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  1. Was gonna remake this but rarely play the server anymore. Feedback Appreciated.
  2. Finally someone to fight that might not parachute killswitch and safe
  3. .Jck.

    2 gang bases

    +1 would make gang biding more interesting
  4. Nice one but your aspect ratio makes me believe in the flat earth theory
  5. 🤢 I thought my movement was bad, it looks like you're playing with chopsticks
  6. .Jck.

    Fossy F2

    There is nothing worse than putting sped up clips in a montage as they look awful, they just scream "I couldn't get a double but please think it is". If you plan on making another montage attempt I suggest finding another way to link clips. And also why do people find it so hard to hit the "C" key.
  7. Fury would just like to say that he took this situation into his own hands as he could not put up a report about the terrible initiation and quite clearly fail RP from Dippy as no threat was made to his life and he gave them a whole 0 seconds to respond to the situation. Fury realizes that was the wrong thing to do and regrets it. The reason Fury could not put up a report is because he is forum banned. *I'd just like to add that Fury is still offering comp, also you would not receive comp from a forum request as it was potential gain
  8. .Jck.

    Lard 1

    Just because you didn't put the clips in, don't mean shit bowly Nice one anyway
  9. @Dippy Droot Fury is banned from the forums so in unable to respond, but he says he is willing to comp. Please send me the amount and I'll let him know.

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