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  1. Bring back DylNN he was a much better player
  2. UpsyDaisyyy


    In-game name: upsy Steam ID: 76561198354543856 Date of ban: 06/09/19 Reason for ban: Toxic Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: yes very Why should we unban you? I believe i should be unbanned because i realised what i did was wrong instantly after i had done it, The reason i said what i said to cozza cant really be justified atall, I wasnt really enjoying the night atall and should have just logged off at that point and was getting pissed off every time i died and because its gang base bidding everyone is talking shit when they get a kill but we all know its a joke, I had died to cozza twice before this and i got really pissed because of how i died me and cozza have been sound up until then and have never had any beef, Me and cozza have sorted everything out on TS and are all good again also ive apologised to him and explain why i said what i said and that i actually didn't mean it in a way to offend him and it was completely uncalled for. Since i wasn't enjoying the night i should have just disconnected and left it and i know that now and will remember it in the future with all this considered i can be sure i will never do anything like this again and deserve another chance.
    1. Kyle.


      nice 19fps 

    2. UpsyDaisyyy


      thats not my game smelly thinks its gavo or sloths

  4. I knew it was @K-V that fucked up my car smh
  5. this is sooooo good wtf
  6. DeNiEd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. dO yOu MeAn YoU WaNT YoUS To REmOve GaNG sKinS!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!?
  8. You're WELCOME

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      I don’t know how to react to that 

    3. Jamz


      Lucky you?

    4. UpsyDaisyyy
  9. UpsyDaisyyy


    The joke is waiting a month for an update and getting freddos...
  10. UpsyDaisyyy


    They are 20k and all they seem to do is re fill some hunger, Litterly the most expensive food item so in saying that you would assume it does something more than just refill some hunger right????

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