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  1. Chronic Panda

    Chronic Panda

  2. Chronic Panda

    In game name: Squirrel Age: 18 Bank account balance: 30 mil Previous gangs: seismic unseen mdma vanguard Hours on Arma 3 *screenshot:https://imgur.com/a/mqEGVjk Why do you want to join envious? been playing with you lot for a few weeks never got on the roster Can any members vouch for you? Cozza, Browny, synthzz, piwi maybe roman
  3. Chronic Panda

    good tage bb also 1:56 did you change your boxers after?
  4. Chronic Panda

  5. Chronic Panda

    fair enough ty for feedback
  6. Chronic Panda

    ... doesn't deserve a reply
  7. Chronic Panda

    when you're in the same house replying to eachother...
  8. Chronic Panda

    when you get enough frags to release one come back untill then change your name and go back to the greenzone kid
  9. Chronic Panda

    ty bb someone called me out for the bit at 19 seconds when im single firing too ngl proman dead meme sort it out lad
  10. Chronic Panda

    will do next time you're bad at calling ppl out for aim assist/pulldowns and you've made enough reports to be good at that
  11. Chronic Panda

    roman believe me i barely know how to turn my pc on and i copied my way through my computer science classes and got a c i don't know the first thing
  12. Chronic Panda

    my sense is insane look at the way i look around in that fight im barely moving my mouse
  13. Chronic Panda

    It's a mk20 feckin laser ;P if I knew how to recoil script I wouldn't be so shite ngl also 7 likes in the am four -1's in the pm cri
  14. Chronic Panda

    1. NO! 2. thanks man
  15. Chronic Panda

    yh trying but I'm just straight brain dead ;P

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