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  1. Begone Thot :x

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    1. Pine


      No u

      still on the forums but am not on teamspeak or in game 

  2. That sir looks like a Sucre style pulldown
  3. https://gyazo.com/1c317e691b4b9585526e617ad6a54451 ??
  4. Can we have a special thanks to Garbo for donating us these weapons to have at the auction today!
  5. That's the point, remove them for everyone
  6. @Lewy there Is only a cool down when it gets shot down
  7. I'm more with the fact that you complain a very minute amount of cops have access them but they grind and grind sometimes staying the same rank for months on end (@Grim Reaper ) but surely we deserve some kind of reward for the out of game work and I'm not trying to pin it entirely on "oh we do some work out of game give us everything".
  8. You say that @:3 x but prove it because that hasn't happened. @K-V do you know how hard it is to get a shot when attacking a cap zone in it? And your also forgetting the 3 ifrits that you Brought for people with like 1 prowler. What about when 15 of you sit outside north kav fuel with an MRAP each?
  9. Nah, hellcat I said a at a perfect balance ATM, once CSATs are gone so they stop getting used in the hellcat so you will see us get shot down a bit more but we will see, just don't use more than 1 MRAP and the hellcat won't be pulled.
  10. +1 on the mar 10 and Cyrus if you only have to pay if your pulling through a specialist unit
  11. The amount of times me and @Charly have been in a hellcat whilst wearing CSATs to be hit by 1 bullet to go to 1 HP and everyone complains about the hellcat, if you remove CSATs then the hellcat will get shot down way more often. Although, I'm for SFU having the old TFU uniform (not that disgusting SFU jump suit) and the option to pay for CSATs at around 200-300k bit the issue with it is when people know they have something to lose they will be less willing to comply if getting held up etc but as long as they sell for the same amount as they buy for them it's fine. Though the Cyrus and Mar-10 though I do think that if they are gained through rank rather than SFU then they shouldn't have to be priced to use them. P.s. @Hugh if you wanna know why you were shit at in teamspeak in the red zone then please PM me on teamspeak
  12. Please don't put it in vanguard land, won't be fair for rebels when a Pawnee and/or hellcat is pulled on them. make it so it spawns in isolated areas around the map e.g. Oreokastro with its own 1km radius of red zone
  13. Make it a red zone with a 1 click radius, seems pointless to have it as something to roleplay over considering people are gonna want it and your gonna get robbed anyway
  14. +1

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