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  1. Where've you gone my love?

    1. LastNickLeft


      Got kicked from the cops for inactivity after Division 2 came out because I didn't show up for a while 😅 I'll probably be back in a few days m8 🙈

  2. Anyone playing the Division 2? Add me on Uplay - Phil.T.Casual

  3. How will they get that million in game though? 🤔
  4. Anyone wants RS:Siege for free? 😊


    1. LastNickLeft


      Come TS (Public Delta) if you can

  5. 876919621_ArmA3Screenshot2019_03.16-23_18_46_81.thumb.png.62805f58e999224b8a61e909faacd30e.png

    Someone seems to be obsessed with bipods 😂

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    2. andrew.


      Bug with house crates

    3. LastNickLeft


      I wasn't implying they are duped btw, I used to store dozens of GPS and night vision for convenience sake.🤷‍♂️ Just thought someone might be into bipods 😊

    4. Dodorex


      I have many many of them too they are pretty useful to be very honest though... too bad some naughty people robbed my house and only left the bipods....

  6. whats a birthday

  7. Happy birthday big man :D 

    1. LastNickLeft


      Thanks 😊

  8. Happy birthday!!!!!

  9. Happy Birthday🎂

    1. LastNickLeft


      Thanks a lot mate! :)

  10. A new video is out!  @Jack Afrebalos  @Shifty Hunter- our Blackwater run is featured! 

    Hope you like it

    1. sbondo1234


      +1 watching ep 1 now ;)

    2. Jack Afrebalos

      Jack Afrebalos

      "aw that is brilliant" you are welcome for the intro XD

      Oh gawd, and the dick sucking XD kill me :) 

    3. Jumper


      absolute shite

  11. So, my first video from Reborn is up. Being a CSO or PCSO is usually uneventful.. but I've had that fucking tank footage and thought it would be a shame to leave it out. Thanks, @Paul Dfor your singing.. .made a decent intro :P

    1. Epic


      yo that intro is mad

    2. LastNickLeft
  12. A new groundbreaking way to check if people are speeding.


    1. Breecer Vandin

      Breecer Vandin

      id just jump in front of them and depending on how far i went flying i can determine the speed

  13. Anyone up for RS Siege or Battlefield 5?

    1. DanisH.


      We can play Siege if you want to!

    2. LastNickLeft


      Sounds good, I'm just gonna get some food and will be back in a bit. Add me either on steam "LastNickLeft" or on UPLAY "Phil T. Casual"


    1. Kral


      :o Nice editing bro, looks awesome!

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