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  1. Knasen

    +1 on what the belgian bloke said
  2. Knasen

    Nice. I could probs get those frags aswell. But with a message telling everyone I am using a custom user file that is.
  3. Knasen

    Driving through Kav at 10pm while the server is full more often than not gives you the same experience due to all the blown up houses and car wrecks
  4. Knasen

    -1 Would defeat the purpose of even having the rest of the available foods and drinks. Like people have pointed out already you would need water to even make it eatable, and just having more food options scripted is just a waste of time and resources. Nor does it make any sense that you would gain anything on your "water-o-meter" since all the water you put in a MRE is used to make it eatable. If however they get implemented, they should have to be combined with water to be consumable and they should also be rather expensive due to the fact of them being that.
  5. Knasen

    +1 kind of likeable dude
  6. Knasen

    DMTs need to get their shit together😂
  7. Knasen

  8. Knasen

    Can still squeeze in my two cents before it is locked, more slots will cause more lag and result in a worse experience for all of us. Let's leave it where it is right now until either the Altis Life-framework gets better or the hardware which the server runs on gets better!
  9. Knasen

    Like Henne said, it is already on the server. http://armedassault.wikia.com/wiki/NATO
  10. Knasen

    Oh shit. Might have to get you some acting money then. If I see you in-game I'll give you some provision
  11. Knasen

    Rebels should be able to store what they please at their gangbase +1
  12. Knasen

    Once again the comment section of a fraggie has gone completely off-topic. Nice montage!
  13. Knasen

    Won't give you a dime because I'm a cheap swede. But happy birthday lad!
  14. Knasen

    This has to be the most out-of-place post in all of Reborns history
  15. Knasen

    Not sure how to feel about her stream

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