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  1. Hello everyone, After discussing with Police command we have come to the conclusion to reintroduce the fast track program between our services, this meaning that anyone that is currently within the Altis Police Force may skip the foundation step off the NHS service and vice versa, this is to add increased numbers of population to both sides as well as to encourage people to get more involved with each service. This does not mean you may join either faction without applying (Can be found below) and either command can void the programme for any individual at will if found to have a bad ban history or any previous black listings. How this works, Anyone within the police force from the rank of SGT+ may join the NHS at the rank of FR, however, they still must do any training/ride along that has been issued by a HR officer. To apply please fill out the normal NHS application form found Here Anyone within the NHS from the rank of JDOC may join the Altis police force at the rank of Constable although they must do all training's (Module 1, Gun safety course and finally the module 2 course). To apply the application form can be found Here To find the official police document regarding this, it can be found Here This programme will take effect starting the 20/10/2017, If you have any questions regarding this please contact command of either faction. Your sincerely, Police and NHS command
  2. On the dot 12 o clock, happy birthday :D

  3. +1 CSATS are without a doubt the coolest looking clothing
  4. No MK200 as it is too OP although everything else is fine with me
  5. -1 , I personally do not want to see it removed for this reason: This is a HM robbery done by Vertigo and Vanquish last night, Each of the white dots shown in the picture are either: A . Ifrits B . Striders C . Dead police vehicle (very few dots) D . Hemetts (2 are in this picture) 1 Ifrit would be disabled, 2 more would show up to defend it. If sniper scopes get removed this is what i imagine gun fights will be like if they can't get picked of 1 by 1 by snipers when they decamp.
  6. Remove the plebby cars in the hanger but other than that it is a beauty, really hope this gets added! @Scott McTavish What ya think.
  7. Awwww thanks mang, make sure to spread that XFactor performance of @Yeezus to everyone within the vanguard!
  8. Hello everyone, thanks to the lovely human @PaulS i am able to host this. This is the final event of the weekend in which you will be in a confined area on a quadbike, your goal to win is to avoid being crushed by a tank, You are out when you die or leave the area. DO NOT bring any gear, come naked. Prizes are as follows: 9m 6m 3m The event will be starting at 9:30PM and will be advertised when the event tarting time is near, VDM will be allowed but it will lower your chance of winning. Good luck
  9. http://plays.tv/video/59d026ae7f70a00684/check-out-my-video-
  10. Map
  11. Hello everyone, As the title says this is going to be a surprise event that will be hosted tonight at 9:20PM as it will take a long period to set up, Few details: This will be in co operation with the APD, any member within the APD that wants to participate will have to be off duty as a civilian (This is preferable not required!) Do not bring gear to the event! It will be provided ,however, it is Strongly advised that you bring as many tool kits as possible, you may bring a backpack of your choice to carry them with. This is a an event in which RDM and VDM will be happening inside a designated area so please be wary. Prise pool will be: 9m 6m 3m To participate there will be a hemette arriving at Kav square around 9PM ish, please make sure to hop on it after reading the bullet points above! Good luck our there! your gonna need it
  12. Van shooters Starting: 9PM Hello everyone , There is going to be an event tonight in which you need a team of at least 3 members so bring your friends! The goal of the event is to reach a certain location from a set starting point that will be shown later tonight, how ever, there will be multiple people trying to reach that same location so you gotta make sure they don't (Its up to you to stop them)! There will be will be a prize pool of 18 Million to be won 1st. 9M 2nd. 6M 3rd. 3M You have to make it to the finish line to claim the money All normal servers apply except for RDM and VDM within the set radius If ive missed any details please ask below
  13. I don't understand the post? there is sound for locking and unlocking vehicles, this is the unlock sound that's currently in play.

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