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  1. ==================================================================================== Requirements: Must have 1500+ Hours on Arma 3 Must be experienced Must have a stable bank account Must be able to speak English ==================================================================================== Application Template: Name: Hours on Arma 3 [Screenshot required]: Bank account balance [Screenshot required]: Previous gangs: Why do you want to join Rebound: Anyone who can vouch for you: ==================================================================================== Roster ==================================================================================== Once you have submitted a Application , one of the leaders will either respond with Accepted or Denied. If Accepted you will be messaged with the ip for the Teamspeak we use and we can go from there. When applying to the gang , having people who can vouch will give you a much better chance of getting Accepted. Good luck gamers! ====================================================================================
  2. Sanik


  3. Flix

    You're very angry sometimes cozza smurf.



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    2. UpsyDaisyyy


      @FlixWhat was it you said again i forgot 🤔

    3. Flix


      @UpsyDaisyyyCan't say on forums! Might get in into trouble!

    4. UpsyDaisyyy


      @Flix "he's soft aiming"

  4. For the simple fact that i do not cheat , i never will and i personally think its pathetic. Ive made multiple montages since being banned which clearly show i aint a cheater and id just love for another chance to play the server .- Cozza

    3upppppp hes legit

    1. Tivroxx


      After talking so much shit to everyone he is finally gone. #21

  5. Kaane


  6. heard ur fuels dog now?

    1. -Mason M-

      -Mason M-

      Yikes.... Thats A Big Yikes.........

  7. if you are really hard you should read the whole bee movie script!!

    1. Browny :)

      Browny :)

      should I stream me reading all of this for reborn the best server!? 

      this is what im on about its a movie http://www.script-o-rama.com/movie_scripts/a1/bee-movie-script-transcript-seinfeld.html

    2. Breecer Vandin

      Breecer Vandin

      @Browny :)if you do I will watch the entire thing whilst taking my entire vitiman d bottle full of tablets

  8. Good to have you back 5th Cozza

    1. Breecer Vandin

      Breecer Vandin

      never thought id see the day

  9. If they don't unban you, don't serve them when they come for milkshakes at Morrison's xoxox

  10. K-V


    Did u not leave arma?

  11. K-V

    Did u not leave arma?

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    2. Spyro


      Cozza top fragger on GTA ! ?

    3. Kaiser Dimitri

      Kaiser Dimitri

      listen ladies, not toxic behaviour, save that for Minecraft <3

    4. Spyro
  12. Fury

    Slashing the cash about ay

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    2. Joshh


      @Nakraza that's right son constantly chowing down the takeaways.

    3. Nakraza


      @Joshh pretty much all i hear when i am with you in a channel ?

    4. ^Dom


      1 0 0 pOuNdS a DaY bTw

  13. Selsig

    big unit

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