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  1. Thanks everyome for the lovely replies. I do now realize that the this idea is stupid in the amount of time it takes to make the system to what you get from it. Well I guess ive learned from my mistakes and i should always think twice about suggesting anything, from every angle.
  2. I understand that its enjoying for everyone that so many people ask. But in this way you are not hindering other people from taking your money. I do think that this is the best way to incorporate it. And it kind of makes sense roleplay wise, that only legal stores that are in kavala have access to card readers.
  3. Alright, I suggest that everyone spawns with a debit card. But the debit card is only usable in the Kavala greenzone. Its just annoying to not have enought money when you want to buy something simple as a pickaxe or anything else. If you have money on you the debit card gets ignored. If you have have a for example 1k on you want want to buy something for 2.5k you 1k gets used and then the rest comes from the debit card. This ways no one can steal it because you are in the greenzone anyways. Maybe add it to use att fuel stations aswell but only for food, water, toolkits and first aid kits. But idk tho
  4. https://store.steampowered.com/app/638070/Murderous_Pursuits/ Its free to keep right now. Ends 29th 17:00 GMT
  5. I got it and it's just simply fantastic. All the detail is amazing and mindblowing, everything is dynamic and all your choices have a heavy impact. I absolutly love it and would recommend it for everyone. What are your thoughts about it?
  6. Yeah, those are a solid choice as well!
  7. I use these, Steelseries arctis 5, They have great sound and 7.1 surround sound. You can change t he lights color and the mic quality is average but still good. They are only 99£ so they are quite cheap. They are comfortable for long sessions and are quite indestructible since you can change the headband if it breaks (but it wont ). Overall great and cheap!
  8. T E R P E R


    That moment when your not from the UK and don't know half of these supermarket... KKK supermarket for life! Its a real place plz no ban
  9. T E R P E R

    Debit Card

    As a lot of people have already pointed out, you dont make the majority of your money by robbing people at a rebel outpost. The debit card is just a very convenient item to have. But I do think that you should not be allowed to use a debit card at a rebel outpost since the police could trace it back to you.
  10. Name : Macer Hours on Arma (Screenshot) : 677 Age : 15 Why you want to join (50 words+) : I just want a group to play and grind with. I have good flying and shooting skills, but not any god damn driving skills (Have probably lost about 5 million pound from crashing lol). I would just like a group to play with since my friends don't play ArmA
  11. In-game Name: Charles Macer Age: 15 Arma 3 hours: 666 Previous gangs: The Kavala Kittens(Just me and my friends private gang) Money balance: £2,051,072 Why you want to join (No minimum amount of words, just please put some effort into your application): I would like to find a gang to play with and your gang looks promising. Problem is that I only have 666 hours on ArmA 3. But all of those hours are on altis life servers. I used to play on GTA but the community got to 'toxic' for me. So me and a couple of friend switched servers. All of my friends that switched servers with me left after a short while so I have no one more to play with. I was one of the founders of the biggest and most well known gang on GTA 'The Rouge Nation'. I have searched for a gang for a while now to join. And I noticed you put up the recruiting page today, after one of your members robbed me. I talked to him for a bit while I was bleeding out. And he was really nice, and I guess the rest of you are aswell. Strengths: I can fly helicopters faily well. I have experience in more prominent gangs. I can keep 'chill' in tense and hectic moment. And I love to roleplay. Can anyone vouch for you: No.

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