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  1. No pc and I'm still better at arma than you 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Nexhy


      whos got a wooden pc then

    3. Sonny Asif

      Sonny Asif

      Olympus gang wars November 18th, be there or be square. 

    4. JustJack


      @Pablo dw, sonny will be watching the stream not in it....

  2. Better than @m4rko bae already
  3. This man is building trumps wall
  4. Rested above a window which reduces recoil, get some knowledge pls
  5. Rebels can already get MXSW they are basically the same with 100 rnd mags, mk200 is not OP at all Why do people act like an mk200 is a god gun, it really isn't
  6. Vanguard hire only the most elite members of this island
  7. Good to see that cops and vanguard are liking this too, adds some variation to the reply's
  8. As of right now the licence is pretty dead no one uses it to actually craft guns as it is way to much effort for a weapon or a scope. I suggest that the licence gets removed and the weapons get put into the advanced rebel shop for a high price, this will add some more variation too what guns people use, as at the minute mk-1's are used by basically everyone because people are soo rich. These new weapons being added can be used as a money sink to try and drain some of the rich rebels. People may say this is combat bias but I think this will try make rebels RP more when they get pulled over as they really will not want to risk loosing a big loadout to a petty fight. Prices (obviously up to admins) Mk200 - 750k and mags for 50k Asp-1 - 800k and mags for 30k LIM-85 - 600k and mags for 50k This will also free up some mission file space as it will remove the virtual items and the coding for it. Any comments left are to be constructive or actually helpful if not will be removed.
  9. Disclaimer - This is not how we treat the HM and the screenshots are a meme.
  10. Im gonna take a guess and say it may have something to do with the fact every time vangaurd open with "what you doing in our land ?" Makes people want to rub it in your face by taking the land, just the way people are when they think they can take something from someone, they will. Not trying to cause beef / annoy anyone just saying what I believe.
  11. When is the vanguard land getting fixed, rebels make free money with no risk.

    1. Sanik ߷

      Sanik ߷

      Aww yeah, FREE MONEY

    2. Scott McTavish
    3. Neo


      Next update is massive. Most of it is backend but should make life better.

  12. One could say there was some ESPionage within 39th RR


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    2. Sonny Asif

      Sonny Asif

      This is word play gold. 

    3. Zeroic


      Im not even gonna reply to this xD

    4. Peters


      @Zeroic But you just replied? Sir you just played yourself

  13. Yeah everyone will enjoy watching those great sniping clips
  14. They cannot be cut & shut / chopped by other rebels neither can it be crushed by police if you report it stolen, only time you can loose that thing is if you actually do an illegal run in it. No risk pulling it out, but still 1.2 is a hefty retrieval price.
  15. You have too be good, to become washed

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