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  1. who r u in pvp puussy
  2. Shits <inappropriate1>ed they end up mass recruiting 9times out of 10 have similar numbers to cops if stupid. Make a roleplay gang if u want to roleplay you dont need no whitelisted faction or lands at all. Sofia & other areas that were used could do with some decent runs without no bs dealer processor shit. Let people know ur a rolegaygang & ur sweet these whitelisted factions turn to a bag of wank at the end of it. Thats the truth theres no need to try it out or see if this works theyve literally near enough been the same everytime. They get shit on there rp turns to shit then they to too more shit. Remove it altogether once & for all. @Fuel be the bigger man & search deep in ur heart & tell them enough is enough its crap yeh sweet cheers pal sheeya
  3. Yeah fair play wouldn't want anymore anyway aha, there was 0 logic the first time round making the cap zones
  4. I'd say 100m as 50m is actually quite small though if it was 100m the abdera cap would still be <inappropriate3> due to the houses.
  5. Yeah i think adding a few RARE skins would be cool as the server barely has anything else that is rare.
  6. tbf this does need doing. Yes the server might not get the players straight away though it will after a week or two
  7. Hi

  8. In-game name: DrumStickz Age: 18 Hours on Arma (screenshot): https://gyazo.com/2b2ac8f9c94c08a9f1e55264eb02ee68 Bank balance: 1.5m Why do you want to join Faceless?: Would like an active gang that participates in illegal activities. I think i could bring alot to the gang including experience, combat orca piloting etc. I have decent roleplay which can last hours. I also just like to have a laugh with some sound lads. Can anyone vouch for you?: Not sure. Previous gangs: Allahs messengers, vanguard (gang), renegades, cops others from 2016/2017

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