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  1. In-game name: LuftWaffles Steam ID: 76561198209169195 Date of ban: 04/04/2018 Reason for ban: Soundboarding, playing 'ISIS MUSIC' Staff member that banned you: Neo Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: no Why should we unban you? i realise playing isis music is not acceptable and i wont do it again, considering my history i believe i deserve a second chance, it was not my intention to offend more ridicule. i understand what i did was in poor taste and ill thought out but it was an in the moment mistake. i love this server and i love the company i keep on it. i doidnt expect a joke to go so off the rails like it did and im sorry that i did it.
  2. In-game name: LuftWaffles Steam ID: 76561198209169195 Date of ban: 04/14/2018 Reason for ban: Soundboarding, playing 'ISIS MUSIC' Staff member that banned you: Neo Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: As i have stated before in previous appeals i do in fact believe the ban to be unjustified, not because i refuse to believe i did anything wrong i have admitted fault and apologised for it, but because i believe a ban is rather heavy handed for someone who otherwise has a clean record. for what i did (played isis music after a helicopter crashed into a crowd of people after someone claimed isis carried out the attack) i do not believe a permanent ban was warranted that is my opinion on the matter and not because i dont think i did anything wrong, i did think that at the time as no one could be bothered to take the time to explain to me what the issue was, but since i have accepted i did somethings wrong and have come to regret my mistakes as i had no idea people would have taken so much offence to a little joke. so no, i dont think the ban was justified at all. Why should we unban you? as stated in previous appeals, i have no other discrepencies on my record other than this, i have admitted i made a mistake i have apologised several times for it and promised that i wont make jokes again while on the server. i dont know what more i can say.
  3. i have already apologised for playing isis music, i understand how it could have made some people distressed and or upset and i apologise for that truly, my intention was not to cause alarm it was to make light of a crappy situation and hopefully make people laugh. there was no other sinister motive behind it all. i dont know what else i can say other than i accept that you have taken offence and have punished me for my mistakes, i have already said i wont do it again and this is my first proper fuck-up. if you are not happy with the fact i dont agree with this ban being justified im afraid my opinion on the matter will not change, i will never accept this ban as justified for reasons i have already stated, for a first offence it is extremely heavy handed and unjust in my eyes.
  4. Having spoken with rage who kindly gave me the rundown of things and took the time to explain the situation and being informed the reason I was banned was for soundboarding which covers playing music down the mic which I was not aware of at the time otherwise I would not have done it I will admit my guilt on that part as I have done with any cock-up I have made on the server however to answer the question, no I do not believe a permanent ban was justified in this case. A temporary ban I believe would have been more appropriate seeing as this is my first offence and permanent bans are supposed to be for the worst of the worst in my opinion and I do not believe I fall into that category. And the reason you should unban me is because I have been playing in this community since January and this is my first fuck-up so to speak. Any discrepancies while on the server be it accidental vdm or rdm have been sorted privately without the need for an admin mediator, I am more than willing to right my wrongs if proven to be in the wrong, I can be quite stubborn at times especially when I believe I'm in the right like in this instance initially. I have contributed several ideas that I thought would improve the server, as well as decent roleplay as seen on my goodbye posts and player blog. Overall I would say that besides this little incident, I am a upstanding member of this community. I won't make the same mistake again.
