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  1. 10 / 10 ramming going on in this video


    1. Salt
    2. Tivroxx


      Yeah the ifrit driving isnt that good in M 

    3. K-V
  2. Cozza

    2nd time you have uploaded this now , and tbh I think I speak on behalf of most people , we don’t want to see your CQC clips.... not to mention these are like bang average kills and no where in the video does it even look like aimlock haha
  3. Cozza

    Failed Trial.
  4. Cozza

    Goodluck gamers!
  5. Cozza

    They are fun ❤️
  6. Cozza

    Denied. Re apply in 2 weeks
  7. If you have them and are willing to sell , tell me a price below and we can come to an agreement.
  8. Cozza

    Accepted on trial , message someone for the ts ip.
  9. Cozza

    Why does that matter ? Ty lad
  10. Cozza

    Nice one AJ.Mar10
  11. Cozza

    lets go boyssssss
  12. Cozza

    i personally dont really care , but like i said , its a GAME and we want to have fun thats why most people want vehicles to be cheaper , i dont have a problem personally as i have alot of money but some other people do.
  13. Cozza

    do you see people in real life casually driving a SUV with a fully decked mk1 supressed on their back through the main city? thought not... its not meant to be like real life its a GAME... +1 on the suggestion tho

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