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  1. Happy Birthday!

    1. Lt. Apfel-Jouse

      Lt. Apfel-Jouse

      Thank you veri muchos!

  2. Lt. Apfel-Jouse

    Thanks, Knasen. I hope to do my PA today but I just don't feel ready for it, situations are really iffy for me, but I'll have a shot.
  3. Lt. Apfel-Jouse

    I had previously failed my PCSO training twice, both with either Nathan or Knasen present. At first, I didn't even have my Miranda rights up, or a general idea of what I had to do. Were it not for both of these academy members, I wouldn't've been able to pass my PCSO situation test on Tuesday, as they gave me great advice and words of encouragement for improvement in my RP and in seizure. Even though when I passed I wasn't with these guys, they were really patient with my mistakes and were really positive.
  4. Lt. Apfel-Jouse

    Attached image with 'JOUSE' would be very nice, tyvm.
  5. Lt. Apfel-Jouse

    I've tried this a number of times for different issues, including this one. It comes and goes, and is probably the result, as Fury said, of battleye.
  6. Personally, I think the 'non-lethal/lethal' scheme is good for hearing ingame, as most gangs and factions often have TS open, so it's good to let it stand out from the crowd, and often gathers lots of attention. However, lethal can sometimes be misheard as 'non-lethal', so I don't know. Maybe 'shot' is more threatening if you're in danger, however, it is rather unprofessional. It's always good to play it safe when in calm conditions by just sticking to the 'lethal/non-lethal'. People have gotten used to these words in combat, so it's no use changing them.
  7. Lt. Apfel-Jouse

    I think a pretty good idea would be a news faction or job on the server, so people can drive around and report about recent activities on the server, and a radio station for that sorta stuff could be pretty cool.
  8. Lt. Apfel-Jouse

    Danny Jose was a small farm child bound to his home life in Kore until the age of 14, when a boy of the same age approached him as he jumped from his father's car. The man was Asian, and didn't quite notice that his own son had jumped out of his car as he was going to 'pick the weeds', as the boy said. The boy's name in question was Nao. His father was a drug producer and seller, a master of the arts. Danny and Nao followed suit as they joined up together to be the greatest in the business. At 23 years old, they frequently produced cocaine and sold it for massive profits. Danny felt a lust for power, but, as he joined together with a greater force, he was betrayed, and Nao was left to die in the back of an Agios fuel station's trash bin. Nao, on his final words, with blood pouring from his neck, whispered to Danny, 'Promise me, don't follow the path I once took..' Danny finally realized the consequences of the drug business, and started to set up blockades, traps and flanks for the last remaining members of the gang he once allied with. As a consequence of Danny's actions, the crime rate in Altis halved and the gang was fully eliminated from the ranks. After the ruckus he caused, Danny went into hiding as a Kavala citizen, keeping himself as low-profile as possible, but this would all change. Making his way to a gunstore just north of the North Kore gas station, Danny found himself cornered. He had just purchased a Vermin sub-machine gun, but found himself flanked at all angles by police forces in an unmarked vehicle. The only way out, Danny thought whilst panicked, was to go out in a storm of bullets. However, he only managed to injure one police officer before being shot in the left lung. The officer who Danny injured later died of his wounds in the Kavala Hospital. Danny, in utmost guilt, attempted to confess to the court of his actions, as the charges were dropped for an 'unknown suspect'. The court ignored Danny's regards and the family of the officer were never compensated. Danny wanted to make up for the excellent soldier the police force lost on that day, and enrolled to the Altis Police Department. Danny now serves as a CSO primarily in Kavala, and is currently in a waiting room for his PCSO test. (This is lore friendly, and coincides with my police app)
  9. Lt. Apfel-Jouse

    Aaaaagh, since I really want to get hours in as a CSO (currently 15) that really really sucks.
  10. Lt. Apfel-Jouse

    he died for our sins
  11. Lt. Apfel-Jouse

    Is anyone else being continually kicked sometimes? In some instances, I have relatively bad ping but I still manage to play smoothly - however, I'm currently at 60ms and I seem to be being kicked way too often. Just wondering, is it serverside or is it my ISP's fault?
  12. Lt. Apfel-Jouse

    Lt. Apfel-Jouse

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