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  1. 10 years old but so mature congratz❤️

  2. Nakraza


    You better of posting that over here: https://www.rebornroleplay.com/forum/83-altis-auctions/
  3. Nakraza

    Little man Big frags
  4. Nakraza

    yes, there are multiple restrictions in place right now.
  5. Nakraza

    Really nice montage This still hurts my feelings though 2:41 : https://gyazo.com/f51641a304f740e3508d4bb6881771ce
  6. Nakraza

  7. Nakraza

    @CubeCheck your Forum messages please
  8. Nakraza

    The second video wasn't intentional. I just pulled that vehicle out of my garage and forgot to turn off mouse steering. I wanted to look behind me which made my mouse steering turn hard left. I apologize if u lost anything and I would like to offer you compensation for it The lying to a medic part was just roleplay. of course, I knew it was my fault but it was nothing more then just some RP
  9. Nakraza

    Keep it up little man❤️
  10. Nakraza

    Use the windows media creation tool
  11. Nakraza

    he sure does exploit 0:24
  12. Nakraza

    Owh yeah sorry. did not see that outstanding performance
  13. Nakraza

    @FuryDamn nice Frag Montage
  14. Nakraza

    Yes and no. It happend to me multiple times were i died to a bug an admin couldnt revive me but i was allowed to spawn back there for example kavala pd. If this is being implentend you cant spawn back in situations like this
  15. Nakraza

    looks good

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