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  1. Paul D

    closed. use the auction format:
  2. Paul D

    Correct, Player is Perm banned for duping. Closed.
  3. Paul D

    Denied You had loud music playing and could have easily been initiated on without line of sight. This is your own fault.
  4. Paul D

    @SliceWhat attempts were made to resolve?
  5. Paul D

    Action Taken No roleplay provided for the execution. 24 hour ban issued to Burnt_Nugget for PoorRP.
  6. Paul D

    Action Taken AAA are only allowed to impound vehicles that are legitimately abandoned, not illegally parked vehicles. This is a responsibility for the police to deal with. 24 hour ban issued for Abusing AAA. Feel free to put up a comp request for your lost weapons: https://www.rebornroleplay.com/forms/6-compensation-request/
  7. Paul D

    Someone desyncs, on your screen there's contact on their's there isn't. You shoot, RDM case, big liaison sit. Just really not needed, go about things as it is. -1
  8. Paul D

    Moved to Permanent ban appeals.
  9. Paul D

    Do you have any evidence of your claims of him failing to resolve?
  10. Paul D

  11. Paul D

    The threat to your life is obvious, and you pull your weapon off of your back and run around his car as if you're getting ready to shoot him, so I will not issue a ban based off of that. @MVXIMUMYour initiation is poor, so you'll need to compensate Roald for the gear he lost. Organise this between yourselves.
  12. @sammer18You don't seem to exactly understand the RTC rule, just because his car looked fine does not mean that you are allowed to initiate. Even if he took absolutely no damage at all, he was still disadvantaged because he was hit by you meaning you are required to give him time to repair and then drive again before being allowed to initiate. I'll give you a chance to sort this out on TS.
  13. Paul D

    Action Taken Perm ban issued for Racism.
  14. Paul D

    Denied, use the correct form: https://www.rebornroleplay.com/forms/5-report-a-player/

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