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  1. Pablo

    You could get an M.2 Internal SSD if you have the spare cash and nothing to spend it on.
  2. Pablo

    shows the amount of power you have in 'your' gang then 😁
  3. Pablo

  4. You know this has been happening for 4 years now right? A rebel is a rebel at the end of the day they can rob/kill who ever they want. Everyone knows there is a risk to any money making method but there is also ways to stop it without punishing rebels for doing what they are allowed, hence the cop force, call them before your run and ask for a escort or even the camorra they are basically a friendly rebel faction that can help.
  5. Pablo

    For that price let them have thermals lol, gives some incentive to actually buy them.
  6. Pablo

    haha u stink
  7. Pablo

    Double check you have the 8 pin power plugged in for your cpu, should be near the top left and you could try re-seating your RAM sometimes that shit spazzes out
  8. Pablo

    Not happy this kid stole my name This aint true I play on like 26 fps half the time
  9. Pablo


    This is what reborn cops need, just need to make sure it doesn't turn to a friends group and it would be sick.
  10. Pablo

    I can bearly here you from down there
  11. Pablo

    even if he didnt TK you would just be another body on the floor, and I wouldn't have to react if you plebs didn't accuse me of cheating ahaha
  12. Pablo

    hmm lock the car ?
  13. @Savage my hands are behind my back arrest me
  14. Pablo

    Come on you need a better excuse than that
  15. Since the Prime vs Ambition fight didnt get streamed heres what went down


    1. McLovin'


      this is becoming quite the common occurance

    2. RomaN

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