope Previous gangs: BN - Brigade North
  6. SimonL

    Just don't want to get bamboozled when its worth that much. Will just trade it in the Greenzone Kavala anyways.
  7. SimonL

    Item: 20x 7.62 suppressor Proof of ownership: (The 20 suppressors and some more to prove I have them, you are only bidding for 20 of them) Buy now price: £5,000,000 Starting bid: £2,000,000 Minimum bid increment: £100,000 End date: 25/03/2018 The trade place will be in the greenzone Kavala.
  8. SimonL

    I dont think that making this a modded server will do any good
  9. SimonL

    Havent you nagged for opening BN? Can come if he wants to
  10. SimonL

    Just saying, the title of your auction says that you are selling 12 7.62 suppressors and what you have written here says that you are selling 10 of them... So how many are you really selling?
  11. SimonL

    Well in that case you won the auction for the 10 suppressors. Send me a message on the forums for how and when you want it delivered @Sanik ߷
  12. SimonL

    Item: 10x 7.62 suppressor Proof of ownership: (The 10 suppressors and some more to prove I have them) Buy now price: 2,000,000 Starting bid: 800,000 Minimum bid increment: 50,000 End date: 20/03/2018
  13. SimonL

    I think the server should make a new "perk" that you can get to spawn in towns like "Pyrgos" and "Zaros" As they are fairly big and have garages. Would make sense to be able to spawn there. I think it would make the server allot better and also another very usefull "perk".
  14. SimonL

    In-game Name: [BN] SimonL Steam ID: 76561198111146769 Date of the incident: 03/10/2018 Time of the incident: 16:00-16:15 Link to player report: Lost Items and Estimated Value: I had a spar-16 with 10 mags and attachments(45 K), all regular things you need(10-15 K) + rebel outfit(About 60 K) = 120 K loadout(Approcimently) Please provide as much detail as possible: well, we were capturing the castle zone and I jump to climb the rocks when the game decides to throw me up the air so that I die when I hit the ground. Any Evidence Available: https://youtu.be/gVBmXK24UeA?t=33

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