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  1. .Jck.

    I'd also appreciate it if members of your gang didn't pass my IP address around.
  2. .Jck.

    What a funny guy you are, "Don't worry guys He's off for the night cause I waste my money on pointless shit".
  3. .Jck.

    Hahhahahahahahaha Imagine threatening to DDOS me cause you lost a spawn point.
  4. .Jck.

    Unfortunately not as I was asked to late
  5. .Jck.

    Not being about to control hip fire mk1 from 5m ok. And so what i thought it was longer but the point is you left it a while before even asking me about the situation. I could have recorded it and this whole thing could have been over by now as you could of seen me looking over the wall into the door then making my way around the back to wall band you, but instead you left it a while and i didn't record it as i believed nothing was wrong. Also don't sit there can call me out for bs where this entire report is based on "I could see him so he could see me".
  6. .Jck.

    Ikr 5m third person is a hard life man
  7. .Jck.

    You do understand your own video shows you stood in the front door next to a low wall. And as for the shooting you through the wall if id know exactly where you where you'd have died in the first mag. This would be a lot easier if you'd messaged me as soon as this had happened instead of leaving it 4 ish hours as I would of recorded it.
  8. .Jck.

    You're still claiming that I saw your tags which I didn't. Which is clearly obvious from your video, If I could have seen your tag then I would have traced you with the first mag and killed you. But that's not what happened.
  9. Hacker smh

  10. .Jck.

    So this whole report is based on "I could see him so he could see me", it doesn't really make sense but ok. You where in a small building and cause I didn't kill you in the first mag towards the window I change and sprayed again on the other side. I guess we can ignore the meta gaming from you as you call me out through the wall to your friend.
  11. .Jck.

    In-game name: Attach Forum Unban Steam ID: 76561198271804400 Date of ban: 09/26/18 Reason for ban: Toxic Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Yes it was justified,I was being very immature and shouldn't of said what i said as i said 2 hours earlier that i was sorry for what i done. But then done basically the same thing after therefore it looks like i didn't care about anything or how i was being toxic to him .i have apologised to him and it wont happen again. Why should we unban you? I wanna be unbanned to see things on the forums and have a look at things and hopefully come up with suggestions i am sorry for what i done and it will not happen again.
  12. .Jck.

    You say I jump around and abuse people, however I never cause drama in side chat. I rarely even speak in side chat other than to tell someone where iron processor is. And for ts I was only in that channel to sort out the RDM allegations, I did not go to the channel knowing what was going to occur. I also do not waste my time jumping around ts channels just to ruin someone else's day and cause drama. I simply just enjoy playing the game alongside my gang and wish to continue doing so. So if you do chose to unban me from TS then in future I will either go to liaison alone or with one other trusted member of the community to ensure that nothing goes wrong. - Sent from phone please excuse any typos
  13. In-game name: Jck | T Teamspeak Ban Steam ID: 76561198094525138/ Date of ban: 04/10/18 Reason for ban: BYE Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: No, I was part of a situation where someone was toxic. Why should we unban you? Would like to join the ts again to play with others.
  14. @JazzOnly one that pushed btw xd

    Shot them in the back btw hahaha



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    2. Jimmy00


      hahaha worst in TI 

    3. .Jck.


      Oh shit, I'm bad at a game guess I should just end my life really 

    4. ^ethan


      yes 100% jacko spacko :3


  15. .Jck.

    In-game name: Jck | T Steam ID: 76561198094525138 Date of ban: 10/04/18 Reason for ban: Teamspeak Ban - "BYE" Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Not really sure tbh, was in a fight with 5th Order in Neo. A heli got shot down with the pilot wearing gang clothing, we then got called to TS by them as they believed it was RDM. Apparently someone called 5th Order a "hobo gang" as we were all leaving the channel. A few moments later we were dragged out of our channels back in 5th Order channels by Fuel, where we were met by "Who called my gang a hobo gang, admit it as I'm about to community ban you all". I then said "Wait What?", and the reply to that was "Whos here, urmm littleJack you're banned". Why should we unban you? I feel as if I didn't really do anything wrong other than be in a channel

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