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  1. People's unbans should be looked at with an open mind, a lot just get insta denied, accepting a lot of peoples appeals would start to bring it back But for the combat the only people to blame is sinity, It's constant roaching, you decamp one behind and one in front. If we're holding cap you'll go roach rocks safe rocks sometimes even 800m rocks, you barely ever slam, You outnumber us half the time but yet still play like that (using BW as an example) look at it from other gangs perspective, you've got all of you logging on to fight 4 guys on cap and then you sit roach and decamp 2 on 1 its just no fun whatsoever.
  2. some kid deleted the video...
  3. Power button is broke on pc it doesnt turn off guys i just launcher open.
  4. @cza for the edit 1440 Feedback appreciated
  5. https://gyazo.com/9c6cf51a39e373daa70982dc49923280 Been back 2 weeks and hes fourth richest
  6. Joshh

    584 Report

  7. Joshh

    Linx RR 2

    aye wicked rip on that quilin kid hahaha
  8. Cheers fellas ❤️
  9. Wanted to get rid of clips to save for a decent one x Feedback is appreciated Jack. for the edit xx
  10. Joshh

    Reborn Podcast ?

    Old news 💤💤
  11. Joshh

    Reborn Podcast ?

    No, what are you gonna comment on how many walls or vehicles you pass on the way to dealer?

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