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  1. Lyrically eminem won, Tune wise? MGK's send was a banger.
  2. Entropy

    cops for bank

    Bank starts, rogers is on a bench sniping people from further than half our PC's can render, and the compound is slammed by free quilins and hunters. Don't forget the regular hop on squad of 5 - 6 cops that make it like 20 v 8. Wheres the advantage? ?
  3. @A.Kalasnikow

    "u can hear the anger when he said "u robbed us u monkey" mhm better tell me how is that not racist " 


    2 weeks later trying to defend yourself in a report


    " it was on our private eternal channel its stupid cuz we didint say it in game we all of us are kinda racist "


    You have about 1 Brain cell

    1. A.Kalasnikow


      Not myself my gang member + And there is diffrence bettwen ingame and TS 

    2. Sanik


      Section 1:
      General Rules

      This is mostly common sense, but as we all know, that is a trait not everyone possesses.

      • DO NOT post any material that could be classed as Discriminating or inappropriate.
      • DO NOT┬áattack any member of our community.
      • DO NOT use the private message system to harass or spam any member of this community.
      • Any inappropriate avatars will be removed without warning, and depending on severity a ban may be issued.
      • We do not mind if people mention other communities, but using our teamspeak to recruit for any other community will result in a ban.
      • If you have been trusted with permissions on our teamspeak, DO NOT abuse your power, this may lead to a ban.

      Section 2:
      Gang Rooms:

      These rooms are private and belong to the gang leader with that in mind the following rules apply.

      • Soundboards and music bots are permitted in gang rooms.
      • DO NOT enter a gang room without the permission of the gang.
      • If you are asked to leave a gang room by the gang, please do so.
      • If the gang leader asks you to stop doing something, ie playing soundboards, do so.

      Section 3:
      Whitelisted Factions:

      • If you are ingame you must be in the correct room.
      • You are a whitelisted member of this community, you are expected to stay professional at all times.
      • You have all been granted varying levels of teamspeak permissions, DO NOT abuse them.

      Section 4:

      • We are not here to serve you, if you want us send us a message and wait, we are very busy, spamming a member of staff could lead to a ban.
      • If you have suggestions, want to report a player or bug, use the forum that is what it is there for.
    3. majed
  4. im on trial but massive +1 <3. Frag sniper from another server and was just me and him on RR until i joined S.
  5. Application Template: Name: Entropy Hours(Screenshot): https://gyazo.com/a78305a7a936bf5add642d73d1f40e7e Previous Gangs: None apart from friends, All inactive due to scum / police. Older gangs in 2015 are from another server. ( GC, LCN, EXP, TI and more. ) Why do you want to join: Wasn't sure if S was still active in the beginning so i applied to TBO but there leader got banned apparently and IDEK whats happened with them. Out of all the gangs on the server i have the most respect for S players as they don't seem like hobos from what i've seen or immature and they seem to stay away from shitty side chat wars. also looking for a gang that is clean in gunfights and actually active. Anyone who can vouch for you: Would of said eagle but the special kid got himself banned.
  6. @Matty Name - Entropy ArmA 3 Hours - 3110 Hours Age - 19 Country - UK Previous Gangs and Why Did You Leave? - None that you'd know of unless 2015, GC, EXP, LCN too many big gangs to count that died out over time. Most recent gang was all friends, police and scum took them away from me. RIP Why Do You Want To Join TBO? - Looking for an active gang for gunfights. My RP alone is good so just need some boys who are actually active to roll with ingame. Every other gang I've seen are side chat warriors with no RP at all. ( Bar Sinity, have good respect for them. ) though if you rob hobos tell me now as i'll pass. Reborn seems to be full of gangs interested in robbing legal activities and unarmed kids trying to make money. What Can You Bring to The Gang - 3k hours good at gunfights, i actually cannot snipe for shit but my CQC is on point and unlike other kids i don't rely on DPI glitching or the cheeky 2 second lag switch to be relevant in a gunfight. Clean comms and call outs, fat bank account been here since day one. Anyone In The Gang Who Can Recommend You? - Don't think so no. Never been fragged by you guys so guess thats a +1
  7. Last time i'm replying to this, you robbed a hobo of all his stuff, so i insulted you and your gangs methods. It is nothing personal, its an insult to your gangs conduct within RP and kidnapping/robbing unarmed hobos. You've just kidnapped and stripped jack, were not going to be nice or kind to you. Monkey is nothing racist. It's just a slang insult from where our gang members live (London) and there friend group, absolutely nothing to do with race mate, i swear like half our gang is black. Even talking about this on a public forum is so touchy that i don't want to get into it, Jack isn't racist and didn't say it in a racist manner or context AT ALL. It seems more like this is turning into some weird report war tbh as you even laughed during the entire situation of me insulting your gang, i reported two eternal members yesterday and now your reporting me and all your eternal buddies are reacting to posts. Anyway whatever ffs.
  8. Entropy

