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  1. Get fkn Rinsed

    @ryank Big up lad
  2. Get fkn Rinsed

    @Jamz Whaaaat, I remember you Shooting up with admin powers, having a voice of a guy who couldn't hurt a fly AND telling Tidus NOT to unban me And you wanna join the police with that voice!?
  3. Get fkn Rinsed

    You're in the police or you mean in general lmao? Face Tattoos can look stupid ill admit, they always look out of place and awkward. Sleeves etc are always nice. I hear back ( spine ) is absolute torture to get done but interested in four horsemen of the apocalypse design on the back ( Someone i know has it. the only tattoo i thought of getting because it's " cool " ), And yeah, Not sure if the guy im going in to see will be " realism " Have to ask and shit first, just saw his work and it was very similar and top quality to what i wanted. If im not happy with what he can do i'll happily leave and go to someone better though.
  4. Get fkn Rinsed

    Naah, wanted a tattoo for about 4 years. Specifically waited until i was a bit older to know i wanted to stick with it. Already know what i want in my sleeve, just all about cost and design now. Only 80? Thats mad, alot of people exaggerate costs and time on tattoos it seems. Only thing im worried about now is the pain as my tolerance towards sharp pains is abysmal, cry over stubbing my toe for fuck sake Also yeah, Checked a shit load of different tattoo artists near me to ensure that they're previous work and artists was in line with what i wanted. All of them are cheap as they are next to eachother and have mad deals to get more customers haha
  5. Get fkn Rinsed

    I was just being a meme, you're the one stating kids with tattoos are bad anyway, i got my advice from the topic so all good.
  6. Get fkn Rinsed

    Then why you browsing a post specifically talking about Tattoos? Also, Clock/Skull is a respresentation of time and death, related to part of my family. You'd know if you were old enough for time to actually pass bud.
  7. Get fkn Rinsed

    Only 4 - 5 Hours is pretty fucking nice to be honest, Was hoping it would be around then. Ill have to ask them when im in tomorrow, cheers alot mate. And yeah alot of tattoo parlous next to each other competing for better deals etc.
  8. Get fkn Rinsed

    Will be getting my first Tattoo soon, but wary about prices as at the moment i'm still saving pays up for one. Alot of people say its by hour, but i don't know how long tattoo's take. Tattoo Parlour im going too has already stated they charge 50£ Per hour, and i have about 300 - 350 Saved from christmas money and pay for a tattoo so far. Any advice on how long this would take / cost? Probably going to ask for a design smaller than this for lower down on the arm to start a sleeve, Only person i know on this community to have a tattoo is @Fuel Any other advice is welcome lads
  9. Get fkn Rinsed

    Retired tag seems alright, problem is as admins go in and ones come out. eventually 30% of the members here will have it. Don't see whats wrong with it atm though, just no profile song. People pay a fair bit of money to get that. having a permanent one even after leaving just trashes that donation perk.
  10. Get fkn Rinsed

    Feel free to deny me as im not very active In-game name? - Entropy and alot of namesAre you a binman? - I Drive the truck if that countsBank balance? - idek, in the M's, im poorHave you got both rebel licenses? - yesHours on Arma 3? - alotPrevious gangs? - too manyWhy would you like to join Garbo? - Maybe jumping on now and again with friends and its better to do so in a gang. all the other gangs are dead so your second best Can anyone within Garbo vouch for you? - Probably? Tidus PaulS if he's nice. He has his off days. Lee chan @LeeNice time to ask if you could make me another banner @
  11. Get fkn Rinsed

    -1, causes his whole family to miss flight times and is a drug addicted. ( Is also a posh boy. )
  12. Get fkn Rinsed

    Oblivions bad at everything, how did you manage to write this? @Oblivion
  13. Get fkn Rinsed


  14. Get fkn Rinsed

    Its not fine. Tonics script has crates despawning every restart, the shit in the crate despawns, they become invisible... etc. Already lost 20Mil worth of gear to it.

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