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  1. DanisH.

    Not a topfragger if you don't use combatstance. But nice one.
  2. DanisH.

    No problem for loaning the armed Qilin
  3. DanisH.

  4. DanisH.

    This can be closed now @Daniel
  5. DanisH.

    Feedback appreciated!
  6. DanisH.

    1,2 mil
  7. DanisH.

    It was a 8 hemtt run we had it out for.
  8. DanisH.

    I actually haven't seen a single person in BW that have bought an Armed Qilin as it's Major and above. We only have 3 people in Blackwater that can buy them. And have never seen any of them have one out.
  9. DanisH.

    I don't see why you are complaining now. You can go out and buy or make a Armed Qillin. I understand why the Pawnee was removed as that thing was op and we could only get them. So -1
  10. DanisH.

  11. DanisH.

    Starting bid reduced to 5 mil!
  12. DanisH.

  13. DanisH.

    Item: Strider Proof of ownership: https://gyazo.com/5948a79591f4cd432401d779166d0763 Buy now price: 9 mil Starting bid: 5 mil Minimum bid increment: 250k End date: 15/02
  14. DanisH.

  15. DanisH.

    I didn't have space in my house!

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