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  1. -1 I feel this could narrow the creativity of the rebels for when they decide to tell their story on what happened at the crime, like maybe if this information was filled out by an officer on the scene such as attaching a little note to the charge, then I don't see no problem with it, unless the police decide to make up false stories and abuse it. Wouldn't seem very realistic that a little computer would be able to know how many people what gun etc etc.
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    it was 3am allow it
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    Moonshine - Step One - Goto the yeast field and pick yeast. Step Two - Goto the moonshine processor and process the yeast. Final Step - Sell the moonshine at the moonshine trader. Meth - Step One - Goto the Ephedra field and pick the leaves. Step Two - Goto the meth processor and process the Ephedra leaves. Final Step - Sell your meth at any drug dealer Pablos/Fabios/NE Dealer Hope that helps you become a certified gamer.
  4. Seems pointless tbh + I love the challenge of the cops tryna graft me score
  5. Cyrus has been SOLD to @DanisH.
  6. Items: Cyrus 9.3mm (Black) 5 Mags [SOLD] MAR-10 .338 (Black) 5 Mags Proof of ownership: Buy now price: PM a decent enough offer. Starting bid: Cyrus 9.3mm -700k MAR-10 - 700K Minimum bid increment: 100k for both items End date: 15/02/2019
  7. Doesn't really bother me too much but, I'm thinking more of the people who are new to the server as they start with 100k, and I've seen that vehicle tax can cost up to 12k to get out a vehicle if you're in a different garage, just think this needs to be lowered a little as if someone is getting out an SUV they don't wanna be paying 1/4 of the original price, I think it should be tailored to specific vehicles such as the larger the vehicle, you should have to pay more tax as they are larger and usually used to make money or do combat. Just a thought let me know what you all think.

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