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  1. .Jck.

    Its supposed to be a police station not a gang base
  2. https://gyazo.com/52f24fc403fad769eab140b5cfc2abcd

    Gotta love bullets that chase you around corners :)


  3. .Jck.

    In-game name: jCk Steam ID: 76561198094525138 Date of ban: 01/05/19 Reason for ban: Casino Exploit Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: It was justified Why should we unban you? Mistakes where made during my time at the casino. Went there and got told best way to make money was to just spam through Black Jack. Didn't really think about it at first which was my mistake, didn't really think it through. I have no idea how to play Black Jack but after thinking about it clearly that is not how you play. I regret doing this as I made just as much money on Black Jack as I did on the roulette that day so it really wasn't worth it. I made just under 10mil legit on the roulette then decided to try the Black Jack thing out. I apologise for this and won't do it again, hope you decide to give me another chance.
  4. Mistakes have been made
  5. Does it really matter who either of the people really where, they both whiffed incredibly bad. Shit happens.
  6. .Jck.

    @Adam BriggsUpsy is banned from the forums so can't respond
  7. .Jck.

    Thanks x Don't be like that
  8. .Jck.

    In-game Name: Pz Ez Steam ID: 76561198293063283 Date of the incident: 12/30/18 Time of the incident: 19:10 Link to player report: N/A Lost Items and Estimated Value: 300k Please provide as much detail as possible: Server lag. I peeked a cop, went back to cover then died... Any Evidence Available: https://gyazo.com/d6585e2b32bf1ae91d4be93e1fc8e417
  9. .Jck.

    Cheers Gamers x
  10. .Jck.

    Rushed the end a bit. Feedback please.
  11. .Jck.

    I wasn't the person who initiated on you so don't understand why I've been reported then, and we would have been willing to comp if you would have contacted us so the attempted to resolve was a lie. I'm a bit disappointed with the lie. And I'm pretty sure you got shot because instead of valuing your life you ran for cover and raised your gun.
  12. .Jck.

    From his video you can see that Pz Ez did not mean to run him over as he didn't even hit him it was the lag of the server that cause the car to dsync into him. They got initiated on and tried to run for cover so honestly if they thought they weren't gonna be shot then they are being rather silly. I killed the guy that got VDM'd last as I gave him enough time to run away but he decided to try and shoot my feet so I ran round and killed him.
  13. .Jck.

    In spirit of the old bases being added back in thought I'd re upload my old montage that got taken down when I got banned.
  14. .Jck.

    Frickin hate repots

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