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  1. The auction will have to be put on hold vanguard was disbanded and it was in that garage so you will have to wait until camorra comes out which won't be long @Pablito
  2. @Oscar Morrison if you want it you have won if not @Hugh you can have it for 1.6
  3. ok u win 2.2 if u still want it
  4. Sold pm and we can arrange something
  5. Josh hasn't comped @RomaN i believe he has gone off now but i comped John 1.7 for him and B O I
  6. Already sorted it with them comped them full amount
  7. CMA

    1. Audi


      [CMA] Choppsy here

  8. Police Hunter Start price 1 mil Ends when i see a decent bid https://gyazo.com/413ae51fdca44537b3d751f60db80889 https://gyazo.com/20df8205b2904a4d838938a7294e09cc
  9. so toxic no wonder denied unban
  10. works fine on other servers not as <inappropriate3> as you think it would be +1
  11. idk pref tomorrow as i wont be on tonight

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