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  1. Rage quit on a 1v1 CQC with 1.5M on the line... Not cool bro 😓

    1. Benjaminn


      You've got yellow teeth get off me timeline

  2. Not bad for a pro fifa player tbh
  3. Imagine uploading a video of VDM'ing someone
  4. Whats going on with half price, the donation goal has been hit but theres still no half price. When will it go on?
  5. Benjaminn


    Nahhh if I post that its a straight violation, fucking peak times for the poor lad
  6. Benjaminn


    In game name: Benjamin Age: 18 Bank account balance: 1 mil cus I just got out of cops and bought all de rebel tings Previous gangs: fuck all boys just cops Hours on Arma 3 *screenshot: Why do you want to join Assent? Most other gangs are proper hobo gangs tbf Can any members vouch for you? Uhhh probs abdool idk
  7. Uhh, no. The other guy didn't break 1 server rule, he never span on anyone. Yes I broke the spin to win rule and I apologize and will take any punishment necessary for that. Not several rules. 1. Guess I'll wait for admin too
  8. Of course, show the clip go on because 100% you're metagaming I was picking them to take them to Cops since there was a lot. Not true, I was in the box so didn't know what was going on. You never at one point tried to go to liason. All in all, you cry about every little situation in game, everyone can see in the side chat, like a insolent child who doesn't get his way so you whine about it. I had no idea that a gun was pointed to the back of my head so when I turned around I just reacted and shot you, my mistake. If you had gone to liason like every single other person I would of gladly comped you for your gear.
  9. How about you show the clip 30 seconds before where you meta game us both and what gang we're in. Because you have it recorded so show it please mate I said in game, I apologize as I thought you were only initiating on the other guy, I said it was a misunderstanding and you never wanted to go to TS about it

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