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  1. Could we have a pink colored stunt plane plz
  2. Happy birthdayā”¬Ć”David! Have a good one

  3. An Opfor faction will bring new clothing
  4. Name: Schnitzel How long have you been on the server: 6 months Have you been banned? if so why? I think my history is clear Why do you want to join the 5th Order? Through my time on reborn, I have been in a fair few gangs, some being good and some bad, I am I looking for a gang that has good structure, RP, comms ect. this seems like the right gang for all of that and The 5th Order looks great in general. What do you bring to the Order? I have gained some skills in my time playing Arma and reborn, I can bring flight skills(spotting, transporting) I would also consider myself good at RP, gaining these skills in medics and police and can bring good communication and decent with a gun. Can anyone in the Order vouch for you? Jason, Fudge, Lightning, Wanderer

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