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  1. Lightwood

    So I need some opinions on this PC. I picked the parts myself so just wonder if its anything that can be improved. The PC cost 2100 euro atm. I have a budget up to 2500 euro. When it comes to the water cooling am choosing between the Corsair (showen in pic) or the NZXT Kraken X62 280mm. I also not sure about the motherboard. Choosing between the one showen in the pic and ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-E GAMING. If you have "better" motherboard hit me up. https://gyazo.com/8ee9321909ca343bb82fadb10cc8c85a
  2. Lightwood

    nice ending +1
  3. Lightwood

    lol... nah man. Its not good
  4. Lightwood

    Hey Siri! How many members of Reborn does it take to make @Henning laugh? "Am not sure, as Reborn members only do frag movies and have no sense for humor."
  5. Lightwood


    so max of 4 guys then? 2 bench, 1x pilot and 1x co pilot
  6. Lightwood


    is armed helis allowed
  7. Lightwood


    feels like NPAS need to win this
  8. Lightwood

    Hello, this is two backgrounds I made for fun. Tell me what you think
  9. Lightwood

    Damm never thought I would see such a good montage on an TDM server. Btw sync the music with the video
  10. Lightwood

    Where is that proof
  11. Lightwood

  12. Lightwood

    outbid me with 100k got damm it!
  13. Lightwood

  14. Lightwood

    Would love the 1080 but wrong version of it
  15. Lightwood

    Envi then?

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