    OG | Entropy

    In-game name: OG | Entropy Steam ID: 76561198007277114 Date of ban: 08/30/2018 Staff member that banned you: Tom Skyline Reason for ban: Mass VDM Why do you think you were banned: For running over multiple people on the road who were trolling. Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Yes. These players were trolling for 30 minutes straight, they'd run into every car driving past and being toxic. After the entire situation they'd blown up multiple of my drug filled HEMTTS by body throwing into them, causing them to fly away ( which is basically an exploit. ). I drove up and stopped as two of them ran into my truck, trying not to hit them. I then got back in my truck and carried on along the road as they laughed. The argument given by admins were " Hands were up, you ran them over. " There hands were up for the first time as there other friends ran into me. If i were to go around for the 1000th time they'd have just kept on running into me anyway like they'd done for ages. It was fail RP, exploiting and toxic. More over was me running them over and noone had a problem with it. the report was on them for being trolls and toxic and yet I got banned for being the one to ignore them as they blocked the road and ran into vehicles. After initially speaking to an admin who had watched 10 seconds of the video he said my ban was justified. Whilst i disagree and say i should never have been banned, i shouldn't have been banned for a week atleast. So confused as to why i was banned and they weren't too especially as the report was on them for trolling and being toxic... Furthermore im sure the initial person who reported THEM would back me on the fact they were intentionally trolling our HEMMTS and being toxic and im guessing he never thought i should have been banned ( @Space Ghost ). Everyone involved in that situation is confused as to why i was banned. If you believe your ban was justified why should you be unbanned: Whilst i don't think it was justified i shouldn't be banned. I love to RP and i think many people on this server have enjoyed experiences with me. I have loads of friends i've randomly made on this server and they can all support the fact that i try and have fun with everyone. This VDM was over a group of trolls, who had trolled me for ages, and who even laughed as i ran them over, multiple other HEMTTS had run them over too. This is my first banned offence in absolutely ages and i'm shocked it took this for me to be banned, something so simple and discussable. Where there any extenuating circumstances that contributed to your ban: A fustration of losing like 3 Drug HEMMTS to trolls over 15 minutes to be honest. Please confirm you've read & understood the rules Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe Yes
  9. Monkey is literally nothing racist mate. At all, it just means you're a bit stupid. parents call there children silly monkey, loads like what? You robbed my mate for all his worth randomly, even though he was a hobo. I insulted you and ripped into your gang, said nothing bad. You're robbing and kidnapping us. The guy randomly then initiates on you and dies, you're behind the wall so i pick up the pistol to try and avenge him. You then spray everywhere killing me and my mate ( who didn't do anything wrong?), and so the gunfight was over. Jack is completely new and i was trying to explain to him how NLR works but he spawned at athira to quickly - He now knows exactly what it means. Don't get why it lead to a report, you killed someone and robbed us so i tried to avenge everyone. In RP you'd robbed jack of everything, not to mention we were stalling for a gang member to arrive to kill you but he took fucking ages.
  10. Entropy

    Xp Bar

    +1 EXP bar at the moment is so scuffed.
  11. In-game name: Entropy Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Eternal gang members - Ryan Bradford & Marcus-w-ee Date of the incident: 08/30/2018 Time of the incident: 03:40 What rule do you believe was broken: Stealing from a GZ, exploiting and toxicity Any evidence available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WikLo2ENy8s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yDp7WX7skU https://gyazo.com/fd003409a9fbe3cb0673bb7faf381147 https://gyazo.com/2cd96176f2d09284e00b37489ce96ebc Describe the incident: Began with a big firefight where they stole our HEMTT trucks and we chased them. after 1 hour and a half of chasing and arguing, they get killed by another gang and we then kill that gang and retrieve the stolen trucks, bringing them back to GZ. We return the truck to greenzone and the same group / gang originally killed jumps into it, and immediately drives it into the sea. I tried to warn him not too as did medics/AAA but he drove off and rammed it into the sea as we chased it. After asking him to come to TS he just trolled side chat and eventually joined, saying he could " role play " the stealing / exploit, and that no rules were broken. (He even died after ramming it into the water.) so no resolution could be found. Whilst trying to resolve it in side chat Ryan was just spamming side chat with threats to report for so many random things, and saying whats above. can't be assed with someone that toxic. I wouldn't normally ever report someone on a roleplay server but they actually took the piss for 2 hours, and topped it off by Stealing the HEMMT and exploiting it into water anyway. Everyone encouraged me to put up this report ( AAA player, medic and those around me ) As apparently they're generally just toxic and rule break alot, so here we are as the players got footage of it all... ( When it tried to resolve they were just loud and mentioning NLR, whilst marcus kept saying he could Roleplay stealing it and exploiting it into the water and no rules were broken... ) Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes @Ryan Bradford @marcus-w-e
  12. Entropy

    OG | Entropy Report

    Naah mate i don't blame you, rules are rules and you were still serious whilst we were having a laugh so its respectable. I think the admins understand that late at night everyones a little loose and lenient and begins to joke around more, keeps the server alive even late at night unfortunately you just got caught up in a load of friends pissing about and we both had different ideas on the situations. I generally don't think a report was needed, Coulda just come and talk but its chill you do you. ÔØñ´©Å
  13. Entropy

    OG | Entropy Report

    Ill be honest yeah i exploited. It was like 4:30AM, We'd had a mess around gunfight with the police that had led me to be RDM'd ( I won't complain, it was a mess around with loads of friends. ) People were VDMing, shootouts, the usual 4AM business. Im downed, the cop i was RDM'd by disappears after joking around and Majed turns up moments after and arrests me seriously. I was still in this whole " mess around atmosphere ", the restraints came off due to timer, so i driver seated and downed myself. Medic came picked me up, locked the officer in the medic car whilst i ran away and the officer chased me. All one big joke, I was never approached by the problem or talked to, I just got told by my medic friend that a report was going straight up by Majed. I understand time of day doesn't change or affect the rules and im still liable to be banned for simple stuff, but at 4AM when everyone is pissing about with eachother and were all friends online i expected a bit of understanding and leniency. It was just this one officer that wasn't involved that got caught up in it. I could tag all the officers and the medic and rebel that were involved and messed around with us and they could vouch that this wasn't out of toxicity, but its not needed.
  14. Entropy

    RyanK Report

    @ryank Big up lad

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