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  2. DIU invested there time chilling in Kavala learning the craft of AHK’S rather then dealing with drug trafficking hmmm
  3. Think there should be a new rebel rep, someone who has experience with the rebel life as this could raise issues faced by the rebel community x
  4. I never knew he was a ddosser and when I ask him he still denies that. I know it was wrong not to contact admins but at the time I didn’t think anything of it and didn’t want to be a “snake” Assemt have disbanded now so you don’t have to worry about that as we will probably all go separate ways. Im stupid for sitting in a channel with him and playing whilst hes in game but at the time I thought its his fault if he gets banned and we wouldnt be affected. Now, after being banned I see that it is stupid and I deserved to be banned and I have learnt from this experience.
  5. I’m insane!
  6. Personally, i have never played with him? However, I knew of him and knew he was ban evading, you can't expect me to give him up and make me lose friends and my reputation within the community which i understand is bad.
  7. No? I knew who he was, that’s not the point, I had just came back from dinner after many fights with faceless so hadn’t a break and heard we were antifedding, so I came back, during our short time I did notice the banne player but this was literally 5 to 10 minut s before being banned. What did you want me to do? @Fuel Said player was not on prior to the antified
  8. Ay up?
  9. Word
  10. In-game name: ^Dom Steam ID: 76561198082555120 Date of ban: 03/13/2018 Staff member that banned you: Jordd Reason for ban: Hiding permed played Why do you think you were banned: Being in a gang with a banned player Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Yes because I was just playing like do normally, I didn’t RDM or anytn8nf just played the server If you believe your ban was justified why should you be unbanned: Well I see why admins are angry but at the end of the day I was just playing the server, was AFK the whole time and came back when messaged to Antifed but was on an off in between and this banned player hasn’t played with me any other time Where there any extenuating circumstances that contributed to your ban: Na Please confirm you’ve read & understood the rules Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe Yes
  11. Fun whilst it lasted.

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