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  1. Joshh

    I was with charly when this happened, I'd just like to add we were fighting Patel at the cap point charly was about to spot, and as soon as charlie had left the airstrip tots took off in his jet and shot charly down. (Sorry if i can't respond to this just thought id add a few points to why we think it wasny an accident.)
  2. Joshh

  3. Joshh

    Shoots 9 bullets without aiming in, crosshair bigger than my mole on my chinny chin. You the best hunter driver really at the end of the day right nakraza?
  4. @FratoWhat's this i'm hearing about you then?

  5. Joshh

    Yikes, all the people sat complaining but i've not seen a single PCC. or player report for the shit roleplay/RDM
  6. Joshh

    Yeah i thought that
  7. Joshh

    How you got this then
  8. Joshh

    He combat logged and disconnected from TS3 so i am unable to contact him to tell him.
  9. Joshh

    In-game name: Joshh Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Conway Kettle Date of the incident: 10/10/18 Time of the incident: 16:20 What rule do you believe was broken: Toxicity, He also combat logged (Not sure if someone is gonna report him for it) Any evidence available: https://gyazo.com/d40161a4557e43d38e9b31a48657a2cc Describe the incident: So we seen 2 armed rebels at topolia hand gun store we landed and tried to initiate but it was close enough so we waited, they then drove closer and we got the initiation in and we followed him, the chase lasted 3 minutes and we got the chance to shoot him so we took it then when we shot he turned and charly shot him out (He didnt mean too) then conways friend jamie gargrave jumped out and shot so we killed him, i went down to about 3m off the ground and dropped the guys then conway called us liason so we headed up. Upon joining support conway said "let us get revived and we will go on our way it was RDM" So we said it wasnt RDM you took the chance to flee and you swerved and got yourself shot, he then said "the rules say you need to make initation clear" which we did then he said "I didnt have earplugs in so i couldnt hear you initiate" we said that aint our fault and he went "this isnt going anywhere ill go to support" so we followed him in which he said to the support guy Kral "i need to end my stream to get the clip" one of us said end it now while you have 0 viewers then it doesnt loose you any" He took it the wrong way and went " He went "ohhh fuck off you little cunt" then someone mentioned him looking like willNE i dont know who it was but it was uncalled for then he went fuck this ill get to deal with this since you are all being cunts, then i messaged him trying to be friendly and he replies with that. It was completely uncalled for as all i wanted to do was sort it out. Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
  10. Joshh

    -1 if you pull wrong vehicle at athira/other cities you risk being robbed due to a stupid rule.
  11. Joshh

    H HAHAHA Nakraza you probably couldn't afford Trek hardtail never mind specialized enduro bro
  12. @DanCCouncil pays well then eh. 


    1. Lee


      Sold his neck hair

  13. Joshh

    GL boys
  14. Joshh

    -1 Don't VDM yourself, And you wont get killed to it.

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