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  1. .Sammy

    Cap Zones Stats

    Change it from points to the amount of money made from the zones as it makes it more fair as it means those who cap it in the morning when theres noone to contest it dont get the same ammount of points
  2. Whys no one like my man alonso
  3. .Sammy

    Half price

    +1 cba for the mk20 loadouts
  4. +1 to this if you removed all the entities that aren't used for gang base bidding on s2 surely it would increase the fps on there even if there were more people than usual in the redzone
  5. +1 even if the server still filled up with 130 it would make gang bidding funner as all 130 would actually be there instead of just the around 70 odd that probably go to gang bidding and the rest who are struggling to get a slot.
  6. -1 main reason people go to caps is for the fights and then second reason is for money
  7. .Sammy

    Black Water South OP

    Just move tfu to zaros and everyone will be happy
  8. .Sammy

    Black Water South OP

    If its the ghosthawk that is annoying you then why not just make it only air to air
  9. .Sammy

    Black Water South OP

    How about just move TFU to zaros and keep south op where it is, caps have been the most active they have been in a while no point killing it off
  10. .Sammy

    Black Water South OP

    gear aint even cheap micheal. we only get 25% off meaning that a mk1 loadout for us is only like 30k cheaper than a rebel. For the lower ranks its even less a type loadout for a cpl is only like 10k cheaper than a rebels
  11. .Sammy

    Black Water South OP

    -1 if we have to spawn hq then it would only make sense for tfu to be moved to athira as otherwise people would waaa that tfu are too close
  12. .Sammy

    Add Titan MRPL

    Someone recently in BAF lost there armed hellcat i believe and the cooldown is one week i think Not disagreeing btw just pointing out that there is a cooldown, should probably be made a bit more expensive tho.
  13. .Sammy

    h | Howl

    Gl gamers x p.s why is there 2 Jamals on the roster ?

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