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  1. I wonder what genius said that *thinking*
  2. Disclaimer: The vid is just a compilation of funny stuff that has happened the last few weeks on Reborn and a couple of clips are from another server, purely because of their entertaining nature. All of the video has been good with the intention of entertainment, not to make anyone look bad. Would love some response and positive/negative critsizm.
  3. In-game name: Knasen Name of the player(s) you are reporting: sELENA & MichaelJackson Date of the incident: 04/19/2018 Time of the incident: 03:40-04:00 (+1 ETC, Sweden) What rule do you believe was broken: RDM, no iniation, breaking bluezone rules, NLR Any evidence available: https://youtu.be/ndwoU8deu2g Describe the incident: These men were blatently RDMing and trolling in the bluezone, unfortuanley I wasn't quick enough to get footage of the worst parts (them killing CSO Cambrrr without iniation in the bluezone and later shooting at me and nearly killing me) I was however able to get the linked footage, which I think is more than enough, and considering my commitment to this community I hope the other things i mentioned are also taken as truth. Me and Cambrrr sent messages asking them to resolve this on TS, but they refused. Several civs that can vouch for the story can be found aswell, including Shane and Natasa. I think the footage quite obviously shows how they were breaking rules BEFORE my video started, since everyone around there reacted in the same way, they were stupid enough to come back after being killed and also broke NLR. Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
  4. I think you'll do fine
  5. It's been really fun to see you evolve as a CSO, you really deserved that fancy PCSO-tag after all the hours you put into training for your Module. Hope to see you doing your PA soon, I'm sure you'll get C on your first try SC Knasen
  6. Right back at you lad<3
  7. Thank you very, very much Taco. I appreciate that a lot! Good job at your 5th (?) module see you on patrol later mate.
  8. This makes me feel better about my own shooting skills
  9. Well I did try to talk you lot whilst you were un-muted in TS, but I didn't get a reply.A very vague initation from over where you were can be heard, and that is not an iniation at all, defintley not with lethal force. EVERYONE reacted with a WTF and asking why you shot him, including the CSO himself. I cant be expected to wait 40+ minutes before I make a report. I honestly don't want an apology because of the way your gang-friends acted towards me earlier that day by calling me an exploiter and saying that I broke rules before you were all shut down by Connormdcx. I want something to be done about this sitaution wich clearly involves bad/fail rp. Unless you have footage to prove me otherwise this I what the admins have to go with.
  10. I agree with this to 100% - great mentor for me in the Police, and a great guy that I'm getting to know more and more whilst on patrol. Kudos to DSGT CHEF, and congrats on the promotion. Well deserved mate!
  11. Probably, check chat in the video.
  12. @Lensen I contacted Ryon yesterday on TS, but by the time he decided to respond this had been up for a good while. Do I really need to make a third attempt at contacting him? I did not lose anything in this, I don't want compensation nor do I want an apology, I wasn't the one who got killed first. I want something to be done about the poor RP/RDM/lack of iniation, call it what you want, that's not up to me but up to you and your staff collegaues. Thank you. Happy easter.
  13. That sounds like a excuse. You have more experience than that mate Any who, you are not the main issue, your friend is
  14. Why would you not be talking to your mates while playing with them? That makes no sense what so ever
  15. You told me to put my hands up to begin with, you knew the guy, you obviously were talking to eachother on TS or something. You must have co-ordinated everything together, and after it happend you didn't really seem very keen to get on TS. Therefore I think you were involved, but it is true that you didn't shoot first.

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