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  1. Drop

    yes nial
  2. Drop

    nice lad
  3. Drop

    Don't think the flash needs changing but can you make it so when you turn from a flash it doesn't flash you? makes it actually take a bit of skill to dodge it +when you get flashed your sound goes back to 100% on the earplugs scale, you need to shift o back down to whatever you normally have
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    2. Harry Lewis

      Harry Lewis

      It is a trial, we will revert to the old / another downed system if the issues persist.

    3. .Jck.


      Could we not just go back to the good old ragdoll death? 

    4. Browny :)

      Browny :)

      @Drophe just has a better gaming chair im sorry ☹️

  4. Drop

    Looks sick and goes with Arma hud
  5. Drop

    You gone way downhill
  6. Drop

    You can blow it up
  7. Drop

    The stairs at the banks are pretty un-needed now as there is such a large amount of cops they can easily win banks without needed stairs to get into the compound. The stairs allow cops to get on the outside sandbag wall are run all the way along it to get inside the bank under the telos deerstand which is stupidly op . I'm pretty sure they were only added because cops were losing banks but they've started winning quite a few so I honestly think the stairs are unnecessary and makes banks boring
  8. Drop

    Should be about triple the mk1 price around 420k. 600k is ridiculous
  9. Drop

  10. Drop

    if nerf means remove then yes, blackwater dont even need it
  11. Drop

    does it have to end at the date i put?
  12. Drop

    AUCTION FORMAT Item: 2x Hunters Proof of ownership: Buy now price: 6mil Starting bid: 4mil Minimum bid increment: 1mil End date: 10/01/2019

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