  5. Hello my friends! I just thought I would give you all a big thank you for your support and your help during my time of need, after the shipping crate fuck up and being detained in Norway I am happy to inform you that I have now successfully made it back safely to Zimbabwe. It was not an easy task after I was arrested for crimes against humanity and a load of other liberal bullshit in Norway, To their, my jailer was a very staunch and stubborn man, I tried to bribe him with land and titles in Zimbabwe but he was not interested in the slightest, he was more concerned with honour and duty to his nation which is very admirable but in this case extremely annoying for me because it meant I would be able to go free anytime soon. I had to really think outside the box on this one... Even though I was under arrest I still had the right to a phone call. Who did I call you say? Well, who else but Akimbe Naduwala Jones? My right hand man, lawyer, admiral-general of the Zimbabwean armed forces, minister of witchcraft and wizardry and my best friend in the whole wide world. After he heard of my situation he wasted no time in feeding enough crack to kill an elephant to one of my fastest panthers in the crack-panther army and managed to arrive in Norway 45 minutes later from Zimbabwe... After doing some digging on my captors, Akimbe managed to find the address of Torgeir after asking Mark Zuckerberg very nicely and rewarding him with 14 orphaned children he uses to regenerate his human suit by sucking the life from them, it's not like they would have been any use to Zimbabwe anyway. Akimbe paid a visit to Torgeir's home and sent pictures to Torgeir of my panther snarling unsettlingly close to his wife and children. After receiving these destressing images Torgeir agreed to help me escape prison on the notion I would free his family, naturally I agreed, so he managed to smuggle me out in a dustbin filled with medical waste, needless to say I no longer have to worry myself about HIV because judging by the amount of pricks I got, enough to make Freddy mercury proud might I add, I probably have something much much worse like... SUPERAID's Anyway after being left by the side of the road outside prison in a bin full of needles and other shit I really don't want to talk about because this will haunt me forever and I will never sleep again, Akimbe came to pick me up in a bus he had stolen full of Japanese tourists. We managed to cross the border into Sweden, we did not have any passports on us but they let us in anyway after Akimbe geniously managed to accuse the border guard of racism for not believing he was Swedish and got him fired on the spot for being racist and intolerant. I really didn't think it would work but fuck me Sweden has issues, we were given ten thousand IKEA dollars as a sorry for the delay and the traumatic experience the border guard had put us through and an arabic phrasebook to communicate better with the locals (yeah I don't understand either) we passed through Sweden without any issues. Eventually we crossed over into Germany on the ferry and managed to bribe the germans with our IKEA bucks, he said something about needing to build a new Reich, I presume it's a wardrobe from IKEA because they all have wierd herdy gurdy names. After a day of travelling we found ourselves stuck in Italy unable to cross the Mediterranean because my crack panther could not carry two people at once, the Japanese tourist were still not aware they had been kidnapped and continued taking photos and smiling maybe the nukes that were dropped on them messed with their sense of danger I don't know. Akimbe came up with another ingenious idea, he managed to procure a bathtub and traded a jar of dolmio for a bath plug, apparently the euro has dropped in value recently that people have resorted to employing a primitive bartering system. turns out a bathtub placed in water floats, so we duct taped my panther to the back of the bathtub and feeding it more panther fuel (crack) we were off in our bathtub of broken dreams and questionable morals. we forgot to add something to steer with so we ended up stopping about a mile off the coast of Durban, South Africa due to our panther becoming fatigued and the poor thing hadnt eaten since Akimbe accidentally fed Torgeir's family to it... 'great' i thought, not only does south africa hate me because i killed a bunch of locals and set fire to a few things here and there, those who do no know me will try and kill me because i am a white devil, fucking racist <inappropriate2>s... back to the tale at hand though, we managed to swim to shore with our panther protecting us from the sharks that surrounded us, they ended up backing off after about 20 minutes because my panther ate like 6 of them. we reached shore and rested for a few hours Akimbe was out of crack, and i was fairly tired myself. we decided to push on and try and find a car, but since the boers lost power and south africa was run by morgan freeman for a while (a commie might i add) they hadnt seen a car since 2003, because all enterprise and business had fled the country years ago in favor of more stable areas like somalia and sierra leone. anyway we had to walk about 20 miles until our panther became agitated and on-edge, he led us to a derelict block of flats which had been taken over by a gang of hoodlums, i know my panthers very well and he surely had gotten wind of a crack den. after about 30 minutes of screaming and death rattles the den was cleared out, all that remained of the previous occupants were just an arm here and a leg there and a mountain of crack. we strapped a old horse cart to my panther and fed it the magical go-go-dust and we were off again on a sub-sonic adventure, thankfully this time we had reigns for controlling the panther and google maps, we ended up back in Zimbabwe and was escorted by the presidential guard. upon arrival i instantly promoted my crack-panther to the rank of General and gave him all the crack he could handle until he OD'ed 10 minutes later, he's fine he's resting up in our best hospital guarded by his brothers and sisters. i am safe and well but robert mugabe has moved on to my couch after being evicted from his council house in Brixton after his benefits were stopped, it's awkward to say the least but i dont mind he's a good laugh. well, until my next adventure. this is it from me for now, hopefully i will see you all again soon, if not, come to Zimbabwe and bring your best guns because shortly i will be invading south africa and there will be land and titles for anyone who participates! until next time, goodbye.
