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  1. Drop

    HAHAHA youre gone @BrooklynJ
  2. Drop


    Longest one yet, edited by @Cainey ofc
  3. Drop

    reborn forums isnt making windows is it corey
  4. Drop

  5. Drop

    You say there is no risk in pygros and sofia and that they are dead but do you not realise why they are dead? they are dead BECAUSE of the dealer price in sofia there is literally no reason to be there now. The reason it was so popular in the first place was because of the high priced dealer. Same goes with athira just on a lower scale. And you say all runs cannot be balanced but why can they not? I think you mean all runs can not be as rewarding as eachother. Obviously some runs are better than others but some of the runs right now are such a waste of time and effort for little reward. Combine that with the non half price prices and the ifrit/quillin price hike and you get these vehicles costing way more than they are worth in both time and money. e.g an ifrit is 3.6m on full price with wheeler dealer which is around 2.5 LSD runs in a hemmt selling at kavala which takes around 50minutes a run meaning to buy an ifrit you would need to spend probably 2 and a half hours for a single ifrit. Furthermore, the market also drops rapidly while you're selling which would mean you earn even less money over time; especially if you're doing recurring runs. If you think that is balanced then you are wrong considering each run gets riskier and riskier considering the 20 police that will be around kavala at peak times. 2h30 would be the minumum time it would take if everything went right.
  6. 🤠

    1. Kyleeeeee


      Can i have a sock from your skip!

  7. Drop

    +1 runs are too high of a risk for such a low reward
  8. Drop

    @yalyal159 please reply to this when you are ready to comp
  9. Drop

    I can solve whenever, just awaiting this guy
  10. Drop

    I loved when the APD was in as it was a 'bank' that us rebels could do with a lower risk and lower reward. Sometimes we don't have time to set up a HM and or have the money to pull so many trucks/mraps. I think adding the APD back will also give smaller rebel gangs a chance to experience a bank and give them more roleplay options that transporting paintings to a safe house. I agree with having the art gallery as a roleplay option and keeping the main HM and APD as a hybrid of either roleplay or combat depending on how confident rebels are of the two. ...I'm not sure who would have wanted to remove it but from my point of view and pretty much everyone I have played this server with, the APD was one of the most fun things to do as a rebel as it involves fighting around a different area than a HM compound.
  11. Drop

    was listening to this last night
  12. Drop

    still awaiting comp
  13. Drop

    okay message me in game s | doodlebob or transfer money
  14. Drop

    @yalyal159 when will you be online
  15. Drop

    https://gyazo.com/7013a579514e769a772cf7e22c57ce12 mk1, supressor, 450k = 750k (200k + 100k(supressor) + 450k (on person))

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