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  1. Cheers for the notice Fuel. I definitely thought it was suggestions lol. Much appreciated. Cheers for the link. @Flix
  2. In-game name: Robb Miller Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Joesph Grayson [The Grayson Brothers] Date of the incident: 02/18/19 Time of the incident: 23:54 What rule do you believe was broken: Combat Logging Any evidence available: https://youtu.be/jqljhVfNQfY Describe the incident: I was role playing with some people and all the sudden Joesph breaks out his cuff and runs away. He then alt f4 and he now refusing to come to TeamSpeak to resolve the problem. Earlier he rdmed me in Kavala castle and his mate who he was with killed a medic yesterday. I have no probe off the rdm situation. Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
  3. I ain't lazy I've put this up because I'm always the only cop responding to prison and it got annoying. When I ask other officers why they didn't respond they said "It's too far away" "I cant be assed." etc. I ain't been on as a cop for 3 days due to work but if you say that they was responding to every single on when I was gone then it does seem quite weird.
  4. Trust me no one even responds to the prison now because how far it is.
  5. We are not OP. To get mk1's we got to be in the police for a very long time just to get to the rank for it. To join TRU we must be SGT and end off the day that crime all the time on reborn and there usually 20 police on out off 110. Police have their hands full and when it comes to arresting someone and putting them in jail it take a lot off time and resources. It annoying because right now it useless having a jail cell because people get broken out either way and 1/10 the police can prevent the prison break. Rebels have hands on legit anything they desire.
  6. Robb Miller


    True but it be cool having IDAP involved and it add to the RP to it. If you completed the Laws Of Wars DLC campaign you see what I mean. True
  7. Yeah we can clean it up but we get nothing from it anyway. If we could get rewarded for doing that then it be better in my opinion.
  8. Robb Miller


    IDAP is a aid organisation that helps civilians and try improve the safety the island. I think that IDAP should be a thing on reborn officially just like AAA and you must pay 1 mill to get the licence and one of the jobs as a IDAP aid worker would be cleaning up guns and ammunition from the floor. I think they should be able to repair objects and set aid camps for when they can Roleplay with Civs and give food and water or making health checks etc. Please tell me what you think off this suggestion!!!!!!!
  9. One thing I think should be a thing is police must manually take a weapon away take it back to PD as well illegal contents and put the weapon in a box that destroys it and in return the police get awarded money for it. I've saw it done on another server and it was really cool. This will reduce the amount off gun crime on the streets since police will feel more motivated to cease weapons instead off letting people off all the time leaving them to commit crimes. Please tell me what you think off this idea!!!!!!
  10. Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Wildlands has it cheapest deal on steam!!! Only £14 till 12/02/2019. Don't miss out on it. If you already have it add my steam and we could play it some time soon. It's exc_dem0n
  11. Listen to 8D music with headphones!!!! Sounds like the music spinning around your head in a empty room. Type in 8D audio on YouTube and your favourite song that 8D audio has available. You thank me later ❤️
  12. I mean I do it for the ones that are toxic to me. Like I came across a racist person yesterday ones I've detained him and he just combat logged. It annoying also cus I took time to detain him and then he just leaves because it didn't go his way.
  13. Yeah agreed. Reborn is a good community but there can be situations where there is no RP tbh. I've came across many situation where people been combat logging off when I get them in cuff's or mid shoot out and even when I've applied a tourniquet to them and I'm right next to them. I need to get my recording sorted because I could get so many people done for it. There pros and cons really lol.
  14. Agreed!! Yeah I think this spot near rock processor reasonable for both sides. I'm going to attempt to make contact with one off the developers and hopefully they might consider moving the prison near rock processor (GRID:067109)

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