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  1. Chronic Panda

    cant go whining about cop numbers then ask why 8 people didnt push you in the safest base whilst you're defending with more numbers just saying
  2. Chronic Panda

    TBH stop recruiting from kav and you might win
  3. Chronic Panda

    Chronic Panda

  4. Chronic Panda

    In-game name: Chronic Steam ID: 76561198047656761 Date of ban: 12/07/18 Reason for ban: Toxic Staff member that banned you: auto banned by the server Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Yes you do need an auto banner for racism etc but I didn't realize it would ban me because I said that Why should we unban you? I didn't really mean what I said I got killed due to lag and said shit server in direct chat https://gyazo.com/0414392bcbb13878b8f509b5bb7fb15b
  5. Chronic Panda

  6. Chronic Panda

    im not here to argue like we did on ts but @KingOfNeptunewas sitting in on this it would be nice if he could say what happened in ts
  7. Chronic Panda

    your gang rdmed me took a PCSO put him in restraints took his comms then let him go and shot him in the back you then came into ts and started being toxic and your defence is "you had a mk.1" + the situation was questionable since you initiated on one cso and he complied sort of ending that initiation
  8. Chronic Panda

    this was not resolved rocco sat there in ts after we had said to him we'll leave it just learn from it and started being toxic i have most of that on record as well if its needed he said things like "you guys cause the problems" and stuff like that and if he's going to sit there and not follow the rules then tell us its our problem im not calling it resolved
  9. Chronic Panda

    its the fact he's doing illegal activities whilst off duty he was evading arrest desync ramming/ brake checked (don't know whether that was on purpose or not) he was also wanted for 1 vehicle theft earlier today with me and vibz and didn't try to get it resolved he just said the car was his brothers can get that vid later if needs be and then he acts like it was a moment of not thinking (i don't have a problem with antjo himself I just don't think our CSO's should be trained by somebody who doesn't follow the police rules and server rules himself)
  10. Chronic Panda

    i have multiple recordings will be uploaded in a little bit after my current sit
  11. Chronic Panda

    well if there was less officers than i thought then oops maybe we were outnumbered but to me in the situation it looked like we had 1 next to the car 1 in the car and 1 behind https://gyazo.com/ae337e115e75bd557f953990bad6de1a
  12. Chronic Panda

    in this video I had multiple cops on backup 3 or 4 behind me near those walls there were 4 or 5 rebels in sight we were about even on numbers the officers looked as if they were set up as you can see at the end of the vid I was not aware at the time there were 9 rebels around as at least 4 of them were out of sight I was unaware we were outnumbered and had I known I probably would have surrendered I also had cover behind the car and believed I could take the two closest and the rest of the officers would be able to spray the others I believe I did value my life as 1. numbers were even from my pov 2. I had cover 3. most of your gang was hidden/unknown
  13. Chronic Panda

    Chronic Panda

  14. Chronic Panda

    Chronic Panda

  15. Chronic Panda

    you hurt me...

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