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  1. No one told you to bid?
  2. Who are some of you? Pretty sure i count as one?
  3. Surprised there are no 1.2k sniping clips here
  4. Imagine having a picture of someone wearing a Supreme Box Logo but not owning a single Supreme item.

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    2. Nakraza


      Just stop commenting you already put yourself ashamed @Lee

    3. Lee


      put myself ashamed

      Image result for facepalm

    4. Benny
  5. I hope you get spun.

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    2. Lee


      You really need to quit barking, haven't seen you perform either my man. Bare in mind myself and Vibz were late to the fight and upon arrival I got one tapped out, yes I was circling star badly but where were you during that time? Oh, being yelled at by the rest of the plebs. I've literally properly played with the gang for a day and only came to 2 gun fights. I also wonder why I was late to OG, hmm. I still want that 290k comped by the way. All you're good at is yapping.

    3. Nakraza


      imagine thinking u getting that 290k 

    4. Lee


      I'd advise you to comp it lmao.

  6. Nakraza


    In-game Name: Nakraza PlayerID: 76561198155787654 Previous gangs: None good Why do you want to join Reprisal: Multiple friends in this gang Hours on Arma 3: 2156 Who can vouch for you in the gang: all the boys
  7. Pretty sure u banned from rust? Or a rust server for cheating? SMH
  8. Division 1 is a dead game buddy and now division 2 is coming out you might want to get that
  9. Aw yeah slice reformed and everything
  10. When someone tells you to get out the car without a weapon go into the inventory and store your gun there. If someone jumps out and not value his life simply report the person. Just because the decamp can be used to break a rule doesnt mean it should get removed. Remove cars aswell then because they can be used to vdm??????
  11. @Charlyplease show them how its done

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