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    1. Henne


      haha they actually made aliens

    2. Hellmagers



      and they are adding a shotgun, easy kills now

  1. @Ariras12yeah sure, do it after restart?
  2. hes a known scammer
  3. Lard


    1. Drop



  4. Item: 4x HUNTERS HUNTERS HUNTERS HUNTERS Proof of ownership: https://gyazo.com/da801d30c81fe2e771e17e15e6a2d91a Buy now price: 11mil Starting bid: 8mil Minimum bid increment: 1mil End date: 25/12/19
  5. Proof of ownership: will add Buy now price: will decide when i get a good offer Starting bid: 8m for all Minimum bid increment: 1m End date: 16/05/19
  6. Drop


    Add some weather please im sick of seeing the full bright sunlight I don't mean the <inappropriate3> rain and shit but just add dull fog etc. makes your game look much nicer and there's negligible reduction in performance
  7. Drop

    Redzone NLR

    i like the no nlr in red zones for rebels but cops coming in infinite orcas with supressed mk1s every time they die at og is pretty fucking stupid the no nlr in gang bases doesn't bother me but i think 5mins could also be less <inappropriate3>
  8. Gangs with gang bases won’t even get to use them anyway
  9. Sloth


    not cheating btw


    no ban pls 



    1. Flix
    2. Drop
    3. Banjo_Jo


      Whats happening here? Someone trying to frame @Dropsaying he's banned for cheating?

      That sounds illegal.. ahem ahem..

      *Roleplay engaged*
      Hi buddy Banjo Jo Desk-Sargeant here; do you require technical assistance?


  10. Drop

    Reward system

    Should add something like this so we have other things to grind for other than money after a certain amount of points or whatever you should have access to unarmed ghost hawk and Blackfoot etc for a high price

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