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  1. Knasen

    RAAD and RIRA better watch out
  2. Knasen

    Yes, I know, I am wondering what they cost to buy from people. Someone is bound to sell em'.
  3. Knasen

    Can someone please give me a three step guide on how to do those mad frags
  4. Knasen

    @Cameron has recieved his money, thank you all for participating and good luck in the next one xx
  5. Knasen

    What do people sell 16S:es for?
  6. Knasen

    @Cameron Any specific time you will be on tomorrow?
  7. Knasen

    I will be eagerly awaiting the results
  8. Knasen

    ❤️ - I actually have an idea tho. How about you make a very similiar skin but with a more reflective colour on POLICE and with blue/yellow police lines on good places on the chassi? Make it look more like a police vechile! The two would be great together I think
  9. Knasen

    That is literally one of the coolest looking ArmA 3 skins I've seen +100
  10. Knasen

    @Cameron you will recieve your money tomorrow/saturday due to network issues or @PaulS can you transfer money from my account to his and take a Sc?
  11. Knasen

    We have a winner ladies and gentlemen. Just waiting for a reply from @PaulS and then the winner will be announced! The winner, is the one and only, Mr @Cameron (We think this is you at least?) @PaulS gave the go ahead of the draw fyi.
  12. Knasen

    Pulldowns 😍😍 jk just salty cuz I'm a bot
  13. Knasen

    If you know that there is a wall there, how come you keep running into it? Removing it is pointless and makes the trader look more boring imo.
  14. It's not coming home then boys ;) 

  15. Knasen

    I very rarely do these kinds of posts (never before to be honest) but this community, Reborn, is by far the best I've ever been a part of, and I know for a fact that I am not the only one with that view. Amazing staff, Police, NHS and the majority of the rebels and civs I've met are great. I hope this community continues to grow and evolve. I can't wait for Reborn+ and to see how the Police gets new units (and better coms) Cheers xx

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