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  1. Not a valid excuse pablo ur just propa toxic, u little weapon haha
  2. Name: Lewis Age: 16 Timezone: GMT Ban History: Never Bank Account: £2 Arma 3 Hours: 1.5k Strengths: Roleplay: I am top roleplayer Weaknesses : Combat because i am blind Why do you want to join Trident: Because why not Who can vouch for you : Sucre
  3. L3wis

    i | Immunity

    In game name: Lewis Age: 16 Bank account balance: 22mil Previous gangs: allahs messengers, plague , TFO. Hours on Arma 3 *screenshot: https://gyazo.com/558b64d19967f6c06403c12aa39b1437 Why do you want to join Immunity? I want to join because I have played with some of u guys in cops and think it would be fun to be a rebel again. Can any members vouch for you? Sadz, Richardd and played with Connor and Damian on A n D and the occasional patrol.
  4. L3wis

    F | Fatality

    Nah I am good now I got denied fair and square by pe7e, so whatever I don't mind going solo for a bit.
  5. L3wis

    F | Fatality

    Damn and you Pe7e solo it is then
  6. L3wis

    F | Fatality

    It ain't you I'm talking to mate
  7. L3wis

    F | Fatality

    how about 2.5 mil and a asp if Pablo still has mine.
  8. L3wis

    F | Fatality

    I would rather wait to see if I actually get accepted into the gang rather than paying money Rip
  9. L3wis

    F | Fatality

    Name: Lewis Age: 16Hours on Arma 3 + Screenshot: 1233 hours provide screenshot if needed currently on my phone.Why do you want to join and what skills can you bring: I want to join purely out the fact that a few of the people I have played with and people I normally play with are in this gang, such as Pablo, Mystic, BGK, mr.riki, sage and Nathan. I personally like to think I can rp well with my gun and like to take part in Feds and cartel capping. I have 15 mil so I will not be begging for money either. Previous gangs: I have been apart of quite a few gangs such as, TFO, pL, InF. Normally the ones Pablo leads really.
  10. L3wis

    1 3 W 1 5 Report

    I dont have a clue why you posted this as i said i would comp you after you showed me your video....
  11. L3wis

    CY | Lewis

    After that he said he felt offended by me calling him a idiot I apologized then I asked for comp and he didn't respond, so that is why I took it here.
  12. L3wis

    CY | Lewis

    In-game Name: CY | Lewis Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:80592728 Date of the incident: 12/26/16 Time of the incident: 9:30pm (ish) Link to player report: Dont want him banned just want a warning and comp. It is clearly just a misunderstanding and a slip of the tounge. Lost Items and Estimated Value: csat ghillie, Viper harness hex, Please provide as much detail as possible: I was at Athira garage and i had seen a person running behind a wall so i went over to see what he was doing and as i walked around the corner (shooting)he said hands up or die, and as i didnt have enough time to respond i got killed. Any Evidence Available: https://gyazo.com/47c356be755c4659650d86c64e690454

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