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  1. Paul D

    I’m sure there was something like this earlier in the year but I’ve got no idea what happened to it. +1
  2. Paul D

    Houses within a certain radius of the relevant processor can’t grow that plant? If possible.
  3. Paul D

    This man came to support asking for an opinion on the video. I gave my opinion saying it was tower lag, and Adam Briggs also said it was tower lags (in PM). @zico._
  4. Paul D

    fairly sure i've heard random drunk guys in the middle of the street at 1am speak clearer than them
  5. Paul D

    @R_Temple_i bought mine for 11.25mil at air garage with perks, probably wanna lower price
  6. Paul D

    Unlikely the bar gates will be removed from . They’re there to stop vehicles driving straight through so we can search them, which is the point of the checkpoint. Personally I prefer the deerstands. With the DMTs it’s just a boring DMT fight that’s hard to push at times. Doubt gang bases will get DMTs back but it’d be decent to have a DMT at one or two of the bases.
  7. Paul D

    Are you neo on a different account or something?
  8. Paul D

    Looks like the arma version of a nuclear fission reaction, mass hatchback chain explosion
  9. Paul D

    You’re not specifically paying to get TS channels, you’re paying to support the server and you get the perks as a part of that. If you want free channels just make a gang with some people as civ and get gang channels
  10. Paul D

    scroll wheel when flying
  11. Paul D

    What jakey mentioned, along with spike strips for 20k and access to ifrits.
  12. Paul D

    It’s mostly just for flying about in for the fun of it. You can spend 25k inside the plane and get a red white and blue smoke trail. It is possible to do runs in it though
  13. Paul D

    Legit paid 25k max per load out out for virtual items, you must genuinely be taking the piss if you’re thinking cops should get discounted virtual items. And also, police suggestions should be taken to police command to be put on trello.
  14. Paul D

    Believe this was denied (not in an actual suggestion on the forums) as it would cause too much server lag because of network traffic. Something along the lines of the server needing to check if each of the players on the dispatch menu is downed or not every 30 seconds or so, causing alot of network traffic, hence server lag. Devs can explain it in more detail, but I don't think it'll work.
  15. Paul D

    Don’t put valuables in gang houses that you give people you don’t yet trust access to

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