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  1. HooplaMun

    Free stuff

    I would love that mk 1
  2. 500k and you’ve got a deal @atn
  3. HooplaMun

    Tazer rule

    So @Fuelif a cop tells me “put your hands on your head you dirty criminal or ill blast you with my voltage ray” while pointing a 4-five at me am I good to pipe em?
  4. HooplaMun

    Tazer rule

    Can someone link me to the threaten to taze = initiation rule, I am very confused by it.
  5. 3.5 mil mar 10 (buy now)
  6. I suggest that the ability to see downed players on the mini map regardless of whether you are in a helicopter. At the moment, you can see downed players on the mini map when you are in a helicopter, but then when you jump out to find the person that needs reviving, you have to search aimlessly until you find them. In order to save time and possibly lives, I believe we should have to ability to see downed players on any mini map.
  7. I will pay 400k for one mar 10 mag
  8. HooplaMun

    In Game Concerts

    Just for the flex

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