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  1. Robb Miller

    You say I was rude. I want prove of that because I'm never rude to people. I like prove of you asking to resolve it also. You refused to come into support and you didn't contact me yesterday for anything so please stop lying about asking for a comp and me using "heavy language" You the one that kept baiting us driving in and out of border skipping it which is why in that video we had a van out to prevent you from doing that again. I just don't appreciate how you put up a report completely behind my bank without asking for comp or anything and saying I was really rude. Sounds like you just a salty person and especially from the looks of your profile majority of your posts are you asking for comps at every situation you have. From the looks of it you do this quite often and go behind peoples backs and put a report without giving them no notice what so ever.
  2. Robb Miller

    You never try to resolve this with me. You never ask for comp and you never taken it to support with me. I offered you and now got prove of me asking you to come to support to resolve this issue and you refused. Since you refused I would like to request for this complaint about me to be withdrawn. You should of dealt with it there and then before posting this. I would like for you to show prove of me also being toxic and using "heavy language" towards you as I 100% know you are lying. You did not provide the whole video to the part where Jim Gordan executed you. Some key parts to that situations was cut out. So again I like to request this complaint to be withdrawn if you fail to reply to this or refuse to take it in a support room on team speak. I will state prove to when I messaged you today and you refused on team speak at 2PM GMT. <13:57:37> "Robb Miller": Do you want to resolve that situation from yesterday? <14:00:01> "Robb Miller": If you would of spoke to me to resolve before you put the report we could of resolved it then. <14:03:31> "Majed": no after what you said to me <14:03:37> "Majed": after you killed me <14:03:44> "Majed": you are a very rude member <14:03:45> Chat partner has closed the conversation <14:03:48> "Robb Miller": That was kim who excuted you <14:04:13> "Majed": idc <14:04:21> "Majed": your words <14:04:25> "Majed": where too heavy <14:04:27> "Majed": for a game <14:04:29> "Robb Miller": Im not rude come in chat to speak about it <14:04:42> "Robb Miller": I never said a word because I was on the phone to someone <14:05:11> "Robb Miller": So hope in chat to resolve it or I be putting this as prove that you are refusing to resolve this situation <14:05:22> "Robb Miller": I'll happily tell you my side of the story <14:05:37> "Robb Miller": and if im in the wrong I give you comp for what ever you had on you <14:05:55> "Majed": I Would like you to say that in the report post <14:06:14> "Robb Miller": We go to support and deal with it there <14:06:28> "Robb Miller": I'm not typing it because my side of the story wont get across <14:06:56> "Robb Miller": I'm in support now <14:07:06> "Majed": i dont have time for you now
  3. Robb Miller

    Robb Miller

  4. Robb Miller

    Nope I ain't left it more of a part time job
  5. Robb Miller

    That for my next one because I was taken hostage after I uploaded the blog
  6. Robb Miller

    It been a long time since I wrote in blog. Well I tell you what I been up to. For the past couple of weeks I been working hard as I can to fight crime on Reborn. Hard work if I'm honest. However, I do enjoy my time and experience in the police. I have some really good friends in the police and my reputation is slowly growing. Disco, Mathew, Schnitzel, John and more. They make my experience in the police so much more better. I'm a Sergeant in the police now. I hope the police and higher ups are proud of what I'm doing. I want to try impress them as much a possible. I'm trying to join the DIU now in the police. I hope I will be worth the spot in there. Besides If I get in I will try my best to get far. I think joining the police is one of the best things I done in my life. It makes my day when I have little convocation with civilians. I'm one of those cops who like to have a chat and give chance for them to explain. If they are compliant I will rewards them by possibly dropping the price or even pardoning them. There this one gang Camora who make my time harder. I went up to one of them the other day in Kavala Square and try have a convo. He told me to fuck off and not take his weapon and leave him alone when I only wanted to have a chat. They really hostile towards the police which I don't understand. I wished they was more compliant and willing to have a chat instead of combat 24/7. Anyway I think that enough writing. Thanks for reading my blog. Hope you all have a good day.
  7. Ivan B - Teenage Dreamers :) Nice choice :P 

  8. Robb Miller

    Class Bust of the year
  9. Robb Miller

    Lol I was the cop who came up saying to leave the area for you own safety.
  10. Robb Miller

    He could be my long lost uncle @The Red Fez lol
  11. Robb Miller

    I have a whole big story behind my last name. We can start off with my dad. He Sgt. Scott Miller. I'm sure most people know him from the youtube video's that Cpl. Kerry takes. I never saw my dad that much as he always in the army. However, in my career I would love to be fighting beside my brother and dad. My brother name Truck Miller. He was in a border control army for many months. But he left that recently along with me. The border control called HAVOC, and now it been recently changed to DELTA. I kinda miss my family from there like Teddybear, Bulldog, Lubo, Mouse, Dimmy. I can go forever to be honest. It was sad to see some of them go time to time but they was just moving on like me. I got a bother called Truck Miller. We like two peas in a pod. Our mother said that we must stand up and be together no matter what. I'm sure if my mom could see what we was doing now se be proud of us. I tried convening Truck to join but he prefers to sit home watching youtube and playing games. Hopefully one day I be able to convince him to join. The whole island will love him. Anyway moving on. I was born at Kavala hospital. I lived there my whole live until the war started. Which my farther fought in as a rebel against CSAT forces. My father company in the army is NATO. The peace keeper's more like and fight anyone who in its way. When the war happened me my brother and my mom Carly Miller moved to Oreokastro. However, it was attacked and bombed by CSAT. Me and my brother saw our mom die. She told me and my brother to go back to the church and she promised we be safe which we was. Our mom said she be back. I never will know what she went back for. Well the bombs dropped. We wanted to go and try find our mom but we couldn't. CSAT special forces moved in a killing all civilians on sight. Fucking murderers telling you now. COLD BLOODED MURDERERS. After that me and my brother ran. We ran and see where it leads us to. That when we ran into HAVOC. They treated us like real humans. They let us join with open arms. After couple months of service I left along with my brother. As again my brother lost and I'm trying to keep my head up high doing what right. Well here I am now in Reborn and my story still continues. This is only the start. I'm 22 and seeing where my story lead to. This is really hard for me to talk about since I get emotional. I will always miss my mom. R.I.P mom. I love you.
  12. Robb Miller

    Robb Archer

  13. Robb Miller

    He helped me out when I needed it most and also gave me money to buy a new truck since my old one was robbed. He very helpful. Deserves to get far

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