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  1. .Jck.

    Denied Denied Accepted
  2. .Jck.


  3. .Jck.

    Name: Jck Hours(Screenshot): https://gyazo.com/05918b97e2d1a3aa92fc23cfa0b30239 Don't hate on hours please Bank account: 15mil Previous Gangs: Assent, Immunity, Tenacity, Morrisons. Why do you want to join: Looking for a group of people to play with and i really want to show off my roleplay. Any vouches: The roleplay is my vouche
  4. .Jck.

    I have 0 jurisdiction in this gang however ACCEPTED
  5. .Jck.

    I'd also appreciate it if members of your gang didn't pass my IP address around.
  6. .Jck.

    What a funny guy you are, "Don't worry guys He's off for the night cause I waste my money on pointless shit".
  7. .Jck.

    Hahhahahahahahaha Imagine threatening to DDOS me cause you lost a spawn point.
  8. .Jck.

    Unfortunately not as I was asked to late
  9. .Jck.

    Not being about to control hip fire mk1 from 5m ok. And so what i thought it was longer but the point is you left it a while before even asking me about the situation. I could have recorded it and this whole thing could have been over by now as you could of seen me looking over the wall into the door then making my way around the back to wall band you, but instead you left it a while and i didn't record it as i believed nothing was wrong. Also don't sit there can call me out for bs where this entire report is based on "I could see him so he could see me".
  10. .Jck.

    Ikr 5m third person is a hard life man
  11. .Jck.

    You do understand your own video shows you stood in the front door next to a low wall. And as for the shooting you through the wall if id know exactly where you where you'd have died in the first mag. This would be a lot easier if you'd messaged me as soon as this had happened instead of leaving it 4 ish hours as I would of recorded it.
  12. .Jck.

    You're still claiming that I saw your tags which I didn't. Which is clearly obvious from your video, If I could have seen your tag then I would have traced you with the first mag and killed you. But that's not what happened.
  13. Hacker smh

  14. .Jck.

    So this whole report is based on "I could see him so he could see me", it doesn't really make sense but ok. You where in a small building and cause I didn't kill you in the first mag towards the window I change and sprayed again on the other side. I guess we can ignore the meta gaming from you as you call me out through the wall to your friend.

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