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  1. Yes and like I said if they leave what can you do other than chase them down until their fuel runs out? which no one will do. Another server has it so when you zoom in with range finders you can see their names + gang. Might be nice to have it on rangefinders only and just show their ID?
  2. Tracers are to make them leave. If they do that you can do nothing other than chase after them for 30+ minutes until they need to land for fuel. Needs to change IMO. Good way would be to allow direct text (typing) for air/boat initiation
  3. Few things I would like added which probably wont are: 1) Add some sort of way for everyone to initiate on air vehicles 2) Allow players to shoot at wheels with no initiation (vehicle shot can shoot to kill, one way initiation). If the player driving is killed or hit then it's obviously RDM 3) Do something about the lack of legal runs. Everyone just does LSD. In general money making is just far too easy here. 4) Add a way to see the names/ID of players far from you. Every day I come across someone who is breaking a rule like combat storing/spawning and I can do nothing about it because I can't get close enough to see their ID.
  4. +1 but only for the north one where there are loads of houses you can hide in.
  5. I was replying to him saying he will get shot down more now. Personally I love my hellcat, copilot 8km los. I think the fuel should be nerfed so it has about 1/2 the current fuel.
  6. I believe it's possible to modify the armour of vehicles? So maybe they can increase hellcat armour if it's a problem.
  7. Server get an increased player base recently? Seemed to be more people on during the day this week than last (when school was off).
  8. If someone took your Orca and your fellow gang members had one in the air they could actually have a chance of getting it back. Situation a few days ago. I was camping the red zone chop right in the house less than 20 meters from the cut shop as I saw two gangs fighting in Ifrits and knew one of them would eventually come and right as he turned up I got out and killed him. It literally took 3-5 seconds for him to hop out and cut it, he nearly got away but I managed to shoot him right as he was hopping back in. I should've not only got the Ifrit but the $600,000 he had on him too. Plus it being instant is a bit unrealistic???
  9. I don't know, haven't played here long enough. Just really felt unfair.
  10. I don't really agree. There is one now at LSD field which is probably the most done run? and one at the most popular dealer (Vangard). Also now you can both cut and shut at all chop/cut shops?
  11. Today there was a situation where cops where setting up on the hills etc and one landed and impounded his heli. If I did not see him land and impound it the chances of us spotting him would have been less (from the air mainly) and gives a unfair advantage. I was spotted and killed due to my SUV being close to me on my hill.
  12. It being instant really reduces the chance of anyone getting anything of theirs back, especially for armoured vehicles + helis.
  13. There was a situation yesterday when we attempted to rob someone in a boat from a helicopter. We flew low to him and thought the initiation was clear enough through voice but his recording showed otherwise. In this situation how do we initiate? A staff member said wait for them to come to land but what if they never do?

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