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    1. In-game name: Sammy Hours (screenshot): 7.8k Previous gangs: Simplicity, Hennessy, Most Wanted, Rebound, Morrisons, Immunity, Cypher, Contam Vouches: Cliffoff, idk who else is in it just a refugee at this point
    2. Gang base bidding has been around for years now and whilst has been very fun in the past has become quite stale recently due to their being few gangs on the server currently. My suggestion is that instead of fighting bases for 4 hours on saturday 8pm that instead at 8pm on sat a wz would spawn with 3 points (points can be seen below) that would work the same way as a regular wz but would instead go up to 400 or 500 points and instead of getting money for sitting on points/kills/winning, the top 3 gangs would win the gang bases with 1st place getting first choice etc. If this is done then
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