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  1. ETA on the return ?
  2. Altis Mafia Association*
  3. Sorry to disappoint you good sir Thank you son
  4. Thanks x Thanks Tbb Bill White x Thanks x Cheers, Lets be honest tho who doesn't x
  5. Yh most from cqc just edited the reborn hud in
  6. Fantastic piece of art good sir, Would appreciate if you signed it next time tho
  7. Fucked up rendering so watch in 1080. First montage so feedback appreciated x
  8. I don't think us cops or Bw should be allowed to showup on leaderboards purely because like andrew stated it should be a rebel only thing to encourage more gangs. Also for all the Bw lot complaining about not being able to get on the leaderboard, well there is 50 of yous and you only get 20m for winning. So if you all got a cut then all you are getting is an extra 400k each week(Not even enough for a mk1 loadout), so it wont really effect you that much.
  9. Whatever happened to the housing inventory update?

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    2. Neo


      I've spoken to @jcbjoe, he stated its almost done, however, he's basically working 24/7 atm.

    3. Neo


      What is there to doubt?

    4. Neo


      Please remember out entire staff team are volunteers, and their lives come first, I have poked Joe, he's a workaholic, but said he'd get to it, so soon hopefully 

  10. .Sammy

    Gang base guns

    Would be nice if they were free but they were removed coz they werent being valued so might aswell just make them cost like one paycheck or something
  11. .Sammy

    Gang base guns

    Make is so they can buy 7.62 sups and then let tfu have them back but make it so they cost like 30k or something for them. Then its fair coz TFU, SRT and Established gangs get them.

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