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    In-game Name: Eddan Steam ID: 76561198340557589 Date of the incident: 03/22/19 Time of the incident: 18:48 Link to player report: Was not a player. Lost Items and Estimated Value: I have played at the casino in kavala many times since I started on the server. But in recent times I lose on betts that I have actually put on as it gets when the ball rolls on. This time, I lost 1.8 million. But together with all Buggs with the role table, I have certainly lost at least 5-6 million because I pray with large sums. Please provide as much detail as possible: Isn't there really much I can say about this more than that it seems that the table sometimes bugs and you lose quite a lot of money that you have worked for. Any Evidence Available: Check out the car and try to fix it. Possibly shut down the casino
  2. I was in Eternal bro. Check with Ryan Bradford if you not belive me!
  3. Application: Name: Eddan Age: Im 17 years old. Bank Balance: For now 17 mil. How many hours do you have on ArmA 3(screenshot): Hope it doesn't matter that I miss some 400 hours. Can anyone in the gang vouch for you: No i dont think so sorry. Can you attend gang wars regularly: Absolutely it's not a bigger problem Previous gangs/organizations: Patel & Eternal. Was Blackwater and Vanguards.
  4. Age: Im 17 years old. Bank Balance: for now 17 mil. How many hours do you have on ArmA 3(screenshot): I hope we can make an exception. But these are my hours. All hours except 50 I've played on Reborn. Can anyone in the gang vouch for you: I dont think so, sorry. Can you attend gang wars regularly: Yes, i have been in many. Previous gangs/organizations: I was in Patel, Eternal and The Blackwater.
  5. Eddan


    Application Template In game name: Eddan Age: 17 Bank account balance: Now 1.5 mil but i had 40 mil. I Will get some more np. Previous gangs: Eternal, Patel & Blackwater Hours on Arma 3 *screenshot: Why do you want to join Assent? I want to join a Serios gang again, and Assent is a really good gang for me. They are serious and very good. Can any members vouch for you? Members from Patel and Etarnal. check with Ryan bradford.
  6. Application Template: In game name: Eddan Karlsson. Age: 16. STEAMID64: 76561198340557589 Where are you from?: Sweden. Timezone?: Europe Any previous bans? If so, why: Yes i got banned for Combat logging :( Hours on Arma? (Provide a screenshot): 865 Hours, Sending Screeshot on Discord. Tell us about yourself (Real life): My name is Edwin Karlsson is 16 years old and I live in Sweden in a city called Oskarshamn with my family and a nice little cat. In my spare time, polar is always there, but for the most part, I'm sitting in and playing Arma Altis's Life Roleplay with my friends because it's just pissed on good games, I like to cook and sleep too, I can not forget about that . Right now I go to high school first year and it's good fun I guess. Much more I do not live in life, a little tragic maybe, but but. Character backstory? (In roleplay): My name is Eddan Karlsson, is 36 years old and lives in Kavala, how did I get on Altis you think? Then when I was little, my dad was in World War II and survived for a long time, he greeted me sometimes but I do not remember a lot of him, a memory I have is that a beautiful day he came home and I was very happy but it turned out that that day would not be as good as I thought, instead, I had to leave the country, dad sat down a train and then I ended up with any family in Altis, since then I have thought of the day I had to leave my father. My upbringing in Altis was not the best, I was dealing with kisses, weapons and robbery. So I got good knowledge of weapons and so on, today I live like a criminal person. What are your strengths?: My best strengths are to stay at long distances, with helicopters without helicopters everything, long distances are my best sickers, it means I'm good at giving info and being a good spooter, I'm good at fighting but it may not be my strongest side. What are your weaknesses?: I really have only 1 weakness that always followed me since I started with my arms but one is well my aim, but I'm training it so it's getting better and better. Previous gang experience?: I was in a team called Eternal which was very good, at that time we had a leader and everyone else had the same rank so I do not really know what rank I had, but that was a really good gang that held together so I can Both take orders and order. Why did you leave your previoous gang?: I never left Eternal without the type of bankruptcy, our leader Ryan just gave up on the gang a beautiful day and then the gang disappeared safely. Why do you want to join Patel?: I want to joina Patel because I lack a well-functioning gang that merges like brothers, and the feeling of a gang that has a lot of power and wants to show who we are. Then helping to help your habits is important to both you and me. What can you contribute with?: I can contribute seriously and be an active player who is almost alike, takes the gang's party before everything else and protects me as much as I can if anything happens. I am having good qualities such as giving info where people are, what times are and so on. Any requirements you failed to meet? If so, which :No, actually not;)! Is there anybody in the gang who can vouch for you?: yes Minty :)

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