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  1. how much you willing to pay for a black strider then?
  2. 9, really would like some Hazza memorabilia in my virtual garage
  3. I would say make it the other way around, as this will obviously drop police activity, but it could be sorted out in a similar way phoenix does, as there needs to be a certain cops on for the amount of people online. For example if there is 100 people online there needs to be a minimum of 15 cops on.
  4. +1 cops can be very restricting and repetitive for some people, the game is also dying so just let people have fun imo.
  5. Bondi

    #Carling xo

  6. @Spacearmy73how did u end up in this fraggy
  7. Jed


    The New World Order Recruitment Is Currently: OPEN Owners : @Jed, @RKSmoke , @savage59 Background We are a criminal organization who came to the island to seek a better life and future for our families, we patrol the island with a common goal in mind... success, we hate to lose and will do anything in our power to prevent it from happening, we have been an established gang on the island for a while now and have core members within our organization. We hate the police and will continue to fight for independence until we die. Our Goal Our goal is too completely liberate the island from government control and fix the economy of altis, we take down police at any given chance, this is to secure a better future for the generations after us and those to come, we do this for the people. What do we do? Well basically we like to make a shit load of cash... and stop anyone in our way, we do activities such as controlling areas, doing drug runs to keep your bank balance high, supply drops so we can stay geared and there's not too much more to say. Requirements Over 16 1k Hours Stable Bank Balance (Not too important) Basic Rebel (Preferably Adv) Good Comms Template Name: Hours: Bank Balance: Previous Gangs: Vouches: Gang Roster https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1q0nAQLfvjkP-hMivCh3PwNN7Dp-XpdbuZdzJidvlr8g/edit?usp=sharing Discord https://discord.gg/A9Uxfp7 EST: 2016

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