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  1. We should unbanned because it was dumb thing we did. It shouldn't be done or have been done in the first place. We shouldn't have acted like this as it might have been a bit anoying for people and it just stupid. It wasn't professional of any of us and I will personally think about what i'm about to do the next time something like this come again.
  2. After reading JackM reply I do see why I was breaking RP as I shouldn't have shot at my own police members heli. But I was defently trolling as I shot was one of the persons shooting out Flix's back rotor
  3. DanisH.

    Benny R6S

    n1. I do wanna play if you want to
  4. In-game name: DanisH Steam ID: 76561198194711161 Date of ban: 04/17/19 Reason for ban: Teleporting Staff member that banned you: Charlie Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Yes I do as me and JackM was pissing about and then for fun shot out Flix's tail rotor. I didn't think Flix would crash directly in to us at the time of doing it. We were responding to a situation beside HM were Mike and Poults were stopping a Ifrit at the current time of him crashing in to us. After he crashed into us we just respawned and went back to TFU HQ. Video might explain a bit more: https://plays.tv/video/5cb727ffdb0d4b2990/ban-pov It's JackM pov Why should we unban you? As it was a mistake and he wasn't meant to crash into us on purpose. And you can also hear in the video he said he wasn't supposed to crash in to us or something along that line. This is also my first ban on this server beside a warning I got about a year ago for hotmicing. I personally don't think we did anything wrong and do see why we were banned as it did look fishy.
  5. It's not gonna be easy when you got a too big ego.
  6. If you count in that I died then yes. But no
  7. I don't think you got anyone at 0:41
  8. Yes I know. I'm a big boy now!
  9. Yikes this gang. Viped 4 people at church and the owner is duper yikes.
  10. Is this another April fool or is it true?
  11. I'm not TFU. And you don't have 2,9k hours. I only got like 1,9 and i'm better than you JOKES ON YOU

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