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  1. It didnt work though? I have literally reinstalled windows and i still get the same error code. Cant even update my gpu drivers
  2. I only have an SSD I've done all the things listed. Dunno what is wrong
  3. How about we combine the two groups and have only TWO vehicles in total, for the new and only AHA, shaving KB's from the missionfile.
  4. +1 - I think paying to pull out a vehicle is a bit strange considering you've already payed for it. Can't we make it so it costs purely if there are things in it?
  5. You did not post the report, no. But you did pretty much all of the talking on TS and was the one who was "resolving" for nearly the entire duration of the discussion. It ended in me having to put on talkpower because Swanta could barely finish a sentence. Also, saying that Nate decided to scream in your ear is hardly a correct statement. You said something to him you knew was gonna make him react, leading to you responding in the same manner. When you came in to the liason room it took not more then a minute or two for you to say that you've "tried to resolve", which is not a correct statement in any way. You wanted Swanta and Kieron to join the liason room purely to tell them they are in the wrong, and then when you personally had no POV this is the result. Claiming you would get comp, without any POV of the sitaution
  6. I'd like to add to the fact that when I joined the liason, both as I was an officer at the sitaution in-game and as a community support trying to get this sorted @George Skrrtresponded with blocking me on TS instead of letting the police officers who were in the wrong and them come to a conclusion with me. Hence why I strongly agree with Swanta saying he TRIED his best to resolve this at first. No actual discussion took place apart from when Oscar (props to you) and Kieran were talking about Kieran's abrupt ending of the negotations. And, like we all agreed on the TS - you did not ask for a negotiatior, Kieran came there out of his free will, you responded with attempting to take him hostage.
  7. You tap cops out of Hellcat's easier than I taze hobos in the GZ
  8. Tried, sat in a waiting room for 35 minutes Last resort but yes it might work
  9. Done that about 5 times, does not work
  10. So, my GeForce Experience, and thus Shadowplay won't work. On start I get the error code 0x0003. I have done every single thing imaginable. But suggestions are welcome, and if someone gives me a tip that works, I will hands down give you a mil in-game
  11. +1 same with cop group chat
  12. Knasen

    I made dis.

    Not my piece of cake but I can see how a lot of people would like it mate
  13. Let's get an IRN GRU car so they dont sue us

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