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  1. Item: 10 quilins and a ifrit. Proof of ownership: https://i.plays.tv/E51IHm6 Buy now price: 13mil Starting bid: 6mil Minimum bid increment: 200k End date: 2019/05/20
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    In-game Name: salad Steam ID: 76561198133876578 Date of the incident: 05/04/19 Time of the incident: 7:30PM UK time Link to player report: Lost Items and Estimated Value: HEMTT full of gold and my loadout, everything shown in pictures. Please provide as much detail as possible: I was driving to Gold Trader and my HEMTT's boxes box corner clipped the tree, I flung and died. Any Evidence Available: https://plays.tv/video/5ccdd9f9bbd8ae411c/comp-pls , https://i.plays.tv/ggdb2aY , https://i.plays.tv/7avSTnv , https://i.plays.tv/oAXKaFb
  4. Name: salad Age: 15 SteamID64: 76561198133876578 Why do you want to join? I wanna join because cops's coms are bad, and I wanna be a part of a gang that is good at fragging, active and a awesome bunch to play with. I want to join bcz I am active and good at fragging and i wanna fuck up cops and other rebels. Why should we accept you? Because I am active, not toxic and mature. Better than good at fragging, and definitely not a let down. What gameplay do you prefer (roleplay/combat, pure roleplay, pure combat)? Everything, roleplay and combat.
  5. salad


    In-game name: jensen Steam ID: 76561198133876578 Date of ban: 05/14/2018 Reason for ban: Mass VDM. Staff member that banned you: Didn't see. Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: es it was, I was just having some fun with my friend, and one of them was like, oh that cop had an MXM! SO I just tried, and then I was pulled out the car and banned, fully understandable. (I am writing this for tavthechampiongr), my other forum account. Why should we unban you? Well, I really like the server. I have a lot of people in the gang that I was in, and all of them are my friends. I was Mass VDM'ing because I really didn't want to do anything, it was pretty funny, but when I got banned, it wasn't funny anymore. Of course, I really want to ask the admins, to at least understand the situation I am having here, I am pretty sure I need to wait a month, but I just love the server whilst I played on it so much that I do not want to stop. Of course, anything could happen, it's your choice. And it was my choice to Mass VDM or not, and yet I decided to. I just made a mistake, that I really want to not remember, by the way, the server and all of the work you have put into it is just amazing! It has a lot of detail, and I enjoy it. As I said, I am a pretty active player, and I wanted to start playing with my friends on reborn a while back, and I did, and this is where I am now. All of my friends started to laugh when I got banned, but at the time I really didn't understand what I was doing, because I had some beers that night. next morning I tried to log on, didn't work. And I believe it was a mistake that I made that night. I am sincerely sorry, and I hope you understand my situation. I like playing on ArmA 3, and it's my favourite game, the server is my favourite as well, so thank you for reading this, and have a good day. -Sincerely, jensen.

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