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  1. Lifad

    Am i a fucking turkish fat <inappropriate2> xdxd

    1. Neo


      that's what people say!


    2. Andy James

      Andy James

      you said it wrong hunny

  2. Sand lord ?

  3. my cover photo inspired by you mate LOOOOOOOOOOOL

    1. Lifad


      Who are you

    2. AdaM^


      @Clixy quiet down lad 

  4. Lifad

    Hi admun im banned can u pls unban me i didnt do anthing wrong

    1. Thesoldier


      10 years added to ban for messaging admin

    2. Fuel



      hows you lifad?


    3. Lifad


      @Thesoldier hello admun can u pliz show me some mercy im new to this game

      @Fuel feels like community banned

      not drunk or high xddd

  5. Nice pic

  6. Lifad

    F | Fatality

    thx bae made a little bit research BIGGEST RDMDER AND KICKED FROM SI XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD https://gyazo.com/3e27ef5b10e7032ca7c98b6b4698bd03 XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  7. Lifad

    F | Fatality

    Which dog is that or i mean rat Which dog is that or i mean rat maybe SI BOB ??
  8. Lifad

    F | Fatality

    Do i need to make an app @AdaM^ @Pe7e i think im on your meme level please accept me i can tap from 2 clicks
  9. Lifad

    F | Fatality

    Too much memes for a recruitment page i cannot handle bois

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