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  1. [LC]GOD

    Rust Server

    right so i have a server and i'm wondering what settings/mods that the majority of people would like so i made a straw poll just put a answer in it would help quite a lot and i might have a server that you can play on in a few weeks as im on holiday rn and for kits i have to do that ingame anyway https://www.strawpoll.me/18298072 any other mods or anything i don't put in the poll just comment bellow
  2. This wold be nice not just for drugs but any item the cops take over a restart so guns wold also go in there and like drugs and weapon parts wold too don’t know how u wold do it but maybe look into a scrap yard where all the cars and shit that are sent to be crushed u could rob it and maybe get em back but I duno how u can do that u wold have to cut them back ofc but it wold add some really nice change to the server
  3. [LC]GOD


    Maybe 100rnd mags for mxsw and the spar 16s and car -95 1 but a thing else wold be shit and maybe make it so u can only buy em whith lord of war or a 10mil super rebble licence
  4. [LC]GOD


    i literately put ti up as a suggestion i had a idea why do people assume its because it got fucked buy a cop
  5. [LC]GOD


    nah just a suggestion just wold be good for a little more realism
  6. [LC]GOD


    can u changed the tazers to single shot i mean to make it realistic and to shot cops just spamming a semi auto 11rnd tazer when irl u wold taze someone then have to wait until all of it has discharged into ur victim then wait untill a fellow officer has taken the pins out of the victims back and hand cuffed them i think the things that should be changed about the tazer are all follows 1) make it single shot per mag as irl ik there is shotguns that have been bags in so make have a semi auto been bag gun as a main weapon with a 5rnd mag just a idea tho to wind people 2) make it so u cannot just put the person in handcuffs u need a other officer to help u this wold also stop officers going on patrol on their own 3)have to do a animation of pulling pins out nothing to long just a quick neel down and pull pins then backup
  7. we will comp u if we get a vid of u getting finished buy us because we dint and the medic was 1.2k away when one of our guys died like 2mins later and he came to puck him up so if u suicide we will not comp
  8. [LC]GOD

    Sims 4 for free

    rip found this 2hrs late
  9. [LC]GOD

    Sea of thieves

    i played the beta too so i got really fucking baord of it fast
  10. [LC]GOD

    Sea of thieves

    nice game but after a while it just gets to the point when u are doing everything over and over again sand its just the same shit on the same ship
  11. [LC]GOD



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