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  3. Musta

    Make the comp 300000 for me because i went to ship wreck again with a re breather but i dont know how i died.Here is the proof
  4. Musta

    In-game Name: Mustafa and Usman Steam ID: 03043846000 and 03457631998 Date of the incident: 07/22/2018 Time of the incident: 11 59 AM Link to player report: Lost Items and Estimated Value: 150000 for my gear and 200000 for Usmans gear. Please provide as much detail as possible: We decided to go to the hmz shipwreck and we were swimming under the water we died suddenly. Do we have to wear anything ??We didnt know if we hand to wear anything. Any Evidence Available: https://youtu.be/UHBT5JKpzI4
  5. Musta

    @Juicy are you online?
  6. Musta

    Tomorrow At 4 o clock gmt
  7. Musta

    How much? Anytime
  8. Musta

    then why did you stop your car if you didnt hear initiation?You were just outside when i initiated.
  9. Musta

    Yes it show your friend died.
  10. Musta

    No after he killed your friend then we started shooting you.
  11. Musta

    First i initiated then usman initiated.Because we didnt know he listen clearly so after i intiated usman also initiated
  12. Musta

  13. Musta

    Just to be clear That hands up hands up die die die die was not me it was juicy Everybody is after us because when they get robbed and killed by us because we are hobos and they get angry and say rdm
  14. Musta

    In that video he is teaching a person from limbo some urdu (our language) words. We didnt say anything wrong because you guys call us pussy. We also feel bad for that Why would we abuse you without any reason?
  15. Musta

    BTW i cant hear my initiation how did he say that i only said hands up hand up only.The actual word that i said were hands up or i will shoot you.Then i thought he didnt hear me so i didnt shoot but when he went outside i again initiated from inside the building but still he tried to run.so my friend shot him.

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