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    As a lot of people have already pointed out, you dont make the majority of your money by robbing people at a rebel outpost. The debit card is just a very convenient item to have. But I do think that you should not be allowed to use a debit card at a rebel outpost since the police could trace it back to you.
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    Name : Macer Hours on Arma (Screenshot) : 677 Age : 15 Why you want to join (50 words+) : I just want a group to play and grind with. I have good flying and shooting skills, but not any god damn driving skills (Have probably lost about 5 million pound from crashing lol). I would just like a group to play with since my friends don't play ArmA
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    In-game Name: Charles Macer Age: 15 Arma 3 hours: 666 Previous gangs: The Kavala Kittens(Just me and my friends private gang) Money balance: £2,051,072 Why you want to join (No minimum amount of words, just please put some effort into your application): I would like to find a gang to play with and your gang looks promising. Problem is that I only have 666 hours on ArmA 3. But all of those hours are on altis life servers. I used to play on GTA but the community got to 'toxic' for me. So me and a couple of friend switched servers. All of my friends that switched servers with me left after a short while so I have no one more to play with. I was one of the founders of the biggest and most well known gang on GTA 'The Rouge Nation'. I have searched for a gang for a while now to join. And I noticed you put up the recruiting page today, after one of your members robbed me. I talked to him for a bit while I was bleeding out. And he was really nice, and I guess the rest of you are aswell. Strengths: I can fly helicopters faily well. I have experience in more prominent gangs. I can keep 'chill' in tense and hectic moment. And I love to roleplay. Can anyone vouch for you: No.

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