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  1. John Summer

    So.. if we were gonna removing the fuel-stations.. we could also just impound and getting a new one out ?
  2. John Summer

    i would vote for Marcus
  3. John Summer

    the main thing.. why cant we have like a refueling for helis since we are around all day reviving people and giving them a ride back too the city from the desert.
  4. John Summer

    do you fly heli's ? its a pain when you are low on fuel.. and need too buy a fuelcan that is not filling the full tank.. but like only 1/3 of the tank..
  5. John Summer

    As a NHS ive notest that the set marker wont work for me either. Thats why i asked around to get the old dispatch back but seems it has been put to rest. So i do agree with the rest of getting some kind of gpsmarker when we click on the victims, we get a gps-marker we can drive directly too without using the map each 3min..
  6. John Summer

    Hey. Is it possible to have refueling at the heli-pads, like on roof on NHS hospitals so both S&R and police can refuel their heli instead of flying too a gas-station to buy a fuel-can than only fill up less than half the tank and costs 3000?
  7. John Summer

    The problem as i see it, is that theres noone doing the legal fishing or any waterbased runs due of the lower income and even most of us is doing runs on land. That is the main-problem. Ive done most fishing on other servers where you even could get robbed on the fishmarked. With a full boat (Rihb) you can get upto 300k if you are sorting it out the fishes. I had made a thread about doing more fish/searuns with both pearls and clams but the rest is busy doing land-runs so its a struggle for those who wish to go on the searuns. If we cant do searuns theres not gonna be any more boats/ships on the server since noone is using it. Make few more runs with clams/pearls/crabs/turtle etc and we can even have some more legal and illegal. Making it even better for the police to have their own sea-patrol either with heli or by boat themselfs.
  8. John Summer

    Oki, Thought you were gonna join since you said "add the Z dude".. Sorry for misunderstanding
  9. John Summer

    Application Ingame Name: Age: Bank Balance (Screenshot): Any previous Gangs? (Optional): Arma Hours (Steam Profile Link): Why would you like to join Virtue?: Are you in Cops or The medics? If so, state which one:
  10. John Summer

    can you fill out the rooster ? so we know who you are, hours etc.
  11. John Summer

    Get in teamspeak and go down too the gangs and Virtue channel
  12. John Summer

    .. Ive asked Neo about this before and i was told that they have had it before but it went offline due of metagaming etc. Allthough, my idea of having some type of wanted list that off-duty police and only them could see wanted and than can deliver them too the nearest policestation and than letting the officers take the rest.
  13. John Summer

    We will do that. As long the police goes after their own rules, its all ok for me.
  14. John Summer

    Hello. We in NHS has created a group named Virtue. It is a group for off-duty police and medics only, with exeptions with members that is trusted and could vouch for a new non-whitelisted NHS or police. What we do is mostly legal runs. But i cant stop you if you wish to do something else against anyone that has robbed you or sent you too the hospital earlyer. This will be your own choice and own risk if not been authorized with leaders. The main is that we can work together as off-duty, make it better teamwork by getting better known. Helping out people in need, and take on the robbers of the poor. Everyone within NHS and Police are welcome to join.
  15. John Summer

    @Wilma Fingerdoowant the medics too be in the area ?

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