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  1. Paul D

    The community voted outright to remove them. Management said they would never come back.
  2. Paul D

    What has the police actually come to? Petitioning for ranks? Questionable...
  3. Paul D


    lightning I love you but I'm disappointed son...
  4. Paul D

    They remove all weapon sway for a period of time. Monster green lasts twice as long as red gulls, hence the price
  5. Paul D

    Fill in the comp request form here: https://www.rebornroleplay.com/forms/6-compensation-request/
  6. Paul D

    I don’t believe it would be intentionally designed that way, although I’m not sure it’s possible with the way arma works and all that voodoo shit. That’ll be for the dev team to find out.
  7. Paul D

    Would also limit you changing between factions im pretty sure, which would be annoying for no reason.
  8. Paul D

    you literally robbed an art gallery armed, had hostages, minimal RP and were randomly shooting at cops giving them "warning shots". Lightwood was being cheeky to every single cop in the room telling us to "respect the chain of command" when he wasn't even doing so himself. He was completely in the wrong, he does not know the server rules. He deserves no praise at all.
  9. Paul D

    happy birthday you tax evader!

    1. Neo


      Cheers Paul :D

  10. Paul D

    oooh, don't mind if I do
  11. happy birthday prankster x

  12. Paul D

    wow so good, teach me ❤️
  13. Paul D

    Oof @Harry Lewisyou extra relevant this month
  14. Paul D

    oh yes, this is the entertainment I've been waiting for..

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