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  1. Kaane


    In-game name: Enz Steam ID: 76561198169940709/ Date of ban: 03/12/19 Reason for ban: Toxic Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: i believe my ban was justified Why should we unban you? i should be unbanned because i was just trying too be funny but i obliviously was not, it was a bad joke on my side and i now understand it was a very stupid move on my side and i apologies for the convince i caused i know my ban history is shady but i have not done broken any rules in a long long time since my last ban i wont make anymore jokes towards the server as this is the only server i enjoy playing sorry again @Fuel
  2. Kaane


    [00:08] Ziffy: decided it was time to hang up my tazer
  3. Kaane


    if you do add them back make them like 150k and you cant wear a vest
  4. https://gyazo.com/b8f36eb2af7a2789876d8039e7aec34b "not able too revive wasnt a bug"

    1. Mullins


      Oh dear not good can't accept gyazos as evidence.

    2. Harry Lewis

      Harry Lewis

      It's not fair to revive in an active situation guys c'mon

  5. bobbyp is the shagger
  6. Kaane

    3 kc

    In-game Name: 3 kc Steam ID: 76561198321162828 Date of the incident: 03/10/19 Time of the incident: 19:45 Link to player report: n/a Lost Items and Estimated Value: mk1 loudout 300k Please provide as much detail as possible: vdmed me Any Evidence Available: https://gyazo.com/17e6738d9fb045a8c07caeab55a34948 proof of me dying https://gyazo.com/e26c863e9e25a31fc0bc2f20b863f2bf
  7. posted for him cause hes forum banned x

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