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  1. Lt. Apfel-Jouse

    Lt. Apfel-Jouse

  2. Lt. Apfel-Jouse

    Well, looks like this isn't getting resolved any time soon. Mods are open for any sort of ending to this melarkey.
  3. Lt. Apfel-Jouse

    OH MY FUCKING GOD. YOU ASKED ME FOR JUST THE AAA SECTION. You're wasting my time. As soon as the video was uploaded you literally edited your post to say to include the RDM too. Here's a quote from my emails. Ethan Armani said: Upload the whole clip of AAA HQ then bud. Now, here's the part which you edited. You're actually trying to waste my time to make this thread go on longer so that it delays the response. To repeat; HE'S FROM INSOMNIA. I'M IN ALTIS MAFIA. I provided a screen of him directly in front of you, with a gun out, before he shoots you. Please stop responding to this thread; this is NOT getting resolved as I've provided enough video evidence, picture evidence and text evidence on my part. not rdmed, you were initiated on. just to reiterate, some rando from insomnia robbing you. he gave you a countdown, you stood still. 'pissing you off' then just tell us to be quiet honestly, seeing as you didnt speak it was just blatant RDM towards us no way you could've been blown up unless it was on your own fault or a glitch,which isnt our problem at all now please stop responding. you don't have any evidence for any of your claims, I always bring some. Where's your recording?
  4. Lt. Apfel-Jouse

    Well, get ready to wait 2 hours and 20 minutes https://youtu.be/OvMD_T7Ohs4
  5. Lt. Apfel-Jouse

    I don`t care if you were just unbanned. Rules are rules, and if you applied for the AAA position, you should recognise these rules and actually enforce them. It directly contradicts each other because you didn`t even talk in the video, which, if you even read my last comment, you would`ve seen, and, if you look at the video, you would`ve recognized your mistake as you didn`t even press the push to talk button at all in the AAA HQ scene. `Didn`t add into the video` I literally showed the entirety of what happened at the AAA HQ and you`re saying I edited it out just because I brought all these clips together in sony vegas. I cut my voice out from IN NVIDIA GEFORCE EXPERIENCE, and I kept whatever you said in, which, weirdly, was all you said and it was actually just the part where you said 'Shut the fuck up you daft little prick' when we crashed. I've given enough evidence to back up my claims. In my position, with 0.21 upload speed, would you really want to actually spend 2/3 hours rendering a video just to keep a person who's already been banned before ingame and on TS happy?
  6. Lt. Apfel-Jouse

    1. I had no gun whatsoever in these situations. I could have, in no way initiated. 2. You were being blatantly disrespectful and you didn't actually mean anything when you were saying 'Shut up.' If you said that we should just be quiet, we would've done so. No need to be so toxic. ex. 'Shut the fuck up, you daft little prick' 3. I didn't edit this video in any way to make it seem like the odds were against you. None of us could've initiated as Brandon was still limping, both me and Mark were still down and none of us collectively had any weapons. The only alive person with a weapon was the one from Insomnia who shot you. 4. This is a report, it does not directly funnel into a ban. I'm making this post just so that the AAA team is aware of what you're doing and how you're squaring up and if you need to have a break to really read over the rules, as this was civ behaviour. 5. Editing the initation out? Even in my clip unedited there's no voice from you; either you didn't even hit your push-to-talk button or you're just making things up on the spot. There is no speaking marker above your head nor is there any audio. However, my mic volume is cut out from NVIDIA GeForce Experience as I don't like to include my voice in my videos. 1. 'I told you to shut the fuck up which none of you's did' and 'after I was attempting to ignore you all' directly contradict each other 2. NLR. 'then shot you guys as revenge'
  7. Lt. Apfel-Jouse

    The unedited video would take 2+ hours to render if I included every little detail, completely unrendered. The guy from Insomnia is clearly not with us at all, and gave you fair warning. I don't know his name, but if I got his two cents, he'd be able to admit that he killed you too. You owned up to the fact that you did RDM x2 and stealing as AAA, so please stop commenting on this post just arguing. I just want you to take a break from AAA as you clearly don't acknowledge or actually abide by the rules. Nothing personal.
  8. Lt. Apfel-Jouse

    He's literally in insomnia and was the only person there. You can faintly see he has a gun in his hand too. I'm not going to spend an entire hour processing a video just so that you can see the exact same thing you're already seeing.
  9. Lt. Apfel-Jouse

    Wasn't my mate, here's proof, the guy who shot you.
  10. Lt. Apfel-Jouse

    In-game name: aM | Lt. AJ Name of the player(s) you are reporting: nan thief ethan armani Date of the incident: 09/23/2018 Time of the incident: 16:55 and 17:01 What rule do you believe was broken: Using a pistol to RDM x2 as AAA, robbing money and bag contents as AAA. Any evidence available: Photo evidence has been put up. He admits both of the RDMs and stealing. Describe the incident: He came onto the situation, of which we had crashed our car, from prior knowledge of our friend, he had been robbing dead bodies, so we called out that he would rob us. He then says 'Since you said that, yes, I'll rob you.', and does so. We call him out, and he is shot from someone completely unconnected to our gang with fair warning and initiation. He combat logs, and we walk along. We run to the AAA office to take out a car, and we recognise his voice and say that he still has a pistol out as AAA and that he should drop it (not in an initiating fashion). He then guns down both me and Mark, in AAA uniform and presumably on duty. I don't want comp, I just would like for Armani to actually have a break from AAA as he doesn't realise the rules. Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
  11. Lt. Apfel-Jouse

    In the gang but still want to wish GL.
  12. Lt. Apfel-Jouse

    Thanks, Knasen. I hope to do my PA today but I just don't feel ready for it, situations are really iffy for me, but I'll have a shot.
  13. Lt. Apfel-Jouse

    I had previously failed my PCSO training twice, both with either Nathan or Knasen present. At first, I didn't even have my Miranda rights up, or a general idea of what I had to do. Were it not for both of these academy members, I wouldn't've been able to pass my PCSO situation test on Tuesday, as they gave me great advice and words of encouragement for improvement in my RP and in seizure. Even though when I passed I wasn't with these guys, they were really patient with my mistakes and were really positive.
  14. Lt. Apfel-Jouse

    Attached image with 'JOUSE' would be very nice, tyvm.
  15. Lt. Apfel-Jouse

    I've tried this a number of times for different issues, including this one. It comes and goes, and is probably the result, as Fury said, of battleye.

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