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    Item: Cyrus 9.3 Proof of ownership: Next time on Buy now price: 4m Starting bid: 2m Minimum bid increment: 250k End date: 24/03/19 (No idea what it is worth)
  2. Application IGN: Tai Mane Hours on Arma 3: 1091 Dont got the hours but imma try my luck. Bank Balance: 21m Previous Gangs ( All servers 😞 Nemesis, Eternal, Patel Vouches: None Yobama
  3. Name: Tai Mane Age: 18 Hours on arma 3: 1080 hours Licences: Pretty much all of them Previous gangs: Patel, Only worth mentioning Money: 19m Why do you think you are a good addition to the royal marines commandos ?: I can pretty much do it all. (including writing those dank dank ROLEPLAY docs) Are you able to attend an ingame interview if needed?: Ya Role-play Background: Been a security member for the royal Patel family and dealt with every form of snake on the island. Vouches: None
  4. Ahh yea meet one of u guys today, kinda.. it was a rdm https://gyazo.com/2f59ba4de268ce9a7939b58f19daacd7 GL due
  5. Item: TRU Qullin Proof of ownership: Screen comes next time when on Buy now price: 2.5m Starting bid: 650k Minimum bid increment: End date:
  6. Item: BW Hummingbird Proof of ownership: In me garage fam Buy now price: 4m Starting bid: 800k Minimum bid increment: 150k End date: 2/02/2019
  7. Tai Mane

    Tai Mane

    Gona send u some vids in pm
  8. Tai Mane

    Tai Mane

    I was told yesterday in TS that they want me to show the clips of my Y Inv being bugged
  9. Tai Mane

    Tai Mane

    Not to seem greedy but is anyone gona look at this request?
  10. Tai Mane

    Tai Mane

    In-game Name: Tai Mane Steam ID: 76561198013888752 Date of the incident: 12/25/18 Time of the incident: Last hours until restart at 12:00pm Link to player report: - Lost Items and Estimated Value: 4 paintings no idea what they are worth. Please provide as much detail as possible: Decided to try out RPing art gallary so i made i document. When to kav pd started asking a cop namned chris if he could help me out getting some painting i "bought" from the gallary etc. Went to gallary after getting everything checked out by higer ups. Meat the cops at gallary do some RP (Talking about paintings and so) i take the paintings and dont think much of it. I do check my Y inventory to see if i have some food on me wich i didnt. But for somereason i dont see that the paintings are missing. Gets a heli escort by cops because there was a shoot out at gallary. Got dropped of close to my house by fletcher and when i go inside to store the paintings i see that they are not in my Y inventory. Went in to TS with a couple admins and shifty hunter. And there i got it explaind that the christams pressents that was given out made this inventory bug happen. Any Evidence Available: Document used in RP sit https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bNdOfpG1mAz5-78V-EtfAfmo-Mr4i65P49hb5yYn-Tw/edit Shifty hunter has a video of me taking the paintings if that is something person dealing with this comp wants.

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