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  1. Ram Ranch

    I get this kinda stuff happens and would prefer for people not to banned when it may not be intentional (even though it looks intentional) so I’m gonna give you the benefit of the doubt to comp the load out I had on me and I will close this report. I will provide proof of what I had and the cost of it in a few minutes time when I’m at my pc.
  2. Ram Ranch

    Why bid for one when you can go down kav road and get one in about 10 sec along with a free katiba from the cop lying next to it haha
  3. Ram Ranch

    In-game name: Why mi PP hard Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Ginja jO Date of the incident: 02/16/19 Time of the incident: 7:30pm What rule do you believe was broken: Lag switching Any evidence available: https://plays.tv/video/5c6865e65de8264506/ww Describe the incident: Alt 2 me then lag switches me. Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. No
  4. Ram Ranch

    Would it be possible to get something like a slider which changes the distance that hexes can be seen from up to 10KM? Its annoying for hellcat mains when there is 20 vehicles moving around and your watching from 8KM away having to constantly check the map to find out who’s who. Fairly sure one of the old hexes had it but can’t remember. @Charly
  5. Ram Ranch

    This is what I have got suggested so far -https://gyazo.com/43607c9f089476fc1fad607cf16ac0da Does anyone know if these parts are good together?
  6. Ram Ranch

    I don’t really know what you mean haha Im not that good with hardware so
  7. Ram Ranch

    My CPU is trash meaning I don't get that great FPS in CPU heavy games so I'm looking to replace it. my budget is £400 and would like pref more Ram and a new CPU if anyone could link any new parts in PC part picker as im a shitter when it comes to stuff like this. ty
  8. Ram Ranch

    Not atm no, will message when I’m on
  9. Ram Ranch

    I’ll buy it now for 2.5M
  10. Ram Ranch

    Hope you trip on the way home
  11. Ram Ranch

    How much for it? Don’t wanna play shut loads as it’s actually gonna be used rather than kept as a collectible
  12. Ram Ranch

    Post your offers.
  13. Ram Ranch

    I just don’t feel like it’s fair to have to go through the hassle of being downed for a reason that is not your fault then you have to sit getting ragged around in a car for 30 mins with few spoken just to have the end result be that that they take your stuff and execute you. With your comms you can call your gang to help you so it’s worth the wait of the medic to help you. Rather than respawning the moment walks near you.
  14. Ram Ranch

    Fuck that, it’s bad enough being able to restrain someone when their down and give them no way out yet alone making sure no one else can help them...
  15. Ram Ranch

    I remember getting 45 mins for getting RDMed because I stole a cop car then went for a shower lol

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