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  1. P4 > S4 Good shit though.
  2. Single kill central
  3. I shall be returning very soon :ph34r:

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    2. Sonny Asif
    3. Carlos1


      @Pablo Half of us are banned


    4. Sucre


      'Alright guys if you wanna learn how to dupe, move down a channel' - @Slicey Mike's final words. :( 

  4. 1 like = 1 prayer for the old SFU good stuff hoggie
  5. Wanna buy my ssd? Comes with an unreleased banger, will help you finally get YouTube views ;)

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    2. Sucre


      @Pablo Shit, my parents didn't pick me up to bring me home over christmas :(

    3. Benny


      @Sucre dont blame em

      Edited by Benny
    4. Sucre


      @Benny *blame, honestly where the fuck did you go to school. 

  6. I meant down, I've been away from pc to long cut me some slack 70 fov is where it's at
  7. Good stuff, but turn that damn fov up
  8. Name: xxArmaPro53xx Age: 13 Bank Account: £86.52 ArmA 3 Hours: 102 Why do you want to join Pavilion: bEcauSe I would like To be a bAdman on the islAnd and shoot people then stEal there things Who can vouch for you in Pavilion: what does voUch mean, I am still doing English lessOns
  9. This SFU must be a joke, please tell me it is.

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    2. Pablo


      @ma1ko after I've been on holiday I'm buying a new pc my man 

    3. Sucre


      But clixy would literally fuck you sideways in a 1v1, i don't know what your on about

    4. ma1ko


      When's that?????????

  10. I got lucky this is @BgK song Still majed you just disrespected an e-double beat you filthy low tier, how dare you
  11. They gave rebel rep to a kid who lives on the respawn screen 

  12. I was a cop, the best thing is taking bait and slapping nerds, don't complain embrace it
  13. I have less than 4K but I am a god so I see why you got confused
  14. I have more money than both your parents combined, I'm choosing a life over fixing my pc

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