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  1. A 1 E X

    In-game name: [Forum Ban] Breecer Vandin Steam ID: 76561198353559594 Date of ban: 10/18/18 Reason for ban: Im not 100% sure, i think it was because i said something stupid and uncalled for directed towards fuel on a suggestions post Staff member that banned you: Fuel? Not sure Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Justtified Why should we unban you? do realise that to be honest you do need imagination to get to where you are now with this server and community as a whole. What i said for was stupid and I realise my mistake. I do use the forums a lot and I am generally active within the community. I should know better to say something like that, and I just want to get back to the forums. I was stupid to be toxic against fuel and if I get unbanned you wont hear any of my lip again. I apologise fully generally and especially if I have offended you with my words. If you want to talk it out with me on ts ill be happy to talk and d and try to resolve it there. Thank you for taking the time to read this appeal.
  2. A 1 E X

    @Danny WongWe did not count that as a valid initiation because yes I guess it was poor RP but that is the reason why I and my friends did not shoot.
  3. A 1 E X

    700k for all
  4. A 1 E X

  5. A 1 E X

    Gang Leader is banned?
  6. A 1 E X

    This is now Resolved Admins
  7. A 1 E X

    @mR_T0MWhen can you be on for me to compensate you?
  8. A 1 E X

    i never told you to report me But I am willing to Comp
  9. A 1 E X

    Okay then I am willing to comp 300k
  10. A 1 E X

    So when I was speaking to you I said to you that I was not in the first person I was combat stance and was looking through the window. The reason I knew you were there because my friend was in the GZ telling me their the person who was telling me this was I | Blades I do not know his forum name. You said that when we were in resolving I said that I would compensate you this is true but when I said how much you then said 500k because "I was chatting shit". I am willing to compensate the right amount like I said when we were in resolving but even though I was not in the first person I guess you think that I was and I have no way to prove that because of my shadow play not functioning properly.
  11. A 1 E X

    @enQiiIs this sold?
  12. A 1 E X

    Cya Adam m8 have a good time playing other games make sure to be safe. xxx
  13. A 1 E X

    i do not have it but i did bleed out @Mc Miller
  14. A 1 E X

    In-game Name: A 1 E X Steam ID: 76561198389533159/ Date of the incident: 10/10/19 Time of the incident: not sure around 6pm i think Link to player report: N/A Lost Items and Estimated Value: Type with suppressor - 250k Please provide as much detail as possible: So I got desynced into when chasing after someone I think Any Evidence Available: https://gyazo.com/2916de47734e0e10a89c9a373ed73f37

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