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    In-game name: Haarry Steam ID: 76561198356643902 Date of ban: 01/01/18 Reason for ban: Not sure on when i was banned. Passenger seating Staff member that banned you: Tom Skyline Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Not unjustified Why should we unban you? The reason why i decided to passenger seat some people outside kavala was just me and a mate were playing all the time on another server and someone mentioned that we should just get banned on reborn, stupidly i thought it would be funny and started to passenger seat people. I now realise that this was very stupid of me and want to be given a final chance to prove myself on this server as at the moment it seems like one of the best around. I understand i have been banned for toxicity before and completely regret that mistake also. I want to apologise to anyone who i killed and also to the staff team for wasting their time by having to ban me, and read my appeal, I am just asking for a final chance to show that i know how to follow the rules and that i would like to become a genuine member of this community. Thanks for reading, Haarry
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    He lost 2 yesterday
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    big matt

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    Because i now know that if anything like this were to happen again the consequences would be very severe, i have learnt from this terrible mistake and would not like to be banned again. @PaulS
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    In-game name: Harry Steam ID: 76561198356643902 Date of ban: January 2018 Reason for ban: Racism/Toxic Staff member that banned you: Not Sure. Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: I believe it was completely justified. Why should we unban you? (I am not sure the exact date but i believe i was sometime in January) I believe i should be given a second chance on this server. I do not know why i said the things i did and i truly regret it, some of the things i put in chat were absolutely horrible and i would never use that sort of language normally. i am as shocked with myself as the other players online at the time. I completely understand if this appeal is instantly denied and i am willing to come and speak to someone in teamspeak if you would like. I am extremely sorry for anyone that i offended and annoyed and hope that they can also forgive me. Thanks for looking at this, Harry.

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