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  1. Still refusing to give me the file smh
  2. Paul D


    Denied 1 month bans are appeal-able after 7 days.
  3. Denied Just a bug with arma, for whatever reason he didn't appear on your screen, which made sense why you also didn't hear any initiation. On a side note regarding these replies above, Grow the fuck up. If you want me to take any future reports seriously handle yourselves seriously.
  4. Denied, Insufficient Evidence.
  5. Paul D

    Polo G Report

    Action Taken 24-hour bans issued to 'Jerrod is Trash' and 'Polo G' for RDM. Put up a comp request for any gear lost (1 comp request Per Person): https://www.rebornroleplay.com/forms/6-compensation-request/
  6. No one says that about jets? Mainly because they’re only armed in air combat zone. The guns can’t be hidden but it’s apart of what makes them look cool.
  7. Real Jordd's birthday right next to Fake Jordd's birthday. He really is doing his best to be you.

    Happy Birthday x

  8. Don’t get banned 10 times then...
  9. Using an SDAR with wetsuit rebreather etc is just using the purposely designed mechanics of the game. If you use a game mechanic that wasn’t purposely designed such as spamming x on the edge of the water to avoid taking damage, that is already an exploit. Just swimming with an SDAR isn’t a problem, it’s an effective tactic.
  10. Unless you have proof of what you not being involved in any sit before and not initiating at any point, then I’ll deny the report.
  11. Paul D

    josh Report

    Denied, Insufficent Evidence.
  12. Shooting to make a medic leave a situation for no reason at all, especially when not involved it PoorRP/Trolling.
  13. Paul D

    Andrew Report

    Ban issued for PoorRP.
  14. Paul D


    denied for calling me PaulS On a serious note though, you have recognised what you've done and are apologetic for it. If you didn't have the attitude you had then you wouldn't have been in this situation. Your next ban is a 6 month, so I advise you think twice before you say or do anything, because a similar attitude will see you gone from here until late 2019 without any sort of chance of appealing early. Unbanned.

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