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  1. Joshh

    So today @Adam Briggsfound out he was colour blind, he's always wondered why he struggled to see can we get a colour blind option for reborn, my pooch adam needs it.
  2. Joshh

    cheeky <inappropriate2>
  3. Joshh

    You are fucking shit
  4. Joshh

  5. Joshh

  6. did much happen at the community meeting ln?

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    2. Harry Lewis

      Harry Lewis

      Pretty much everything dev-wise had been requested and denied before. Staff wise PaulS may be making some changes. Bobby will write up responses from the founders soon (I think).

    3. Jay


      @Harry Lewis And it's a no to the mass unban ?

    4. Harry Lewis

      Harry Lewis

      Not my decision, we'll all have to wait for what Neo and Fuel decide

  7. Joshh

    Most of the people in blackwater have crafted them, danish and adam have both crafted theirs and they are the only people who pull em.
  8. Joshh

    Why is it every little thing that the bw get people complain about, you all get access to 50's/quilin minguns so i don't see the issue
  9. Trust adam with a hellcat and this happens... https://gyazo.com/bf90e01ed058ed06058f0c8c925b3dcf

    1. Ram Ranch

      Ram Ranch

      Holy shit my Gyazo got passed around quick haha.

      Was actually pissing myself lol

    2. Epic


      One of us @Bobby

  10. @Jayglad you seen sense!

  11. Joshh

    I agree with adding more weapons, spar 16 would be a nice addition Everyone is commenting not needed/Too OP but i can guarantee you haven't had a half decent gunfight using it. As i've stated previously it would change the combat up and add a different variety, Lots of people seem to not like the fact of adding anything in to make reborn better than it already is Atleast give it a go instead of just saying "not needed" "too OP" rebel life may pick up if some stuff is changed for them, who knows. Too many negative people around dude also seeing alot of people complaining about it but never once see them in combat or anything of the sort
  12. Joshh

  13. Joshh

    Sell to someone else mate im struggling for money

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