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  1. Whitebeard

    Thats Roy Rogers for you +1
  2. Whitebeard

    +1 He's just Amazing
  3. Whitebeard

    Good Job *****ofneptune ❤️
  4. Whitebeard

    Bois Make a choice for coz i cant make it How much should i do Donate from Range £640 to £1000
  5. Whitebeard

    In-game name? - Whitebeard Age? - 18 Are you a binman? - yes Bank balance? -15 mil Have you got both rebel licenses? - yes Hours on Arma 3? - 909 Previous gangs? - Cops , F3 Why would you like to join Garbo? -I am on a police holiday and i want to get a great time and action Can anyone within Garbo vouch for you? - Bobby Adam King ( If He Gets Accepted )
  6. Whitebeard

    Nice Frags m8 but sorry u couldn't Handle Whitebeard <3
  7. Whitebeard

    Ohh god here we go again ffs 🤣
  8. Whitebeard

    ❤️ Love ya all Might Go for a Donation Streak if u keep doing that to me i cant handle it ❤️
  9. Whitebeard

    ffs is everyone gonna Call me something Else im scared someone will say Deadbeard now
  10. Whitebeard

    I hate u <3 @Cameron-
  11. Whitebeard

    Oi @Wilma Fingerdoo I just love Roleplaying and i personally Love it when people laugh and having fun to what i do
  12. Whitebeard

    Oi Its my job to make u guys have fun and laugh around dont mention it man when ever im on as a CIV/MED/POLICE Expect some good Roleplay and be Prepaid to laugh ur behind off
  13. Whitebeard

    We went into a several of Patrols with him and explained everything to me and how to RP and showed me what do to and when to do it and it really help me out on understanding how the police works im really thankful for him. Some Officers that i went to patrol with didnt even gave me a single help
  14. Whitebeard


  15. Whitebeard


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