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  1. Please no, its best as a craftable
  2. In-game Name: Pine Steam ID: 76561198084628718 Date of the incident: 10/27/2017 Time of the incident: No idea Link to player report: N/A Lost Items and Estimated Value: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Yyf8c-VTrPBDf1wiczqWSyIPOODAqzPkdygzB_YAEvU/edit?usp=sharing Please provide as much detail as possible: House transfer Any Evidence Available: https://plays.tv/video/59d2acc253a6383f26/check-out-my-video-?from=user
  3. +1 Make it so that it cannot be done from an MH-9 but still can be done from Tarus. Hurons and mohawks.lul
  4. Since SFU has a few bad names it which people judge it of so as you said yourself, let's start by removing you.

    Trials are there for a reason to see if they are good enough and who knows, Nootnoot may not be that bad.


    1. Show previous comments  23 more
    2. Slice


      They were never on the watch list, JoshDF, Ryno, Dominque and Custard Cream have been on the watchlist for two weeks and that have been the only people on them. Don't lie please, it is already a big enough situation that I want to leave behind myself.

    3. Albino


      @Slice is there is any problems pall, message me on the forums i am having  a bussy 2 weeks where for i will be prob not sitting behind my pc, if there is any issues relating towards SFU anyone can hit me up with a message i respond assap, lets get this all nice going gents and stop calling people via forums etc, any problems just message me or @Zeroic, will in my abscent @Zeroic takes charge for now until i can commit fully again

    4. Slice


      Albino I would've had a conversation with Zeroic, which we had. And I recorded it fully and I will let you listen to it when you're back he literally said "Well you're lying so I'm lying" Nice deputy  exposing coming soon.

  5. Accepted - awaiting action as the player is in game.
  6. Denied. After reviewing the evidence I'm gonna have to deny this point due to the reason that it was said. heard and acknowledged that there was an ongoing situation, this can be heard throughout the video with someone examples being the constant shots as you turn up to the gas station, the dead police officer and the whisper about there being an ongoing situation with rebels by Kavala. Although Abdul, it was quite obvious that they were not partaking in the situation and you could have easily avoided them but I understand why they were shot and as for that take this as a warning for unnecessary killing, at the end of the day they made no attempt to injure your gang or your self.
  7. Can't you just add another tier after the rook @Fuel ?
  8. Had a discussion with him on Teamspeak and I have explained how things work here - Assisted by Wilma Unbanned
  9. 1 per restart lul
  10. I will review this tomorrow and make a decision. Locked - pending admin review
  11. Leave it the way it is, the reason ours can't shoot MRAPS is that what we class as "our" land is the entire island meaning we can go anywhere whilst they are limited to a certain area. The only was i see your idea being fair is if we allow the Pawnee to go where ever it wants but has to follow ghost hawk rules etc.
  12. Cap zones need a buff before more are adding, let's pray for a buff!
  13. tom

    Compensated Cash value
  14. Accepted - Awaiting action.
  15. Not really much use, If no evidence can be provided for the truck then I can only comp you for the gear I have seen in the video. ill will give you 24hours to provide evidence for the truck if not ill proceed with what I can.

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