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  1. Name: PineSteam ID: 76561198084628718Number of tickets (100K Each): 3Requested Number(s) 1-100: 58, 59, 60
  2. Community support tag please.
  3. Could there be more info about e.g. prizes, location, rules and how to win etc.
  4. +1 Love the idea but would only like to see suppressors removed from 7.62 rifles, 6.5 and 5.56 should be able to keep them.
  5. NP mate, not on the server atm but will pop you a message when im next on.
  6. Probably not no as there is nothing in the rules about it, This report is a learning experience and that's why i'm asking if it needs to be returned
  7. Am happy to return the MK1 tomorrow as i only took it for a meme depending on how staff feel about this and if staff think i should return it then i shall with no trouble.
  8. ***EVENT OVER*** 1. Brad's Team 2. Andy James Team 3. Adrian's Team
  9. Event starts in 25Mins! everyone asked to be TPed at 9PM but make sure you come Naked!
  10. Event location
  11. Would the being in the channel way of initiation still stay the same? e.g. I get initiated on and my friend who is in a different gang but in the same team speak channel kills him. RDM or nah?
  12. Yep, like any other event.
  13. Fits in my Blackfish so 1.5M
  14. 2 tickets please American dad

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