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  1. Please make it so only the doors that lead to the vault in the area 51 building are locked, but every other door should be open. All entrance doors should be locked. The vault door should be locked. Others should be open. Pls add it, you can't hold the bank building and it's really boring having to hold outside
  2. Drop

    Jump Script

    Please change the jump script so that if you try and jump off of high objects it won't teleport you back. This would make the jump script a lot smoother and also stop a lot of glitches happening which occur when you get teleported back This is what I'm talking about: https://imgur.com/a/w2DoT40 https://i.imgur.com/mURgME3.mp4
  3. Drop

    Cleanup Script

    just unlock and lock it again. 20 mins is a bit long i'd say, should be 5 or 10. All you'd need to do would be double tap U on it or t or something
  4. Drop

    Cleanup Script

    Currently, fighting cap has really good FPS at the start of server restart . However, as the restart progresses and there are more fights, there is a massive buildup of vehicles which really hurts everyone's FPS because Arma is a shit game. These vehicles, with the current cleanup script, are never deleted (unless done manually by admins) because there are always people within the area for them to not be deleted Please make a cleanup script that deletes vehicles if they haven't been interacted with for a certain amount of time even if there are players nearby. @[email protected]
  5. also need to make view distance actually save when you press the save button
  6. Lol every time I’m there its always @Adam Briggs

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