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  1. ^Dom

    In-game name: Dom Steam ID: 76561198082555120 Date of ban: 10/06/18 Reason for ban: NLR Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: No. Why should we unban you? Because I am sorry for breaking the rule and understand that even if it is only breaking NLR by 100m it is still breaking server rules and I apologise for this. Everyone was doing it but that does not excuse it. If unbanned i will abide by the rules!
  2. @FallenツBTEC Billy smh

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    2. Fallenツ
    3. Benny


      @^ethanfor some reason i did aswell ahahah

    4. ^Dom



  3. ^Dom

    Won’t be playing for a while cause being on the server means you’re ddossing it apparently
  4. Tenacibanned 

  5. your cover picture oh nooooo

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    2. Pricey


      your a sop

      100% whipped by your girl

    3. ^Dom


      ur dad works for dpd

    4. Pricey


      remind me what dpd is

  6. ^Dom

    Do you rate the trim dad x


    1. Pricey


      your fades fucked

      Thicker on the left side then the ride 

      Right *

      Does your barber like you?

    2. Benny


      its thicker because of the position the photo was taken young owen

      good old callux and willne on the ipad as well 

    3. ^Dom
  7. IMG_0129.JPG.2149aa1dde843768efabea67c357c4df.JPG

  8. ^Dom

    Your signature thing smh
  9. ^Dom

    Sick bro!
  10. ^Dom

    When you're salty someone earns more money than you
  11. ^Dom

    Done, want it for scum xo
  12. ^Dom

    Done, honestly want it but dont have the cash atm x
  13. ^Dom

    +1 Bensworth
  14. ^Dom


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