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  1. In-game name: Posted for B O B B Y Shmurda Steam ID: 76561198044938859 - I have double checked to see if its correct Date of ban: 03/13/19 Reason for ban: toxicity Staff member that banned you: unsure Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Justified, I re-uploaded a video of an admin using admin menu against us in a bank. After speaking to some staff that was not the issue, the issue was that there was a personal picture of the admin in the video obtained through his Facebook that was linked in his forum signature. Why should we unban you? At the time I was upset and angry that an admin was using admin menu against us during a bank, but now some time pasted I really couldn't care less what happened. The admin gave his reasons on why he used the menu and I 50/50 agree with why he did it. All I can do now is remove the video from my channel and apologise to the admin. Of course this will not happen again. I understand that it has not been 3 months, but hopefully it will not make that much of a difference as it is about 10 days early.
  2. @Adam.goodluck on the venture outside mate, make sure to do the velcro on your shoes and get your hair short this time. 

    @Bobby says remember the sun screen 

    @Jaysays hes a phone call away 

    1. Adam.


      Canny sly that like

  3. I thought you was waiting the month
  4. Imagine getting banned from ts for speaking the truth.... Heartbroken 😩
  5. Nooooooo come back 😭
  6. 1440P Constructive critiscm appreciated.
  7. Joshh

    Fossy F2

    AHAHAHAH i thought it was oopsie
  8. @Polo Guh well done pal you got me and a few others to 20%, only browny dropped connection better luck next time gorgeous.
  9. MIKEY POO ts.armaliferp.co.uk: tell them to accept my app before they get somr fat packets Denied, I'll wait for the packets bud 😀
  10. Anyone able to help??


    i want to use this text but it aint showing in the video playback ting

  11. Yeh nice let me just rip him out with my fists then i cant exactly change weapon mid fight can i

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