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  1. I've been working 6 days a week for the last couple of months, due to the times I get home each day I mostly just play for a couple of hours and dip off to sleep. Might be why I am reacting. As a whole I feel like the community is getting somewhat blurry though.
  2. I said look at them, they have been going down for years
  3. Look at the player stats for ArmA on steam. Shit is going down everyday
  4. REQS LOWERED - We will instead monitor your skills to make sure you are a good addition to the gang Feel free to apply The gang is currently trying to establish itself on a higher level. We understand that with half-price off we won't be seeing full MK1 loadouts 24/7, neither will we be going caps 24/7. Making money, staying afloat and having fun while not getting banned is the agenda for the moment!
  5. As it is right now, a lot of the player-base can barely pay for rudimentary gear. Especially new players. What I am proposing to make the servers donations/funds add up a bit more are as follows: RR Membership - Monthly Fee of x pounds to get in-game perks and modifiers (which wouldn't be a breach of Bohemia T&C) Higher price reduction with met donation goal/scaling price reduction Launching of a modded ArmA 3 server via a fundraiser to ensure funds are available Lowered standard in-game prices, somewhere in-between half and full-price More unique content - I understand this is a dev thing, but as it is right now the 5 most popular unmodded ArmA 3-lige servers are literally the same with a few small tweaks/locations These are just a few of my suggestions. Feel free to add in more. I've put well over 1300 hrs into the server and would hate to see it die out.
  6. Yeah lemme just dip from work 4 hours early🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠 Will be on 5 til summin english time
  7. Knasen


    And I got called stupid for hoarding gear 😂😂😂 should've brought more then 10 loadouts thats for sure With half-price off people focus more on getting moolah, you can't even leave a hatchie outside gz without some hobo chopping it rn
  8. ROSTER Capos de la cartel - Knasen & Tivroxx Back in 1974 a group of Greek guys were real tired of the 9-5 grind of everyday life. They lived in a country corrupted with abusive police, and an almost dictatorlike government. America was their chance at a new life. It didn't really work out though. The new country offered them very little to start out with, and they quickly realized this was nothing like they had seen in the Hollywood-movies. So, they started doing the only other thing they knew well. Drugs. The new Greek-American cartel known as the Velentzas crime family was floruishing. But it all came to an end in the late ninties due to the arrest of their leader, the godfather of the night. The men previously involved in the cartel moved back to Greece, but found to their surprise that the country they left was slowly becoming more and more like the country they left it for. Crime was at an all time low, police treated more and more people fairly, and the government was no longer corrupt. So they all came together, spent all of their money on plane tickets to Altis, and made a load of money during the conflict of 2028-2036 between NATO and the CTRG. by selling stolen weaponry to the rebels and the AAF. When the war finally came to an end, they went back to their old ways and started a new cartel in the south of Altis. The Selakano Cartel was born. Today it is on a mission to become the number one crime family in Greece, and no one will be allowed to stop them. We now welcome everyone to apply to the cartel who lives up to the following. Must Have 400 Hours and/or know the game well and understand combat well Must Be Financially Stable* Must Be Experienced** Must Speak English*** Please use the following template for applications: Name: Hours: Previous Gangs (not needed): Vouches (not needed): * - Can pay for own gear ** - Knows rules, basic combat strats, and can shoot/fly/drive in a somewhat straight line. *** - Not sure how to make this not sound racist

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