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  1. Joshh

    Not sure if its true or not but people say if ifrits and hunter value's are put up they dont destroy they just completely fuck and kill the people inside.
  2. Joshh

    Just like to add they drove into an on going bank and drove it off hahahaha
  3. Joshh

    @Cozza xx get the team in
  4. Joshh

    yeah but the one with DMT was actually pushable, the current bases have a guy in every deerstand with a few on front gate you cant push.
  5. Joshh

    Typical honestly
  6. Joshh

    Who's lost this then
  7. Joshh

    @Matt Brody i'll give you 5 mil right now
  8. Looking to buy a cyrus for 5 mil, It doesny need mags,scope,supressor 


  9. @Simon Viklund your far past being a child and your sat making immature posts about someone's position within the medics, Management wouldn't of let lyds run the medics if they didn't have faith in her

    If you had a problem you would of went to management and not made an immature post about it.


    Sorry for starting the beef again just this guy is hella annoying and someone needed to say it.


  10. Joshh

    Really starting to see an improvement benny, looks like this factions helping you out!
  11. I'll give you 400k for jus thte ASP mags
  12. Joshh

    2 mil ill buy them now.
  13. Joshh

    Item: MK200,Asp,Cyrus,Mar-10 Proof of ownership: Wanting to purchase Buy now price: Open to Offers Starting bid: Open to Offers Minimum bid increment: N/A End date: 01/01/2019 Cyrus/mar 10 don't need Attachments/Ammo Asp/Mk200 Need mags Open to any offers.
  14. Looking to buy Cyrus/Asp/MK200 HMU

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    2. Dodorex


      Hello sir I will sell you a Cyrus including a few mags (not sure how many) LRPS scope and silencer for a price of just 2.7 MIL!

    3. saffe


      Do you wanna buy ASP-1 KIR?

    4. Joshh


      @Dodorexill buy it right now 

      @saffeHow much?

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