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  1. Thanks Google. It's still possible to with deuterium tho. So a water + uranium plant ingame would make sense 😩
  2. I really like the sound of this. High risk and a lot of processing would mean high reward A plutonium run would be possible to add, in the simplest terms it can be synthesized by bombarding uranium (238 but it's pretty irrelevant here) with duterium ( though we could just have a water barreling plant ) and a processing facility could make for a really interesting / more profitable side run.
  3. This was discussed before. While interesting I'm not sure it would work. Open to ideas of how it should work though
  4. This was already accepted and is already on the jira. Thanks for the feedback Accepted Gonna keep the thread unlocked cause I'd love to hear your ideas for such a run, I was thinking high risk (radioactive substance, gotta have a suit etc) & high reward. Perhaps rename the thorium truck and have it as a general perpous radioactive material truck, etc Edit: this wouldn't be an extension to the throrium run as in reality, throrium is a really stable element. While it is used in reactors, untouched it's stable af
  5. BenK


    It's an interesting idea for sure, Though I disagree with this, yes it won't be butter smooth, but the performance will most likely be noticably greater than the altis server as half of the scripts don't need to exist just for bidding to function (or just not called) and 90% of the shit unoptimized objects we placed in the altis map won't exist. Maybe it's just a sign in a forest, would be cool to perhaps mix up the battle scene every week. Itd be a really interesting and cool dynamic imo.
  6. This already happens a fair bit, perhaps weekly or biweekly. Not scheduled but admin run player events, often there's a police convoy or something of the sort, I'd definitely like to see more of these though as there's many more derby etc. Events.
  7. Nice idea, must be annoying. Accepted, Added to Jira (approved by harry owo)
  8. BenK

    Police lights

    So, no lights if there's no engine?
  9. This has been suggested before and is under development. Though I'd like to see your uml sketch cause I'm curious.
  10. <20:41:15> "Harry": "I've done the math, it can't be abused"

  11. BenK

    Prison Sentence

    This should happen if they're sentenced for over 5 years
  12. SMh why is your avatar willy eyelash

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