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  1. Pablo

    AUCTION FORMAT Item: Strider Proof of ownership: https://gyazo.com/20bd3e21bbd41397bd60c523df8f8d05 Buy now price: 12mil Starting bid: 5mil Minimum bid increment: 200k End date: 20/01/19 I need money pls 👻
  2. 👀

    1. Benny


      bread and butter

  3. Pablo

    Ive got a jacket worth that, if your gonna flex make it decent
  4. Pablo

    Video with audio sent
  5. Pablo

    DO NOT post one someone's unban appeal, they are already banned, we do not need further evidence. DO NOT post any material that could be classed as Discriminating or inappropriate. You are not permitted to discriminate what servers people play on. First one is for you, the other 2 are the reason the audio is removed as we are talking about something in a private ts.
  6. Pablo

    1. I can clearly see you have no idea what tower lag is 2. How can it be a lag switch when I don't yellow chain at all, you die as soon as I shoot and you disconnect after 10 seconds and it takes me longer than that 3. How can audio hide anything, what was said in the ts should not be on here as some younger people play this server and I respect reborns rules adhering to videos Not my fault people can see a public report and know I done nothing wrong. Kappa commented to notify me of the post
  7. Pablo

    I said why there is no audio, look at my video send me the timestamp in which I 'teleport' pls. Also what could I possibly hide in the audio lol.
  8. Pablo

    My POV, tower lag is not my fault. As for reporting me for toxicity, this just seems like a pathetic attempt to chuck anything into the report to try get me a ban. I called you a bot ingame as we were typing in direct and I told you what happened but you refuse to believe it so I called you a bot, this hardly toxic at all I simply called you bad. If you really believe this is toxic you should not be on the internet. There is no sound on the video due to me being in a private ts and the things being said / in the background do not belong on this forum.
  9. Pablo

    I like this bank, but going off your comment above, cops will just bench snipe this so easy and that truly is boring to play against
  10. Pablo

    @Pablo obv im best @ConnorH @Audi @Tiger. @Oskarr think this is his account lol McLovin All we need to beat anyone.
  11. Pablo

    You could get an M.2 Internal SSD if you have the spare cash and nothing to spend it on.
  12. Pablo

    shows the amount of power you have in 'your' gang then 😁
  13. Pablo

  14. You know this has been happening for 4 years now right? A rebel is a rebel at the end of the day they can rob/kill who ever they want. Everyone knows there is a risk to any money making method but there is also ways to stop it without punishing rebels for doing what they are allowed, hence the cop force, call them before your run and ask for a escort or even the camorra they are basically a friendly rebel faction that can help.

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