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  1. I honestly can’t remember who this guy was, however hopefully he will see this. A guy from the vortex gang saw me robbing gas stations yesterday cuz I was broke; he gave me 1 mil so I could grab a new HEMMT which saved me tonnes of work, so, whoever this guy is he is a legend
  2. Thanks guys, I need to get used to recording again otherwise I end up with no evidence of this stuff
  3. Been with this server on and off for a while now; I came back again on Saturday hoping to stay again for a while but wanted to ask if anyone else is being rdmd quite a bit when driving in any vicinity to finished gunfights? Like yesterday, I was leaving kav green zone and right on the edge of the zone there were tons of rebels and broken cop cars; I drove around and got shot like 10m up the road This never used to happen much at all
  4. PiggyWater

    Reborn +?

    Thanks, was just curious
  5. PiggyWater

    Reborn +?

    Is reborn + still in development, noticed there were very few new posts on its forum so has it been abandoned?
  6. +1 I don’t believe it’s impossible to change top speed as some of the other servers I used to play on (won’t say which because of advertising) used to have speed upgrades available.
  7. Definitely agree with you Alex
  8. I kinda agree but I was in a ride along yesterday because a guy who was 14 wanted to join cops and he was extremely mature in my opinion, so I do think it should be judged based on the person
  9. Definitely a +1 on the prison idea
  10. Erektsioon put a goodbye post in the Altis airport so I think he’s gone now
  11. I like the pd currently, in my opinion it looks like a realistic police station that we’d have here in the UK
  12. My gang would also be very happy to have you, send me a pm if you are interested
  13. We are a newly forming gang after the disbandment of our previous group, if you want to join please apply below or drop me a pm and we will run an interview with you. Requirements detailed below: Decently experienced in arma and Altis life, I am not putting a set playtime on this however as part of your interview you will be taken into the field and if you are not up to scratch, you don't get in. You need a stable bank account, we simply cannot afford to buy you guns etc all the time. A fairly good record with admins, we understand the odd warning but any bans will have to be seriously looked into. Discord and TeamSpeak are required, our main comms are on discord however we expect you to be able to join the reborn ts server when necessary. Generally a good attitude, we all want a good laugh but you also need to know when to get on with whatever is going on. You need to know the server rules Some form of history with other gangs, the NHS, BlackWater or the police, this will be individually assessed in an interview. We look forward to the interactions that we will have with you in the field and good luck to those who apply!

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