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  1. Ram Ranch

    2 gang bases

    10 + NPAS would be lit
  2. Ram Ranch

    2 gang bases

    yee, if we got this then your base would actually have fights again
  3. Ram Ranch

    2 gang bases

    ^ Legit what everyone in TFU thinks and wants
  4. Ram Ranch

    2 gang bases

    Thats what it was last time , if numbers went over there would be like 3 SI that joined and yelled at everyone
  5. Ram Ranch

    2 gang bases

    At least don't allow bw armed helis to go then as without npas, they have no air competition there
  6. At base bidding, you have the gangs that will spend the whole restart fighting to get bases by holding bases, attacking bases and fighting generally everywhere spending millions on load outs while there are other gangs which will keep stacking orcas in the last 10 mins as hobos and landing on the sign to bid spending nothing at all during the restart but still getting the reward. When bidding, Can a timer be put on the sign where the person will have to stand still for 5 seconds as the bid processes but if they die, the bid doesn’t go through and returns to the last bidder?
  7. This with my part and it would be perfect
  8. Don’t want sw100 rounders but wouldn’t mind - mk200 @ 600 k half price without perks car 95-1 @ 400K half price without perks Make it unique to rebels as BW and cops both have armed helis and darters etc
  9. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqbOeHaAUXw9Il7sBVG3_bw
  10. +1 , you pay and fight for a base, it should atleast have something equiv to a slightly less blackwater discount
  11. Anyone noticed gang wars has started to decline rapidly as it reaches half way through or just me?

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    2. Embers


      i stayed till 10pm then logged off cos armed quilins spraying everywhere it was pretty shit and annoying


    3. WeeFanny


      the cost of gear and MRAPS are stupid you cant get pushed with some twat with dunes pinging you 

    4. Trihardin


      lmfao weefanny

  12. Ram Ranch

    I'm done

    Your gang doesn’t deserve the base. You don’t fight at all and sneak in at the end to try and bid.
  13. What the frick do you mean? If you get free gear, your automatically bad at the game!!!!
  14. Move it to the town south of Kavala tbh

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