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  1. Torazic

    In-game name? -Kermit Age? -15 Are you a binman? -of course Bank balance? -71mill Have you got both rebel licenses? -yes Hours on Arma 3? -700 Previous gangs? -Essence Why would you like to join Garbo? -I would like to join Garbo because my old gang is officialy dead and they are moving on to bigger things playing minecraft...I need a active calm gang and im sure this is perfect for me. Can anyone within Garbo vouch for you? -my boi henne
  2. Torazic

    i wasn't speaking Russian i said put Ur hands on Ur head or lethal force will be used i gave u 5 seconds to do it but u didn't so i shot u.
  3. Torazic

    In-game Name: bobby Steam ID: Torazic Date of the incident: 04/27/2018 Time of the incident: 11:30 Link to player report: Lost Items and Estimated Value: mark 1 suppressed jungle ghille Please provide as much detail as possible: i was flying over water and my helicopter blew up over water the whole server died at the same time.I died after a few mins because i was drowning and no one could help Any Evidence Available: no didn't record
  4. Torazic

  5. Torazic

    Name : Bobby Age : 15 Location/Time Zone : England GMT Previous Bans [reasons for these bans] : no bans Previous Gangs : Armed state of altis Bank Account Balance [screenshot] :5.4mill Arma 3 Hours [screenshot] : 120hour What licenses do you own? :Both rebel licences,pilot and driving licences,Basic drug licences What are your strengths? : good at combat if there is call outs and driving. What are your weaknesses? : flying. Why are you looking to join InTerlude? :My gang is inactive and looking to join another active gang What can you bring to InTerlude? :with extra people we can make the gang stronger also when ever im on im down to make money at any time I'm online.Im on everyday so i can help out the gang what ever needs done.
  6. Torazic


  7. Torazic

    Ingame name:Bobby Age:15 Country:England Why do you want to join Nexus Army?:I would like to join Nexus Army because i think i could make the gang stronger.The reason i am looking for a new gang to join is because the gang i was in previously was inactive.I am fairly new but know the rules i am on everyday and looking to have some fun.I am a grinder when it comes to making money so im happy to do drug runs with anyone when i am online. What is your strengths and weakness?:Im good at combat and driving but my weakness is when i fly. How many hours have you played Arma3:I currently have 50 hours on Arma 3 but on Arma 2 i have 500 hours. Do you have rebel?(Exceptions can be made): I have a regular rebel licence and also have a advanced rebel licence.

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