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  1. [LC]GOD

    It’s been around for a year just never posted it here I only whant the ts channel
  2. [LC]GOD

    Requirements: Must have 500 hours Must be able to speak English  Must have an understanding of the game and server and rules Roster https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iWRdMo2WcGMJtT_CenxE4lJJj15NwasG9YR0_qe99MA/edit#gid=0 roster will be updated on a weekly basis
  3. [LC]GOD

    I can 200% agree whith evening said in here and confirm it
  4. [LC]GOD

    -1 just be careful
  5. [LC]GOD

    i mean rpuk had pearls i loved that run 1.8 mill per hemmit
  6. [LC]GOD

    No bid then
  7. [LC]GOD

    I will bid 3mill for 1 of it comes whith mags
  8. [LC]GOD

  9. [LC]GOD

    hdd is a 1tb and the ssd is 480gb
  10. [LC]GOD

  11. [LC]GOD

    it came whith the pc
  12. [LC]GOD

    home 64 bit i believe
  13. [LC]GOD

    i need help moving my operating system to my solid state drive as i just got one and i want to take it off my hard drive and tools i can use???
  14. [LC]GOD

  15. [LC]GOD

    when there is 1 or less medics on you should be able to use a defibulators also sell them for 100k in hospitals and make the touriquate availbe in hospitals

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