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  1. Unbanned ingame and teamspeak.
  2. Aha let no on ever see that clip for both our sakes lol
  3. We have a filter that will automatically ban you if your write anything racist or toxic like that. Please refrain from using words like that again. Unbanned.
  4. Accepted - awaiting wipe. @PaulS
  5. You were banned on the 14th of September 2017, And are you aware that if you are to be unbanned you will have to have a full account wipe, do you agree to this?
  6. What would be running through your mind to make you want to purchase ingame money for real money? Are you aware this a serious thing to be doing? And who did you purchase this money from?
  7. @Yeezus You need to pick 10 different combos of numbers, look in the post above for an example. (You can edit this one time)
  8. Evening everyone, As per requests we shall be introducing the Reborn lottery, As a lot of you may know we held a lottery a few months back in which you could pay a small amount of money (100K) and have a chance of winning whatever the jackpot is if you got all numbers correct. The way it will work will be fairly simple but I will explain some of the basics here! Tickets will cost 100K and the money will be removed from your bank account via the system. Refunds will NOT be allowed. You can purchase as many tickets as you are willing to (more tickets will mean more chances) For each ticket purchased the jackpot will go up 100K You can only win if you get ALL of the numbers correct in the right order the pot will start at 15 Million by default If no one wins there will be one outcome which is that It rolls over and the jackpot gets added to next times Please DON'T comment if it is not purchasing a ticket, any questions can be done via PM. The ticket system will work like this: 4 numbers that are 100 or under or 0 or higher e.g. you are buying 1 ticket so the numbers would be 49-28-100-0 or You are purchasing 5 tickets so you would have 5 numbers e.g. 31-23-34-12 34-12-56-78 35-24-16-15 13-57-13-68 35-78-25-16 Once the post has been placed you are not allowed to edit the post under any condition otherwise it will be disqualified and not counted! The post will be locked when the numbers are being chosen and cleaned when the winner has been announced. For this to work we will need a basic template to be followed which is : ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ingame name: Ts name: Player ID: Number of tickets (100K each): Numbers chosen (example above): ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If anything looks messy or incorrect or you just don't understand something please feel free to PM over the forums in which I will answer any questions.
  9. Congrats!

    Not only are you a developer but your now GENERALly admin as well :D


    YOU GO BB GRILL!!111

  11. I see nothing wrong in giving them to all factions but for police, it should be planned operations only Now this is a possibility but maybe have it so you can't wear a vest stronger than lvl 2 to keep it to a extent
  12. I cba even driving to the gun store to pick up a rook let alone grinding runs for a 20M license that's has been wiped from people 3 times already (this isn't intended to sound hostile), No to the 20M license and yes to the others.
  13. Accepted - Compensated Player compensated: 900K For future reference, your player ID is 76561198138955111. Moved to completed.
  14. Accepted - compensated Player compensated: 400K Moved to completed
  15. Compensated - 1M Moved to completed

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