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  1. Says the guy in a faction that lives in oil trader compound
  2. -1 , If the police don't contest the zones then it's gonna be sinity wiping everyone without a challenge at this moment in time, also, it's not like the police can bid on the base themselves so they will attack it and move on. Also never seen your gang fight or even try and hold a base which is understandable as they barely can hold feres against nakeds.
  3. Ram Ranch


    In-game name: Charly Steam ID: 76561198206561195 , Forum ID = 2657 Date of ban: 03/25/19 Reason for ban: "ESP" | Also banned on the forums for no reason (Although I know it's related to personal information being shared, I didn't do it) Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: My ban was unjustified. I was banned after a clusterfuck happened on the forums and my ban was completely unjustified. As I mentioned in discord messages Fuel I never had anything to do with any personal information or videos being posted/leaked. My ban is for ESP anyway so if there is no issues regarding that subject then I will comment purely on the ESP. As i mentioned in my last unban and in discord messages, I showed a mini-compilation of spotting benches at base bidding. and as I said, spotting benches is not as hard as you think, crank your render distance and watch a 90 degree angle for benches. Its not hard to spot black dots on a white background. Regarding spotting benches at night, just plain luck tbh. Grey/White dots on a green background is not that hard to spot either, it just takes some observation and patience. I was looking for benches very often as I knew we were going to get benched. If there is any way you want me to prove I don't use ESP I would be more than happy to do it. Why should we unban you? Played on the server for a long time. I've Devoted a lot of time in to the server. Don't see why I would throw it all away by using ESP. I havent even been proven to be a hacker, never been Battleye or Infistar banned and Somehow other actual Hackers and people who leaked IPs have been let back into the community so I think that it's only fair to unban me. Also, i feel it is unfair that i have to wait 3 months before my ban appeal can even be looked into as this defeats the purpose of an unjustified ban being looked into.
  4. https://www.rebornroleplay.com/topic/37236-dmts/
  5. A mass unban was done in 2017 where anyone with the terms “hacker”,”esp” or “mass” were not unbanned whilst everyone else was. Although correct it doesn’t take long to post an unban but sometimes people get banned for ridiculously long times or get banned for an unjustified reason, staff members see the name on the unban and decline it on that alone rather than actually putting 5 mins themselves in to see the perspective of the banned player. I’m somewhat relating this to Charly as he now has to wait 3 months to appeal a ban which he should of never even got before it can even be considered to be looked at whilst other people e.g. this fine gentleman Can get globally banned for cheating by Battleye with proof from ingame spectators and still get unbanned soon after. Majority of the community can agree that charly doesn’t cheat as he isn’t that great at one of the main parts of the game e.g. shooting but instead spends his time spotting in almost every situation and has never been banned by any anti cheat on any game whilst other people have and have been allowed to return for what ever reason. either way this is what I think about some of the main issues on the server and maybe other people will agree who knows. It would be nice to see old faces back in the community and change in regards to how bans are looked at as they are meant to be a way to prove innocence although it is very rarely possible as the evidence against them is never shown.
  6. I like a lot of the changes but it needs to be fair for all factions, If ifrits become cheaper then lower ranks of factions need better weaponry to fight it etc. I don't like your blasting charge anti rule as there needs to be a chance for each party to win, if gangs can interfere then police have no chance of winning imo. Also huge +1 on the toxicity rule, people should be able to say what they want as long as its not illegal, a personal or family threat or racist/sexist. Just what i think soooo Also mass unban pls as this was talked about in the community meeting and im fairly sure big man Paul agreed.
  7. -1, it’s ass but shark back, a SDAR loadout is 75k
  8. Crimes involving helicopters were down for a good portion of that restart , especially black water and their weed tarus!
  9. Would love a Blackfoot and ghosthawk, kajman is too strong though.
  10. Dm me for police hummys
  11. It is a roleplay server indeed, but it feels like its going over the top and some medics may not be the most entertaining to some but to others etc so the medics you that you do find funny you will spend time and talk to them but others you just want the encounter to be done quickly. To sum up what im trying to say is that you will rp depending on your mood and how the other person acts, forcing people to talk to other people that they don't like won't change the RP no matter how many ingame buttons you add to try, there are better things for developers to spend their time which majority can agree with.
  12. I get some medics like roleplay but not every civilian wants to sit downed for 15 mins then roleplay with a medic for another 20 mins or so. Keep it how it is because if people wanna roleplay then they will, forcing them into these sits will just give you more time spent on a silent person rather then finding someone who could be interesting.
  13. @CharlyYour gonna love this!111!
  14. Ram Ranch


    In-game Name: hehexd Steam ID: 76561198084628718 Date of the incident: 04/08/19 Time of the incident: 7PM Link to player report: N/A Lost Items and Estimated Value: AK loadout - 220K Counterfeit cash - 5.355M Total - 5.555M Please provide as much detail as possible: Did a 3 man APD, Put the stuff in a truck and landed at trader when the truck unloaded and flung the blackfish into the air killed me and blowing the blackfish and truck up. Any Evidence Available: https://plays.tv/video/5cab99e6a5019b2dfd/apd-comp

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