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  1. Paul D

    no, no aaaaaaand no.
  2. Paul D

    not saying add that one back, just saying I think that was the one people wanted removed in the first place
  3. Paul D

    just a guess, but I think everyone was talking about the new APD that had been updated, considering that update had been so laggy and many people thought that was the route cause of it. Lockup was good, different place to fight, or a unique role play scenario.
  4. Paul D

    i'd say yes if the art gallery was restricted to RP only. honestly can't be arsed responding to a gallery, bank and APD every restart
  5. Paul D

  6. Paul D

    these did get added in the past for police although they were removed, which Fuel confirmed to me as being too laggy.
  7. As the title says, removed the 'Downed From' distance that shows when you're downed, it's only ever used to meta game someone's location, whether that be far away or in a building only 50m away. If you're really curious as to how far you were killed from, just message the person that killed you after the sit is over. The other problem is that it's actually hard to prove that someone used the distance to meta game. Removing it would make things a whole lot easier.
  8. Paul D

    there's a 1 second cooldown for the taser and 0.3 second cooldown for the rubber bullets in 5.56s. Cops have the disadvantage of having poorer gear in some situations. If you have a friend nearby they can easily just spray the cops once they've tased.
  9. Paul D

    Paul D

  10. happy birthday dad x

  11. happy birthday son x

    1. Ollie_


      Thanks ❤️

  12. Paul D

    Currently you need to find the exact centre of the object which is really tedious, especially if it’s a broken window.
  13. Paul D

    use the correct format shown on this post:

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