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  1. .Sammy

    Good luck sir looking good as always xx
  2. .Sammy

    Alright i'll go try that now, Thanks
  3. .Sammy

    Yh ive been on holiday for the past 4 weeks and when i get back am banned off of infistar and have got no clue why
  4. .Sammy

    Yh you lot were right im infistar banned but have no idea why because i havn't played Arma in a month and when i left i wasn't banned. Thanks for replying.
  5. So for the past 2 days now i have been getting kicked off any server i try to join, it just says "You were kicked from the game". I've tried reinstalling arma, verifying the cache and reinstalling battleye and all that but nothing has seemed to work. For some reason i can american servers but not any server that is based in the uk or anywhere else in europe. If anyone knows why this is or anyone knows how to help with this it would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. .Sammy

    +1 Popped up in the feed on A3L quite often
  7. .Sammy

  8. .Sammy

    +1 at the moment whenever it is gang bidding day people that are trying to get civ slots end up getting kicked. if there were more civ slots they wouldn't need to be kicked.
  9. .Sammy

    Massive +1
  10. .Sammy

    My name was like that due to the fact i was the only one on around 6 so i went afk until someone else came on and messaged me.
  11. .Sammy

    Thanks xx 😘
  12. .Sammy

    ^^ +1 😘♿♿
  13. .Sammy

    Nah that roster was the wrong one but Kevin might actually be coming back very soon
  14. .Sammy

    Thanks xx
  15. .Sammy

    Cheers Sexy

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