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  1. hell no.. when i asked for you to make more sea-runs, most of you said no cause noone is using the sea-runs and boats.. now you wish to make it harder?? Fishing has been a first-step for many before even afford cars/trucks and later helis. That was a low risk getting robbed so they could get some cash safe. If you are gonna make it harder to fish, maybe you than should also add more sea-runs for us like, crabs, sea-treasures at deep sea - goldbars from a sunken ship/other GEMS picking it up from the chest/coins of silver/gold picking up plastic from the seabed ? =D (just came up with it..) If you had one or more of these.. i might had understand why wish for making it harder.. making it harder for the legal works would be more easyer cash for the rebels and high-risk for the civs and new players. Making them either joining a gang or leaving the server due of struggle for making money.
  2. Should be more fishing around all over altis. when i first started on altis on another server, i made like 5mill only by fishing.. and also its a good start for someone that has just came in the server.
  3. .. what about shrimps, crabs, seashells ? could be a good price for the large crabs (deep sea crabs) is a real income in U.S (see dangerous seas tv show). Could be like a massive income if the price is right.. for the amount of work, it could have the same or higher price than some drugruns..
  4. nice what gang are you in ?
  5. well, think than.. if you had a team of like trucks + large helis.. like.. 6-8 divices on the field, 2 guys allways around them, and the rest using either trucks or large helis (legals only) .. making like, 6-7 hurans in total.. going like 3 runs each.. that would make it good profit in the long run..
  6. Hi. Is it any legals only crew out there ? im looking for a crew that is not apart of any kind of rebel, but more helping out new players, doing runs together either by air or ground. I have had enough of being a soft-rebel since its not in my blood to be a rebel.
  7. well, not if you were a larger group with atleast 6-7 devices + atleast 1 fuel truck.. having the rest of the gang getting trucks and larger helis for transporting the items to the dealer now, that is a faster run than doing it by hand.
  8. .. could be a crew with devices that could do that kind of work extra service = huran transport..
  9. If i may say this.. Rick WAS apart of us. When i checked now he has either left Virtue or was kicked out
  10. https://www.rebornroleplay.com/topic/32447-virtue-gang-recruitment/
  11. https://www.rebornroleplay.com/topic/32447-virtue-gang-recruitment/
  12. https://www.rebornroleplay.com/topic/32447-virtue-gang-recruitment/
  13. https://www.rebornroleplay.com/topic/32447-virtue-gang-recruitment/

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