  6. In-game name: LuftWaffles Steam ID: 76561198209169195 Date of ban: 04/11/2018 Reason for ban: racism, fail rp, trolling, soundboarding, offending, insulting, homophbia Staff member that banned you: Neo Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: yes i do, it was a joke that was taken way out of context. and construed into something it was not. Why should we unban you? first 'offence' if you want to call it that, i had a clean record until yesterday when i was banned for playing 5 seconds of islamic music that has been hijacked by isis, in relation to a joke regarding someone flying a helicopter into a crowd of people i understand now people are sensitive about isis and making a joke about them is racist, homophobic, insulting and offensive. im terribly sorry from the bottom of my heart. i was not aware that the soundboarding rule covered playing music, i misunderstood that and payed the price, i was simply not aware of this unfortunately. i am a decent roleplayer, and i enjoy playing in this community, i'll stop making political oriented jokes while on the server. but i do not appreciate being called a racist for mocking a terrorist organisation.
  7. In-game name: LuftWaffles Steam ID: 76561198209169195 Date of ban: 04/11/2018 Reason for ban: Isis music? Staff member that banned you: Neo Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Well for starters it was a joke in reference to someone who kamikazied into a crowd of people during the derby event and someone blamed isis, so i said it couldnt have been isis as this didnt play beforehand, then i played a 5 second clip of 'salil sawarim' the song that plays during the 'Allahu Ackbar' memes then i was shot and banned by neo, no warning, no explination, no nothing. with all the robbing and rdming going on around him at the derby event he chooses me to make and example of. an example of what, i do not know, i broke no rules. Why should we unban you? because it was clearly unjustified. unless you want to pull a count dankula on me and take a joke waaaaaaay out of context then proceed to punish me for it then by all means... im not gunna sit here say 'you should unban me because i really really like playing on this server and i made lots and lots of chums' you should unban me because i should not have been banned in the first place. a simple warning would have sufficed. i dont expect to be unbanned to be fair i just want a proper explination of why i was banned in the first place.
  8. well the idea is basically buy grow-lights for your house as an illegal uprade, make fertiliser from fish or something via the fish market so adding an option to process the fish into fertiliser or something, use unprocessed weed,coke,heroin, the meth stuff i forgot the name as a start point to plant, and the more fertiliser you use the better the yield, maybe add more potent strains of drugs to increase the value or maybe just a strain that would be worth the same as pure weed/coke/heroin. so one yield from one plant could be worth 500k or whatever. now to the fun part, it gives police something to do by having to patrol neighbourhoods looking for giveaways of a grow house, returning to the comissioner and asking for a warrant to raid the house, now there is potential for mad rp here. same with gangs raiding other gangs grow houses and it makes having a house even more valuable. this is the basics of my idea and how it would work, please feel free to chip in any improvements/ ideas
  9. why not use houses a bit more and put in the ability to grow drugs in houses? might make burgling a bit more interesting, also an easier way to make money
  10. i like this idea, can have marksman competitions and shooting contests. +1
  11. seeing as i was a little bored on the server last night i decided to have some fun with my 'borrowed' police car, now i was going to be a twat just for shits and gigs and see if i could bait some pcsos into a carchase/ possible gun fight. now, i managed to bait a police suv into a bit of a chase but i easily outran them in my police sport hatchback, so they went and got a hatchback themselves and made the chase more interesting. little did i know they also had some other units in hatchbacks getting in on the action, and a god damned heli too! they chased me all over the map before finally my car was damaged by chicken wire fence... they seems to really enjoy the chase and were good sports about it all and even let me keep my gun, bastards took my car though... i had so much fun that 10 mins later i hung around kavala police station shooting into the air just for another chase, of course they obliged and a barrel of laughs were had as we almost lost each other a few times and cars were fucked up, in the end again they caught me and made the best deal ever, they said if i killed madhatter in a 1v1 gunfight i could go free... of course i jumped at the chance because fuck it, why not. anyways lads, i just wanted to thank you all for a bloody fantastic night and i hope to do it again pretty damned soon. here's a picture of a duck as token of my appreciation
  12. no you are right, i told you all to shut the fuck up because nobody could hear what anyone was saying because of all the bloody racket
  13. anyway, this debacle is my fuck up and i already asked you all for a total cost for lost gear, so i dont know why you are persuing the rest of th vanguard involved, it was my misjudgement that caused all of this and my guys reacted to it based on what i said, so why did you not put a report about me?
  14. i think this rule needs clarification/ adjustment, because i still dont understand how someone threatening to shoot your tires is not classed as an initiation. i honestly thought that was a proper initiation.
  15. I'll eat your nose But +1 ramming for ramming me really hard

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