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  1. Knasen

    8 days til I've been here a year. 10/10 DCC
  2. Knasen

    Thank you for making us aware. Kavala Command will be noting it - DCI Knasen
  3. Knasen

    it shows the sitaution perfectly, though?
  4. In-game name: Knasen Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Nicklas (number in vids) Date of the incident: 01/09/19 Time of the incident: 7 pm ish What rule do you believe was broken: Poor value of life & combatlogging Any evidence available: 1)https://youtu.be/Sjsb2pT5NLs 2) https://youtu.be/-FXmR025AaY Describe the incident: He was killiing cops, got surrounded still shot, then combatlogged Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
  5. Knasen

    Knasen turned on notifications
  6. Knasen

    I will try to be a bit quicker at making new vids, but might take some time since all of the footage is random. Only have two clips saved right now!
  7. Knasen

  8. Knasen

    I've also only had positive encounters with these lads, +1
  9. Knasen

    Sorry for being lazy and not making any new vids, I know quite a few of you like them. Disclaimer; You are gonna hear some different mic-qualitys between clips due to a lot of them being a few weeks old (e.g. intro and ending) when I still had my old headset, and the rest is new. They were too funny to leave out (I think). E N J O Y
  10. Knasen

    I'm just as confused as everyone
  11. Knasen

    I think we all know that being a snake to a friend (by friend I mean someone you actually know and not just someone you are playing on the interwebs with) is hard for most people. Give him a timed ban, hacking can't be easily forgotten or forgiven since it ruins the server for everyone, but "only" supporting someone who does it is still bad, just not as bad.
  12. Knasen

    What I'm suggesting is that all factions, and rebels with a gang-base get to have a loadout which can be choosen at the respective market instead of having to gear up all the time.
  13. Knasen

    Forever staying CSO by the looks of it though
  14. Knasen

  15. Knasen

    Nice frags, have a question though. Why do people use wetsuits? I've never understood why, are they bulletproof or summin?

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