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  1. Frederik

    +1, Top lad @Daniel
  2. Frederik

    Where do I chuck in my PayPal? ??
  3. Frederik

    In-game name: Posting for Joshh Steam ID: 76561198122496371 Date of ban: 06/05/2018 Reason for ban: Money seller-Neo Innapropriate ts-fuel Staff member that banned you: Fuel,Neo Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: 100% I was an idiot and deserved the bans Why should we unban you? Firstly lets talk about the money seller ban, i did not intend on selling money i was doing runs at 6am and someone i used to play phoenixRP with messaged me saying have you got money and i said "yes ive got 100 mil why" he went "do you need it all" and i was like no in which he replied "give my friend some" and as i was rather stingy with money i hesitated and said "hmm im not sure on giving money to randoms" the next thing said was "he'll pay" so me being stupid and wanting myself a nice chinese i said yes NOT that it was the right thing to do, so arround 30 minutes later he says come onto reborn ts and then thats when madhatter dragged me into the channel and i was weary about it as i didnt want to sell money in the first place, i gave the money to madhatter and he sent me the £10 and we both went our seperate ways, later in the day madhatters money had bounced and i didnt really mind as it was only £10, so i just let it go,arround 3 hours later madhatter says we had been ratted and it got me very agitated as i knew i would be banned for what i had did, the thing that was worse was i didnt even want to sell money i just did it in the moment, before the money sell i hadnt been in trouble in arround 4 months on reborn and kept myself out of any drama that went down,me selling the money was a stupid mistake and even though its wrong to say, i didnt make any profit from it And i didnt intend on selling money it just happened in the moment, so i waited a couple of weeks and appealed my ban in which i lied through my teeth on, looking back it was stupid to do and i should have just admitted to my wrongdoing and all of this hastle could of been avoided, i lied to Neo when he took the time to look over my ban and then i had the cheek to accuse me of storing my bank details,i then started messaging Neo trying to have a go at him for "storing my details" which i did out of anger and tried to be cockey and worm my way out of the ban, i have since apologised to Neo. Now that ive spent some time away from arma i've realised that lying did not get me anywhere infact it got me in more shit. And even though i was the one who sold the money i believe i should be given another chance since madhatter was also trusted with another. Now onto the Teamspeak ban I ended up getting in shit because of a Teamspeak which had some pretty disguisting channel names, I do not agree with the ban since it was a private teamspeak server and only certain people had the IP,HOWEVER i understand why fuel banned us all, i would like to say that i had no permissions i could not message people,get ip's or edit anything in the teamspeak,I did not agree with the channel names but i was their simple to speak to some friends i did not really acknowledge the teamspeak channels, I understand that a member of the teamspeak went onto reborn TS and mass moved everyone i did not have anything to do with that,Fuel messaged me saying "congratulations on sealing your fate" in which he told me what crispy did that was the first i heard about it so i went on teamspeak and found out what happened, i was not one who sat in Ts and laughed while he did it,After that i called fuel immature as i was angered that i got banned for something i had no access to i couldnt edit the channels so i had nothing to do with it, i simply used the teamspeak to communicate with other players most of whom i met when i first joined that ts, I honestly apologise to fuel for what i said to you on discord it was bang out of order, since we got banned i havent been on that teamspeak in two weeks, i connected 2 days ago where fez told me he had spoken to fuel and we could try to appeal since then i've been muted up idle, as i now play with a different bunch of people. I cant really say much more than sorry i was not one to be racist or bully people on reborn i had never been warned for anything like that is its not what im like i'm normally one to keep myself out of trouble, infact from the time i started reborn i've had 4 bans 2 of which were not acctuall bans. I hope management can see past whats been going on and understand im not arround to break rules simply just have fun with friends. Now onto the final part i was infistar banned for duping on exile and upon me appealing it i tried to lie saying i had a brother which got me blacklisted from the discord so that was an eye opener to me realising me lying on unbans is not the best way so i've decided to admit to everything,Now that im infistar banned ive realised how much of an idiotic decision it was to dupe because now i cant play any arma servers that runs infistar. Thanks for reading my unban and i hope management can see that i am not one to normally get into trouble on reborn i enjoyed all of the months i put into it and i apologise for all of the shit that i caused, I can promise if i were to be unbanned i would keep my head down and stay out of trouble IF given a second chance. Neo said i am ok to post this now - https://gyazo.com/2be563939396d5714c374de3579e4d97 I will respond whenever i have the time -Joshh
  4. Frederik

  5. Happy birthday, a special glass of lemonade will be provided to you, good sir! ;)

    1. Wilma Fingerdoo

      Wilma Fingerdoo

      Thank you sir. And no thanks you can keep your lemonade I will get my own 

  6. Happy birthday┬áson┬áÔØñ´©Å┬á

    1. Jazz


      Thanks dad ÔØñ´©Å┬ásee you tonight ;)

  7. Frederik

    @Crawfy @Drop @iTs NoT cOmInG hOmE
  8. I understand your frustration, I really do, but when the server is at is peak times, there is roughly only 20 cops on against 100+ civilians, a lot of those civilians are big gangs trying to get into gunfights or whatever with the Police force, that either means that we could face NLR upon the places you've requested cop assistance or we're busy with hostage situation, gunfight, robbery ect.
  9. Croatia vs France?

    Personally, I think France, but a bit of me cheers for Croatia. 

  10. Frederik

    It's an adult community, show yourself as mature whilst being on here. You should be able to look after yourself in situations like that, I mean fair enough that you can forget it real quick, but pay more attention to the actual game then. In real life, you don't have a siren or loud noise before entering a red light at a traffic light.
  11. Frederik

    That nicotine and snus is really kicking on you, ain't it However, I still agree with you.
  12. Frederik

    Is it coming home @Jazz cheering all the way from Turkey for you guys to beat Sweden out of the tournament! ;)
  13. Frederik

    Just give it to me already bud ;)
  14. Frederik

    Well we obviously outplayed them ? Tbf after the second half we were the better team, but England's chances this World Cup are definitely well decent.
  15. Frederik

    Any predictions for the world cup? Who are you cheering for and who do you think will win it? BTW, Kasper Schmeichel is a living legend, a shame you can't say the same about the rest of his squad in that match..

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