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  1. Is .338 suppressor still for sale? If so 450k
  2. My offer still stands of 750k - that is if you are not too stubborn to sell it to me
  3. Goodluck finding someone to dish out more for a gun you can shoot five times
  4. I’ll give you 750k right now for the mar 10 - I can’t see you getting much more with only 5 bullets and no attachments
  5. HooplaMun

    Hoopla Report

    All resolved @Paul D
  6. HooplaMun

    Hoopla Report

    I have not logged on to the server since disconnecting during the event, so everything that is in my house currently is what you would have gotten from the robbery. I believe the house is full of 7.62 rifles (nothing special). Due to your evident lack of trust for me, you can get a management member to double check for you.
  7. HooplaMun

    Hoopla Report

    Although I have not seen the video of you following me to my house, I believe that you found me fair and square and what I did was wrong and out of impulse. I value my time and rank on the server much more than the guns in my house, so I feel a reasonable solution would be to let you empty all of the guns out of that house and keep them for yourself (probably around 5-6 million worth pf guns)
  8. I am able to bid myself, thank you very much. 1.2

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