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  1. Cozza xx

    Accepted ... Message someone for the channel passwords
  2. Cozza xx

  3. Cozza xx

    Cozza xx

  4. Cozza xx

    Accepted on trial. Message someone for the channel passwords. Denied , feel free to re apply in 1 week
  5. Cozza xx

    What server are you originally from and what gangs were you in there ?
  6. Cozza xx

    nice one vinewood xx
  7. Cozza xx

    n1 gent
  8. Cozza xx

    Accepted on Perm Trial lol , message someone for the channel passwords. Accepted on Trial , message someone for the channel passwords.
  9. Anyone wanna make a monster gang ? @Joshh@Adam Briggs

  10. Cozza xx

    Don’t put loads of pointless single kills in , get some mrap rips and don’t rush your montages , nice tage tho xx
  11. Cozza xx

    join the gang when ur back lad
  12. Cozza xx

    u leaving cops yet?
  13. Cozza xx

  14. Cozza xx

    Betrayal Cozza Adam Briggs Jck Joshh Crude Nakraza J4Y Tiggy Reserves FreaK Barry xx

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