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  1. Whitebeard Pirates Roster Whitebeard Pirates Requirements to Join 500 Hours (Min) KNOW THE RULES Template for Requesting to Join Ingame Name: Ingame Hours: Ingame Money: Why do u wanna be a pirate: What Skills can u provide for the Pirate Captain:
  2. Whitebeard


    Well we can go there and bump bellies together ❤️
  3. Whitebeard


    okek calm ur tits
  4. Whitebeard


    fck off giving false info im from dubai idiot
  5. I have the same problem @JoshSpacei dont really have a solution atm but even when i do put my earplugs on i can barely hear initiation or anything like that even when they are like 10 meters away
  6. @Banjo_Jothrough all my time in the police even when i was CC i never really enjoyed playing and roleplaying that much until i met u i just want u to know im grateful to be playing with u. You make everything so amazing and hilarious im your debt @Legend of Roleplay ❤️ ++++++++++++++++++++100

    1. J.Ghost


      Thanks bud!

  8. Happy birthday bro ❤️

  9. Happy Birthday Babe @Connor Benson❤️ much love

    1. Connor Benson

      Connor Benson

      ❤️ @WhitebeardThank you xo


  10. This is a post for someone Else which cant put a ban appeal for some reason
  11. In-game name: CoM FreedomZ Steam ID: 76561198310099077 Date of ban: 07/28/17 Reason for ban: Mass spikestrip RDM Staff member that banned you: It does not say when I join the game Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: It was justified Why should we unban you? I think you should unban me because I was very new to the server and quite new to the game and I should of read the rules, after a year and a half pretty much I have matured a lot, I now have a job and responsibilities. I am very sorry for affecting the community and having an effect that could make new players leave the server and ruin your business. I want to say sorry to the staff team for my actions and I hope I can be given another chance to prove you that I have matured and that I am very sorry for my actions, It was a stupid mistake because I thought it was funny at the time but after nearly a year and a half I have come to the conclusion that I miss your server quite a lot. I hope to be unbanned so I can have a good effect on players and fulfil my role play to the greatest extent. Another reason I should be unbanned is because I have a lot of time on my hands at the moment so I can dedicate this time to playing on reborn and helping new players start off once I have started off myself, I will play by the rules at all times and make sure none of the rules are broken as this is very bad as it can get you banned. My next reason for being unbanned is because I will try contribute my hours for good and try get into the staff team at some point when having more experience on the server and I also want to try out the different factions. Thanks for taking the time to read my unban request :)

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