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  1. people shouldnt need to record just because people are dicks this is aso why admins ask 3 min prior btw (initiation)
  2. its a suggestion things can be changed but people complaining like this isnt right they are still complaining tho. they see it as a way to get people banned or easy comp...
  3. it isnt common sense... people are still complaining just got called to liaison when we arrived while someone got killed
  4. since i cant find any written rule for keeping eyes i suggest we make one which lasts for instance for 1.5 to 3 min, at this moment i see alot of people crying about people not having eyes for 10 seconds and that the initiation will be over because of that. i think we should make it that initiation lasts for 1.5 to 3 min after the last shot has been fired OR youre waiting for someone to peak.
  5. How is trying to save someones life poorrp? Dont whine when you get shot by police.
  6. Roald

    Sidechat ban

    Not that i see it as police but still +1
  7. Roald


    Ha... The guy that was trolling around and got reports with action taken 3 times in one month is joining cops.... Great!!!!
  8. https://plays.tv/video/5ce9a4ab03a183607a/stuck dont forget to add that he ran into the car instead of clipping it to hiding evidance you were blocking him and when u movedbhe started driving but you ran into the side herefore the evidence is not the truth and hes just trying to get him banned.
  9. If they do you that dirty im sure an admin will teleport you if you ask nicely
  10. Get a hellcat spot the sniper snipe the sniper problem gone
  11. Roald

    TOM [SN1] Report

    Im currently in my bed away from my pc.... You admitted of me asking you to come to ts above. First comment was adited to hide this. Instead of playing hard to get you could also comp....
  12. Roald

    TOM [SN1] Report

    Doesnt mean you dont have to resolve..... Moron is another word for idiot which isnt that offensive is it? Treat people like you want to be treated? Dont rdm anyone then thnx

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